IC MLK Scholars Share Their Social Justice Message | Ithaca College

– Not trying to brag, but our
cohort is very smart. (laughs) – We actually, I think we scrapped our entire presentation at least twice. (gentle music) – The final project for the course was a presentation that’s done durin’ our Ithaca College MLK
Celebration Week, or day, in which the students have to basically sum up the course material, the readings, the videos, the experiences, the lectures on campus, and their big Civil Rights Tour. – We have a lotta good information. We just have to find a way to present it so it’s not just giving a lecture. – We work really well, and that pretty much,
that really surprised me because there’s over 20 of us and sometimes that can be super hard to manage, especially in a group setting. – And let me tell you, it
would be so much easier to do this presentation if
there were only, like, 10 of us. – Making sure other
people were comfortable, and were heard throughout
the process of 23 of us was like, kinda my most important thing. – We all have something
great to bring to the table. – We’re kinda finding ways to incorporate everyone’s hidden talents. I think he knows where he’s going. – Okay. – [Cast Member] Everyone
know where they’re going? – [Cast Member] Move up a little bit. – Oh, is this?
– We look so put together. So proud of us.
– Olivia, Olicka! – We’re still tryin’ to find a balance of still havin’ it tell Black
history in a triumphant way that connects with us. – We’re sharing our experience, so we wanna convey, like, a broad theme, but then, we also have individual feelings that we want to inject into that. And I think we find a really
good balance with that. Because of the color of my skin, my brown eyes, and my course
hair, am I the next one? – Everyone was like, “Okay,
this is the presentation, “we got it, we went in, we presented it, “and we got, hopefully, our
message across to other people.” Walking around Manhattan, there is a physical hill down 96th Street that segregates the Upper
East Side and Harlem. – Prejudice has yet to purge
itself from our judicial system and the rampant accounts
of police brutality are just one example of
the continued oppression. – [Girl With Microphone] As
we walked around the square, these monuments began to get higher until they were above our heads, symbolic of the many
bodies hanging from trees. – You know, just reminiscent
of what we originally had and what we ended up
doing, it went very well. – How far are we truly
progressing towards justice? – Working with a group of
people that big is so hard. Oh my gosh. Oh. But we did. – I’m happy with our presentation. A lot of people had good
things to say about it. – I enjoyed it, I thought
it went really well. It was definitely difficult
putting it together, but in the end, I think it worked. I’m not gonna lie, I was really shocked. (audience applauding)
(gentle music)

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