I’m writing a self help book for depression and anxiety!

are you somebody who struggles with
depression and you like to isolate well do I have some great news for you what is everybody this is Chris from the
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soldier yeah exciting announcement I’m writing a book okay I’ve already written
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check them out first book I wrote was like my story of overcoming addiction
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book idea all right so the title of this book is going to be the isolators guide
to overcoming depression alright so how did this come to mind well I am somebody
who I meet I meet people where they’re at okay so isolation as some of you know
is one of the worst things for your depression and your anxiety I’ve made
videos about this in the past I discussed the brain science and
evolutionary psychology behind this but like if I just come straight at you and
say hey go out go go do stuff like you’re gonna look at me and say nah
right so I’m making a book to take what you’re doing or what you won’t do and
try to give you help because everybody can get help no matter what and I want
you to think that just because you’re in a certain place in
your there’s no help for you so I am somebody who will help with your
depression a bunch of these books it’s weird I’ll see how it goes version of this book as well alright this amazing woman and we had a video
call and she helped me just kind of organize some thoughts and just get
started I love her for that so if you are her links down below go follow her
on Twitter she’s an amazing amazing woman yeah
so we’re talking about this and I want to get started by you know getting
feedback from all of you like this book is for you like I want to make sure that
I’m doing this for you and there’s gonna be useful tips for you chances are if
you’re struggling with something other people are struggling with something as
well okay so I ask you three questions I posted all over social media as well as
here okay and I’m gonna pin these questions down in the comment because I
need you to help me write this book and and everybody whose suggestions I use
will be credited in the book I will have an entire page or two pages depending on
how many people contribute all of you will be credited in this book
pretty sweet right so question number one what are your fears like anybody who
isolates those fears right like fear of you know being judged by people fear of
you know some interactions fear of being harmed whether emotionally or physically
or whatever like what are the fears that are surrounding this okay and then the
second question is very similar to the first but there’s a method to my madness
the second question is why do you isolate okay I’m guessing a lot of this
ties into fears but I would like to hear like personal experiences maybe okay I
just like to tie in personal experiences because sometimes I can tie that in with
something that happened in a previous relationship in your childhood with your
parents or a family member or even at school or whatever so why do you think
it is that you isolate okay or what kind of thoughts are going through your head
for example some people don’t like hanging out with friends because I think
the friends don’t really like them or you know nobody likes them nobody cares
about them or whatever it is so let’s number one is what are your
fears question number two why do you isolate question number three most
important question what are your hobbies what are your interests what do you like
to do okay and there is nothing too stupid to put in there okay I don’t care
if you like watching YouTube I don’t care if you like being on Twitter I
don’t care if you like to draw or paint or watch TV or Netflix I don’t care what
your hobbies or interests are just let me know okay because what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna take things that you already like doing and explain with
neuroscience how this helps with depression okay so those are the
questions I’ve got to pin them down in the comment section below just a real
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helped me kind of organize that she gave me a cool app to use anyway so if you if
you’re interested go sign up over on patreon and you will get a free digital
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that going alright anyways that’s all I got for you with
this video again please sign up for the mailing list and I will leave the
questions down in the comments below alright give me a feedback I will be
posting this stuff all over social media as well so yeah I plan on starting as
soon as Tristan and I move into our new apartment this week get settled in I’m
gonna get cracking on this thing hustle so this project might come pretty quick
and I’ll release it so anyways thank you everybody supporting the channel over on
patreon make sure that you don’t leave me hanging because I need your help to
write this book alright I love each and every one of you and I got some new
videos coming up very soon all right I’ll see you next time

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    1. What are your fears?

    2. Why do you isolate?

    3. What do you LIKE to do?

  2. I tried to subscribe to your mailing list and for some reason it's saying that my email has been used too many times to sub. I have no idea why

  3. THANK YOU for writting this book & I wish you happy times in your new home 🍀. I’ll come back to this & answer the questions when & if I can. A lot of emotions/feelings come up when I looked at this questions & have bpd it’s hard to eregulate my emotions & get a handle on them. I began isolating in January since year when my phycial & mental health detreated ( spelt that wrong)

  4. You’re really doing great. As someone who is still getting over depression, the idea of having a running YouTube channel with patreon, merchandise and even writing a book are all things I have dreamed of and as depression took hold, I lost hope of ever being able to do. A role model of someone who knows the struggle and is succeeding is wonderful and I hope to be an example too soon.

  5. My fears, were everything… Now nothing much! Why do I isolate, well I'm Asd. I like to look after my children and husband, cook them good food and make sure they are happy and healthy… Pretty boring huh!

  6. My fears are that people will judge me. I'm a little quiet when I'm don't know people. I've been bullied when I am young so I just assume most people won't like me. I love to read books and watch anime.

