Ibogaine Treatment for Executive Burnout – Burnout Recovery Program

Do you see life as beautiful? – [Kaleb] Yeah, I’m ready
to start living again instead of dying. Because that is what I was doing every day. (upbeat inspirational music) – Your name? – Kaleb. – I remember you coming here. And tell us here about
yourself, what happened to you? The revolution. So other people can
understand what this thing is. What is this all about? I know you lost, what is it, five kilos? – [Kaleb] About 10 pounds, yeah. – [David] About 10 pounds. – It really just sort
of put into perspective, the journey that I was on. The dead-end journey that I was on. – [David] You’re not in a
dead-end anymore, right? – [Kaleb] No, I don’t feel like it. – Your feeling? No stressed? Depressed, or anything like that? You ready to go for life? You see life as meaningful? – [Kaleb] Yeah, I’m ready
to start living again instead of dying. ‘Cause that’s what I was doing every day. Just getting myself closer to an earlier, early departure from this earth. – You know the biggest I
want to ask you, is this: That a lot of here
executive are (mumbles). What happens to most
executives, you will go back and you’re gonna call me. And you will say what I
was doing in one week, I do it now in two days or one day. Right? – [Kaleb] That would be nice, yeah. – That’s how the brain will work. What you see is what you feel
and see as well as it is. – Yeah. – And we are beginning to start soon, a real program for executives. Because executive burnout is the– I mean there is executives
that are under so much pressure and it burns you out. I mean personally, I myself,
treating people I know– I get burned out if I
don’t stop one day a week to take a rest. – Yeah. – And think about my health. Think about my mind. Let my mind go. Remember that. You need to let go. And you’ll be doing great. You know, the change in you is so amazing. From the day you got here to today. I’m surprised. – So am I. – Well, God bless you. And I wish you all the luck in the world. Good.
– Thank you. – And call me all the time.
– I will. – And tell me how you’re
doing, how you’re progressing. – I’ll keep in touch. Yeah. – And I promise you’re
gonna see a lot of success. A lot of friends. And you gonna see yourself
totally evolving back to being strong, and getting back into society. I mean that society that talks, they’re talking intelligent. That’s what you’re looking for, okay? And that’s good. Okay, be well. You know, just before Sabbath I gotta run. – Yeah. – You know. But I wanted to really
have your face here. And I’m so glad to see you. It makes my life to continue doing this when I see some people like you. – Yeah.
– You changed. I can imagine. God bless you. (crescendo of inspirational music)

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    Hope you have a happy holidays. We know it's a season to be merry coming.
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