  7. Sounds good. I had to fight a lot of social anxiety and depression. I have come very far, and am proud of myself. But, isolation is still my baseline, and is still depressing.

  8. My biggest fear is to absolutely regret the life that I've lived. The reason I isolate is that I have no motivation for social interaction because I fail to give a meaning to it, it seems pointless and tiring. What I like to do is to take care of stray animals and also I like dancing wildly, off-rhythm.

  9. What 3 questions:
    1. How many walkers have you killed?
    2. How many people?
    3. Why?
    (From The Walking Dead)

    No? Not those questions?
    (Seriously, I told you I'm obsessed with the walking dead.)

    Sweet shout out! Thanks!

  10. You just motivated me to try writing my book again :') Again. Lol. Your editor seems so cool it's awesome shes helping you organize your thoughts! I so know that struggle o.o

  11. 1. Its fear of not being good enough and feeling ashamed of myself. 2. Why do I isolate? Nihilism and I’m ashamed of myself. 3. hobbies: thinking 😅 and sometimes overthinking, learning new skills like working with indesign or a new language. I also like to paint, although I don’t do it very often and lastly I like to write.

  12. my fears are to lose my life in insignificant things, to my bad habits consume me, to not fulfill my dreams, to conformity and resignation, to me. fear of the cruel and savage world in which the worst people dominate.
    I isolate myself because I do not want them to know everything that makes me ashamed of my life, I isolate myself because every time I interact I feel the prejudices of strangers, their stigmatization, their competitive way of seeing life
    I could not tell almost anyone what really It happens to me and hiding it is very difficul.

    I like when I manage to be creative, when I realize that I learned something, when I feel comfortable being myself with someone, to be sensitive to the poetic things of nature.

  13. I isolate because when I'm alone my anxiety tends to be a lot less in general. When I go out with people I then have to analyze absolutely everything that's happened and that I might have said or done wrong. so when I isolate I find that my anxiety lowers but then when I then have to go out and do stuff with people my anxiety skyrockets because I feel like I'm out of practice and I am sure I am going to mess up a conversation or say something stupid or be judged for what I do or dont eat, etc. I also am just afraid in general of letting people in. At some point early on I always end up feeling like they might know too much about me and run the other direction because I am terrified that they will hurt me. This is one of the primary drivers of my anxiety around social situations.
    I deal mostly with anxiety(I see someone for it and have been diagnosed) but have dealt with depression in the past.
    Rock climbing

  14. 1. I'm terrified of failing and looking stupid doing so 2. Molly Burke released a video today (or yesterday) and she said "I don't remember I'm handicapped until people remind me", couldn't have said it better and 3. I love playing the guitar, I want to be a musician, reading,

  15. My fears would probably be the idea of being disposed of quickly. Ironically enough, I have a habit of cutting off people quickly if I feel like they're personally not the people I want to be around with. However, the idea of people who I do care for and love leaving me is when I have the biggest anxiety. I also have a fear of humiliation or being judged. It can limit me on my day to day life, and I often go out of my way to avoid the things I do want to do.

    I isolate myself because I lack the motivation to make any connections with other people. I think it's hard to find a reason to keep people close to me, and I have huge amounts of anxiety and go out of my way to avoid any public establishments, high traffic places, classroom/workplace environments, and outings with friends.

    I enjoy reading. Especially about specific tops such as nutrition, evolutionary psychology, and history. I also enjoy reading comic books, and watching films to talk about with my significant other later. I've also played video games throughout nearly my whole life and still do enjoy them even now; and I love going to the gym early every morning!

  16. I fear others disappointment, being vulnerable and heights. I think I isolate to hold stop being hurt by others. My hobbies are music, and cooking, reading.

  17. My fears are my two stalkers and my ex. I have lived in Phoenix my whole life, and because of my crazy past, I can't go anywhere and not run into someone I know. That isn't me really exaggerating either. I hadn't gone out for a few years, and decided to go to the zoo three years ago, and someone recognized me there. Fucking crazy lol. I can't risk going somewhere and run into those 3 people or someone that knows them. One of them used to beat me, one of them sexually assaulted me and another time held me against my will in a vehicle, and the other one caused me to move several times (actually two of them did that). So these are real issues I don't want to run into. Just better that I stay out of public shit.
    I enjoy baking, cleaning, drawing and painting, working out, and spending time with my hilarious son. All these things help keep me busy. 😋

  18. My fear is that i,ll never get over being cynical, that ill never trust what people have to say.
    i isolate my self because i hate what the world has become.
    i like to try plant trees and shrubs in garden in the hope something of my being will survive.
    even writing this is like ..does any1 really give a toss

  19. 1.Fears: just interaction, of being awkward, I cant start a conversation or follow it when there is new people. I fear to be too surrounded by people (a pub or club), to get lost from my friend(s) and have a panic attack (has happened). I fear food related situations, I am afraid to have to explain why I eat or not eat certain foods (vegan) because my criteria usually brings conflict and I dislike that.
    2. I isolate because the whole though process of social event makes me anxious. I would think for days to come what to wear, what time to go what will happened. Especially what to wear, that day I will maybe spend hours getting ready to not feel well presented enough to cry over it and just stay home at the end, basically physical image problems. Also because I find heard breaking to constantly try to reach to friends that will never have time to see me or cancel last minute, it makes me feel even more lonely, so I do not try anymore. I left my home to pursue a phd, now all my old friends do not reach or talk to me, have no time for a call and there is time differences. I feel I lost them and making new friends is not at al easy.
    3. I love to watch Star Trek, cartoons and horror movies. I love to cook for others, bake too. I love to draw. I love to read new things on science. I love to cuddle with my cat. I love to go to the gym and get stronger every time. and I love to be able to help people or animals, I love to volunteer in shelters or kid educational programs.

  20. 1. Fear of being judged is number one for me. I'm the kind of person that lays down at night and replay every convo I had that day 🙁 and think of better things I should have said.
    2. I isolate because if I'm not social then i don't have that anxiety of replaying what was said and what should've been said. 🙁
    And my hobbies are reading, scrap booking, hunting, going to the gun range.
    Because of my anxiety I'm scared of everything. So thats part of why I love the range. I know how to protect myself.

  21. My fears are: Being embarrassed, first and foremost. I fear I’ll say the wrong thing and get rejected socially, which may cause me to isolate myself further.

    Why?: Because I honestly don’t mind being alone. When I’m alone, I can think clearly and process emotions and the events of the day. I’m free to do whatever I want. The energy spent trying to look ok or be good enough for other people can be spent in other ways when you’re alone.

    Hobbies: I’m creative. I’m most creative when I’m alone, in fact I’m only creative when I’m alone. I like home improvement. I like drawing and making mixed media art. I write. I love YouTube. I love horror movies. I love baking. I love my garden.

    I’d also like to say, I like to dream of myself not isolating at all once I get some sort of family. I have none and I live alone.

    Good luck on the book. Thank you for helping people.

  22. 1. Fear of driving might have a accident or die. Also being a passenger gives me anxiety.     Fear of heights.2.  I isolate because of my anxiety and panic attacks. I have been grieving the loss of my       husband 2 years ago. I just stopped living after he passed.3.   My hobbies are youtube, reading, swimming at my own pool.

  23. I can't wait to read more of your books! I've bought one. I need to finish it though…. XD

    1. What are your fears?
    – Criticism, failure and disappointing people around me. Before I start anything I'm already predicting the outcome, commonly known as prophesying. I pretty much already have my failure planned out, so I quit before I even get started. I fear creating any emotional attachment with anyone, I've always put a lot into relationships only to face betrayal or abuse. I only have maybe 3 people that I interact with that are outside of my family unit.
    2. Why do you isolate?
    – I'm a professional Ghosting Hermit. I feel that when ever I'm around people that they are pretending to like/care about me, than when my back is turned they turn to other people and bad mouth me. I've actually experienced this. I had just walked out of a room and was about to go back inside because I forgot something, and I heard them say some very degrading and confidence destroying things. I've been called ugly to my face…. bullied by people I thought were friends. So yeah. I don't associate with people. If I'm in a crowd or at a convention I put on a happy mask, but don't expect me to interact one on one. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I refuse to lose control of my senses, but society likes being crazy. I don't like loud music because bass activates my anxiety because it sounds to much like a heartbeat. I prefer being alone and in control of my surroundings. If I had my way I would live in a hole in the ground surrounded with 50 miles of prairie and forest. I also isolate because I can't hold my temper around stupidity… I correct people but than I'm the only one that sees that what they are doing is wrong. So I'm wrong…. how is standing the middle of a busy street right? How is shooting a dog because it barked right? How is riping the shell of a turtle when it's alive right? And so many other examples. I've generally gained a major dislike for the human race, and I'm proud to say that I'm in agreeance with Thanos.
    3. What do you LIKE to do?
    – Illustration, reading, crafting, cosplaying, learning, walking, snuggling pets, building, sculpting, wood working and watching foreign films.

  24. 1. Fear of trusting people.
    2. Because, I don't trust people and every time that I'm around them, my energy was drained until I'm exhausted (I'm an introvert and an empath).
    3. Singing, dancing (I don't care if I'm a Muslim, but I love dancing), listening to music, reading, cooking, writing (I'm writing a book, too. But, it's a novel), swimming, yoga, pilates, and watching makeup tutorials and your video on YouTube (I like makeup. He he he. But also, I like the content about mental health as well).

  25. 1. Fear of not being truly accepted for who I am
    2. I think that the majority of people that say they care about are only doing it out of necessity or not wanting to hurt my feelings
    3. Video games, nature and youtube

  26. I have been housebound to Agoraphobia since 2005, so these are just my answers to the questions.

    1. I fear going out mostly because I think I am physically going to be harmed, then behind that being judged by others {thinking that because I have been in for so long people will know just by looking at me, how weird I am}, drawing attention to myself, panicking in public.

    2. I isolate because I feel it is much safer in my house, I dont have alot of trust in people, male's mostly due to things that happened to me as a child and in my early teens, and a few other traumas. For me it is just safer to not deal with, however I now have a Psychologist who I am working with via Skype to hopefully work through issues and maybe get to a point to do exposure therapy.

    3. Due to the number of years I have been inside I have aquired quite a few hobbies, I learned how to sew, knit, crochet, play the keyboard, cross stitch, make candles, jewellery for gifts, cook, bake, I learned how to do DIY things in my home so not to get a tradesperson in to do it {I dont like strangers coming into my house} I also read, watch Youtube, when I have the motivation I work out, as I have home gym equipment. Weirdly, I enjoy organizing and decluttering and cleaning. Play video games, ironically favourite is The Sims, they have a better life than I do!. Jigsaw puzzles, adult colouring books, sudoku, soltaire/majhong tiles/spider soltaire games on my phone/ipad. Listening to music {mostly upbeat}

    I am so sorry for the HUGE reply! Thats awesome you are writing a book I had no idea you already have two.

  27. 1. My fear is I look weak in front of others if I expose my issues to everyone.
    2. I isolate because I'm more introverted, so it makes me feel better. When I was a kid and a teen I isolated myself because of teasing from other students, I wasn't getting along with my step dad when I was a teen, plus I had a toddler sister that would drive me nuts, so isolating myself is easy and makes me feel better. I can center myself and get back to normal again.
    3. Hobbies I enjoy are reading, watching TV shows, movies, music, watching unboxing videos, and others on YouTube (you lol), taking pictures, I like to take pictures of things I buy and post them on my Instagram.

  28. When I had moved from my home in Texas of 18 years to Iowa, that's when isolation came into play because the only people I knew in Iowa were my step family. So with that in mind, I'll answer the questions:
    1.) my fears are being misunderstood & judged by people I didnt even know. My second fear was loosing my loved ones that I left behind.
    2) Why I isolated was because
    • I didn't know how to overcome my social anxiety & put myself out there to introduce myself without people being like "ummm….. ok," and then ignore me.
    • Not everyone, especially in my church congregation, were that welcoming and so because they didn't really talked to me, I didn't talk to them because I thought they were (& still are) uninviting and stuck ups. It's not just my congregation, it's almost everyone in (SC) Iowa.
    • I was homeschooled at home, I was unaware of homeschooling programs here like the ones in Texas until after I finished high school being homeschooled.
    3) I love doing anything artsy like playing guitar & ukulele, singing, writing, painting and drawing, reading a book, listen to music, daydream, traveling, & photography. I also like watching YouTube and going on Instagram and Pinterest (:

  29. This is probably gonna be a long response so bear with me..

    1. When my depression/anxiety was spiralling out of control at first I started isolating myself because I felt so awful about myself that I thought no one would want to spend time with me anyway so what was the point of anything, I had no motivation to even get out of bed let alone put on real clothes (not just pajamas) and leave my house and socialise.

    Then after a few weeks of doing that, when none of my friends from the mental health course I had been taking tried to reach out when I stopped showing up, and with the mindset I was in at the time I convinced myself it was because all the awful thoughts I was having about myself were true and that no one did care about me or want to spend time with me or even check that I was okay. So I started isolating myself even more, I guess to protect myself from getting hurt by these "fake friends" that didn't care about me enough to check in to see if I was okay.

    2. For the first five years of my life I was raised in a home where my dad verbally and emotionally abused my mum on a regular basis, and he was so angry all the time and it scared me a lot. Then my parents broke up and I lived with my mum who verbally abused me and was emotionally neglectful until I moved out at 18. I also had behavioural problems at school on a regular basis until I was 14 because I didn't learn emotional regulation, and I got bullied and rejected a lot by the other kids at school because of it.

    I think because of the abuse and the emotional neglect, I am constantly seeking approval and validation from other people. This is why I think the fear behind why I isolate is based on a fear of rejection and a fear of not being accepted. I feel so strongly the need to be accepted and validated, that I end up not opening myself up to people for fear of being rejected or invalidated.

    3. Crafting. Just any kind of something that I can make with my hands, like knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, book binding, and recently I've gotten into doll customisation which has been frustrating but fun. Art too I guess although I'm not overly good at it. I also play tabletop rpgs like Dungeons and Dragons, and Shadowrun with my partner and a small group of friends every Sunday and it's usually the highlight of my week.

  30. 1. Fears are judgment, potential physical or emotional harm, and just the general fear of the unknown/ unpredictable.
    2. I isolate so that I don't "spread" my negativity, but I also don't want to risk saying anything hurtful to anyone I care about so if I'm in a really bad headspace I just go off on my own and sort through all my stuff.
    3. I like to spend time outside with my dogs, hang out with my boyfriend, create art in any way I can, and I also love to smoke weed while watching informative youtube videos (like about mental health, the news, cooking recipes, etc) so it's like absorbing into my brain lol

  31. 1: fear that everything i touch turns to shit. 2: i isolate cus im supposed to be the strong "mam" type in my friendship group. 3: i play guitar, paint, code, game blah

  32. 1. I fear that my happiness with someone will not last, so I break it off as soon as I can
    2. I isolate myself because I was raised to be independent at a young age and my depression might make others pity me
    3. I enjoy reading and journaling about my day to unwind

  33. 1. i am absolutely terrified of being left. it doesnt matter by who or why, im just terrified of abandonment.
    2. i isolate and used to isolate because it dont feel comfortable going out. or i dont find a good reason to leave the house
    3. i like to watch youtube and stuff. i really like being with my pets and with my boyfriend

  34. Why do you need to write a book when you can just go to betterhelp? I want everyone to know this is a very greedy and manipulative man and he was apart of the betterhelp scandals. He also refuses to believe he did anything wrong (I have screenshots of him trying to build a straw man in defense of himself).

  35. I feel so called out lol. But here we go.
    My fears: I am an anxious driver with a poor (though improving) sense of direction. I'm afraid of going to new places and getting lost. Also, when I think of going to new groups if it isn't church-related I get really nervous about being judged. It seems irrational because I am no longer religious, but church groups were my only outlet for a long time.
    Why I isolate: sometimes i am simply too tired (from depression/anxiety/undiagnosed physical symptoms) to go out. If I'm invited somewhere by friends or acquaintances, or if I'm going with my boyfriend I can usually get over my fears enough to go to places, but I really struggle to motivate myself on my own. It doesn't help that I'm an introvert and I need at least some alone time to recharge. I know my isolating is bad, so I'm trying to get started on Meetup but it's so intimidating that I can only work on my profile a little at a time. Putting myself out there just scares me.
    What I like to to: It's no coincidence that my favorite activities are good for loners. I love to read, watch TV shows, journal or blog, and play a few video games (usually single player). Also I love podcasts. Because of one podcast I like I started playing Dungeons and Dragons to get out of the house, but I just gradually quit because of my exhaustion and discomfort traveling on the highway for the route there. So I know I can enjoy more social activities but it's baby steps.
    Edit: good luck on the book!
    Edit2: I also like to spend time with my family because I feel safe socializing with them.

  36. I'm afraid of abandonment, failure, inadequacy, weight gain, success

    I dealt with a lot of emotional and mental abuse from my mother (she has narcissistic personality disorder and bulimia) about my weight my whole life so when I finally moved away and gained a lot of weight, getting dressed became a very triggering experience. I began staying indoors, developed severe anxiety and body dysmorphia. I'm now agoraphobic and just recently coming out of my shell again.

    I like reading, writing, video games, YouTube, movies, make up, playing guitar, table top games with friends, and I'm starting my own channel soon hopefully.

  37. My fears – I actually do suffer from Anxiety and its not like some below. (mean it in a nice way)

    1. aniety- when i am driving and i begin shaking so nervous that i think i can see my heartbeat and its driving me crazy that i can feel like this. The world begins to close in and you feel everyone is staring at me but they are all driving, but maybe they are staring. then your hands start shaking and the world feels unreal like your in a nightmare, but awake. Then you think…am i going to make it home? so- i call my sister who yells at me to focus and i do. This is real anxiety. real fears. seldom happens but it does.
    2. my fear- that i can lose my shit one day.

  38. 1. What are your fears?
    – I’m a major hypochondriac, especially about my senses. A little backstory, I was born with very limited hearing in my right ear (luckily my left ear is totally fine) and I live with the fear that my hearing will get worse. At 15, I developed tinnitus and hyperacusis (really sensitive hearing) and my hypochondria as well as my general anxiety got 100x worse, now I’m 18 and although I still have tinnitus and hyperacusis my hearing hasn’t gotten worse (yay!) but I’m still very scared of that happening.
    – Similarly, I am scared of losing my other senses since I rely on them a lot more, I’m terrified of being left in complete darkness for fear that I won’t be able to see when the lights are turned back on.
    2. Why do you isolate?
    – Fear that the tinnitus will get worse if I’m exposed to loud noise and also because loud noises hurt my ears due to hyperacusis. Would love it if you included something about how your physical health and mental health can affect each other because I definitely know that my mental health gets worse when my ears are bad and when I’m anxious or depressed I notice my tinnitus more. I’d also love to know if anyone with a disability/chronic health condition also notices this?
    3. What do you like to do?
    Learning languages, playing guitar, crafting (I find this is especially useful when my mental health is bad), watching videos, swimming, spending time with friends etc.

  39. 1 – My fear is going outside (and dealing with people). Yes, I just said that lol. (In the past, I specifically faced challenges doing groceries. Don't ask. Well, you can if you're super curious.)

    2 – I isolate because staying home is easier. After all, it’s a controlled, predictable environment (until someone knocks on my door and my heart beat skyrockets).

    Going outside means people; people who stare at me and give me unwanted attention. It means getting catcalled/hollar-ed/commented on my features (even when I’m fully covered in the middle of winter), people undressing me with their eyes, following me, yelling at me, throwing things like chips at me, or a combination of the above. Basically, harassment.

    3 – I like to cook, travel (the irony), work-out, take long walks outside (by myself – again, ironic), and to continuously learn (coding, knitting, learning languages like French and Spanish). I enjoy decluttering (cause it gives me a sense of control and visually seeing the before/after makes me happy) and playing some games (card games, strategy games, even some jigsaw puzzles although that’s not really a game). Lately I’ve started some small DIY projects related to food like brewing kombucha and planting herbs.

    PS – I just stumbled upon your channel and absolutely LOVE it. How are you not bigger yet? SUBSCRIBED! Keep up the great work and can't wait for this new book.

  40. i guess i'm a bit late but here it goes:
    i'm scared of feeling like i don't fit in, of others not liking me and of my attempts at socializing failing. i'm scared of others coming so close that their rejection could hurt me and I'm scared of the abyss i fall into once i lose grip (emotionally).

    i isolate because being alone is easy and it feels like it comes more natural to me. also i often have trouble reaching out to others in bad times because i don't want to annoy them with problems not even i fully understand and i don't want to overstep.

    i really like doing creative stuff like sculpting and painting.

  41. My fears
    1. The fear of the future.
    2. The fear of being a bother to those around me.
    3. The fear of rejection.

    I isolate myself because
    I feel save and don't wont to bother anyone.

    My hobbies are
    1. Photography
    2. Video making
    3. Drawing
    4. Watching YouTube
    5. Riding my tryke. But I don't do that much anymore. 🙁

  42. I isolate cause I’m afraid of leaving home. I live with my mom and brother, I’m 18 y/o. I quit school cause anxiety and stress of having to interact with classmates all day long. I cried at nights, I didn’t want to leave home, and go to school to get trough that stress.
    So I quit. Next year I will finish school.
    Cause I quit I don’t speak with anyone, I have no friends and as I wanted, I don’t leave my home, I just do it if my mom goes with me.
    I hanged out with an old friend three days ago after more than eight months of isolation, and when I came home I had a terrible panic attack at night. I’m planning teaching an old good friend of mine to hang out tomorrow.
    I don’t know if I can open up to her, I hope so.

  43. I've had anxiety for a long time, but my depression steams from a series of eye surgeries causing low vision that completely altered my life, took my independence, and caused me to be blind in my right eye.
    My fears:
    1. Looking weak, I use to be the strong fixer who carried everyones problems.
    2. Getting hurt, my depth preception is horrible now, I fall easily.
    3. Looking stupid, in stores and such I can't see well enough to read, I also run into things and people.

    I isolate because:
    Sometimes I don't have much of an option, I cannot drive, and I'm afraid of walking by myself with my vision like it is. After moving, I don't really have friends, outside my husband. Also, I have a bad history with friends who where in a clique, but my twin and I could not be in the clique because they were the "Super6" and this has caused a bad outlook on possible friends, I feel they already have friends and don't need me (end rant). I also have always found it easier being alone.

    I like to:
    Drive around
    Eat/try new restaurants
    Play Zelda BOTW (literally only game I play)
    Be with my cat
    (most of these are really hard for me to do due to my low vision.)

  44. I watched your videos on bpd. Apparently there is no email to contact you. You got a bunch of things wrong. As well as what its like to live with bpd daily. Contact me if you would like to correct yourself. 8 years since i was diagnosed. Experienced it since i was a kid. [email protected]
    You read your comments? Do better.

  45. 1. I’m afraid of judgment, failure, and being trapped in situations.
    2. I isolate to avoid those things and to avoid panic attacks. I’m at home a lot because I feel like I need a break from the chaos and demands of the world. I have a couple of close friends, but I don’t feel emotionally ready to put myself on display for people to judge. I’m at a transitional point in life. It’s scary. I often feel like I don’t know what I’m doing so it’s easier to be alone.
    3. I enjoy a lot of different creative pursuits. I like to draw, paint, dance, sing, play music, and write. I also enjoy learning and reading about a variety of topics.
    I’m willing to unpack all of this further if you want. I study psychology at UT Austin so maybe I can add perspective in that way.

  46. Hi i live with anxiety and depression since i was 16. Im 36 now. I would love if you checked out my videos and give me some advice. please. It shows in my videos. Plus im very anti social, extremely shy. I do stay home ona daily bases i try go visit a friend around the corner Just to get myself out. Or i keep myself in doors. Im so happy i found your channnel. I think u can help me. Thank you very much for your time

  47. My fears are failure: socially and career wise. I’m afraid of people hating me, I’m afraid of not being successful, I’m afraid of living life as a failure. I isolate whenever I feel people turn against me, when I’m doing bad at my job, school, extra curricular activities, etc. I isolate whenever my self esteem is at a low. I enjoy and love being in nature. I also enjoy being with animals and taking care of them. I like to play violin, exercise, and watching YouTube.

  48. I have suffered from anxiety and depression my whole life. Probably stems from the sexual abuse I had as a child. I've faught hard to overcome it and on the outside I appear to be very confident and outgoing. My fears are disapointment from others and letting people down. Not being what is expected of me. I isolate because I get overwhelmed by everyone and I need time to be with myself and recharge with no expectations from anyone. I feel claustrophobic when people are around and want to recoil. I taught myself how to crochet to give myself something to focus on and I marathon YouTube. Documentaries of any kind are my go to and anything that can be positive or uplifting. Drama drags me down. I live in a small house with 5 people so my bedroom is where I feel comfortable and at peace. I get one day a week I can do this and the rest I have to put a brave front on which I do relatively well but I get so tired. I feel guilty for doing this but I need it. If I had a choice I would stay there.

  49. My fear is scaring away someone. I either become to intimate or too isolated. I was abused in a last relationship so at some point I reveal that intimacy is something that’s hard on me. I also lack a normal sexual drive. I’m finally getting back into the dating world. I’m taking it slow but I wonder when it’s okay to spill my heart out. I don’t want to go too far and make them feel guilty. And in my free time I work out and draw.

  50. 1) I have complex ptsd from decades of abuse. I am afraid of going out to places with large crowds of people. Especially if they bump into me. Makes me feel like I'm always in the way and I start to panic and need to get out of the situation quickly.

    2) I always feel as if I'm being negatively judged by others when I'm out and about. I feel safer at home. Especially because I'm a 400 lb woman in an electric wheelchair, everyone turns to look at me when I do go out. Makes me very uncomfortable.

    3) I have 2 YouTube channels started ( yellowroze and Demia SilverWing), I also love to watch YouTube quite a bit, watch movies, everything about New Kids On The Block, I love most genres of music, I love playing games (board, card, dice, computer, console, etc), reading, writing stories and novels and blogs, coloring, spending time with my best friend of 38 years and my 15 year old daughter, practice my Wiccan faith, photography, bdsm, and probably lots more that I can't think of right now.

    Hope this helps! I'm also writing a book right now! Its a fictional novel. Young adult/fantasy/adventure. Can't wait to get it finished an published. I've never published anything before.

  51. Hi Chris, I sent you an email regarding my answers to your questions as I don't want it to be out in the open like this. However, I never got a response or any sign if you received it or not. I hope you did..!

  52. My fears. Ending up being alone. Noone will remember or want me around.
    And now i isolate myself Cause I'm scared of getting hurt more.
    Creating the thing I feared most.
    I don't even l like who I am anymore/ I don't know who I am. I've been a chameleon my whole life. Changing myself to suit the people around me. I was groomed to be a helper and always put others first. I lost who I was on the way.

  53. My fears are of being judged negatively (and usually wrongly) by others. I am really sensitive to that negativity and I will bend over backwards and turn my back on things I want just to avoid real or anticipated negative judgements. I'm also afraid of being abandoned. I'm not sure why, though since I've never really experienced it. Though growing up, I often found as soon as I let someone get close to me, they often would move away, or just not hang out with me anymore. That led to me being afraid to open up to people even more than I was before. I also have fears of opening up to others and having them use something I said against me. I'm afraid to seek help because I'm afraid that will be seen as a weakness someone can exploit or that it'll be used against me. I want to get better because this is all exhausting, but I'm terrified of the meds and the side effects. It's all really exhausting and I'm just so over it all.

    I isolate to protect myself mostly. To avoid conflicts as much as possible. And when I'm struggling, I isolate so as not to let the negativity spread to those I love and care about. I also isolate to avoid the constant swirling thoughts beating myself up over saying something or not saying something and the inevitable chat replays in my mind that will result.

    I love to write when my mind cooperates with me (not often, sadly,) I love to lose myself in a game, I love to sew and make things for my kids, photography and travel with my husband and kids.

  54. My anxiety is so bad that I can't leave my house. So I can't get help from a professional because leaving is too much pressure. It's crippling in everyway. So I'm wasting my life doing absolutely nothing because of something I can't control. If I go outside I sweat, turn bright red, vomit, and basically if I'm stuck in a grocery store in line most of the time I just leave all my stuff and leave the store cause it's too much anxiety.
    So my fear is leaving my home and being in public and being trapped.
    I isolate myself because of fear of judgement and I don't feel safe around other people(even close family).
    Also I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder(in a psychiatrist facility) but I'm almost certain I have BPD. Never been able to get a second opinion because, like I said, leaving home is very very very difficult.

  55. My fears have changed a lot over the time span of my mental health journey. In middle school/early high school I as diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and from then to now, 5 or so years later in college, it's changed so much. I used to live in an abusive household, and then I remember my biggest fear was not being able to leave. I'd push myself so much in school just so I would be able to leave when college came. Funnily enough, back then I didn't think I'd live to see graduation despite working so hard for it. Once I moved into my dad's house, all of that changed. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for a while, which made me afraid to let people see the vulnerable side of me again. But as I've begun college, my main fears have developed into my future. I worry about not doing well this semester. I worry about how my gpa will be affected and how/when I'll graduate and getting internships and jobs in order to have a life that means something and does right by the support the good people in my life have given me.
    I think personally, a lot of why I isolate is I don't want my friends to have to see me at my true worst. I am a very caring person, and I want my friends to know I'm there for them when they're going through really tough times. For me, I somehow feel like I don't want to burden them in the same way. If I handle things on my own it won't be something that people will remember about me, but rather only I truly know about. Though I am a huge advocate for not feeling shame for your mental illnesses and the emotions you have, I still can't bring myself to not hide them away.
    Things that make me happy are usually the smallest things in the world to some people, haha. I like letting my dog out into the yard in early fall and sitting on the porch, enjoying the chill and the sunlight. I like dancing to music at 11PM trying to be quiet to not waking up my family but still moving to each beat in the song. I like when my cat curls up next to me in bed. I like curling under a blanket after a shower, under a window in the summer time. I like learning new languages. I like programming (as a computer science major, you kind of have to :b ). I like having string lights around my bed frame and in different parts of my room to fall asleep with, too. As cheesy as they are they really are things that make me happy.
    Good luck with the book! I'm very excited to read it. Can't wait to hear more about it!! Sorry for writing so much, I just noticed now it's a lot >.<

  56. I tend to like isolate myself because of the criticism and the mocking when I grow up and how self-conscious I feel and how are world is just like all about food and I am one of those people who worries about her weight because growing up with my mother she would criticize me and yell at me if she thought I ate too much and my doctor would yell at me when I gain weight when they know a lot of the time when I gained weight it was because I was experiencing depression and I was using food as a coping mechanism instead of dealing with my problem because I didn't know how to deal with my problem I was afraid to tell people how I felt and unfortunately I feel like people took advantage of that and mocked me more because they were like oh she's the girl who won't say anything you know she doesn't care and even if she does she won't say anything which is not true because no matter if I said something or not I still at the end of the day have feelings

  57. 1. I fear doing embarrassing things, being physically harmed by others, and my brain likes to convince me that people actually cant stand me.
    2. I isolate because i feel like i dont know how to connect to people. Its just easier to not do so than to look stupid trying to connect to a person who doesnt want to. I also feel to 'strange' or to abnormal for people to want to be around in the first place. (im currently am working on these things but its still hard to shut out)
    3. I enjoy youtube, yoga, and right now im learning Arabic. Im in the very early stages but its been alot of fun to learn something that is so different yet familiar at the same time. (fun fact 75% of the sounds in arabic are the same as english and you only need to learn like 8 new sounds.)

    Btw love your vids chris.

  58. I don’t isolate due to fear really. I isolate out of exhaustion. It’s like a video game with a life/energy bar. You only have so much for the day and even little things like showering use up what you have. So socializing drains it! I love to create/draw/crochet but when the depression is at its height…none of these things appeal at all to me. So I stay hidden watching YouTube and Netflix. Hope this helps!

  59. Hi 👋
    I would like to answer your questions but not public.
    So is it possible to find a solution?

    / Grace ❤️〰️🕯

    And… YAAASSS please do an audio book version 🙏🙏🙏

  60. I would love to give you my story. I just can't do it in a public format. If there's a way I can reach you privately I would be glad to. But it might be a book on it's own… lol

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