Increase of Schizophrenia in Homeless Youth: Interview with a Youth Therapist

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  1. This is bullshit—"its organic…?" hm hmm "so it can be genetic? yeah"—errr NO!! You are creating more crap for this youth and are completely out of touch. For ***cks sake use the internet, and for example, Google Robert Whitaker (etc etc) and you will see that 'schizophrenia' and 'psychosis' and 'bipolar' are LABELS. Yes these young people are exhibiting REAL emotions buit it is not organic or genetic disease, and if you "care" workers do not realize this what you do is make these young

  2. 2–people believe in your UN-PROVEN myth which has no medical science to bcak it up, and they begin to believe your hollow *diagnoses* and end up addicted to the drugs you push on them, chornic patients often for years if not life. Google 'Mindfreedom Hungerstrike APA' and you will see how the APA cannot prove that mental illness is biochemical disease. YET it is the biosychiatric model that is force fed on everyone, especially vulnerable people seeing help from PROBLEMS OF LIVING!!

  3. Open up the temple doors, Rabbis, Priests, Priestesses, Reverends, Monks, Nuns, many schizophrenics seek a spiritual life, why is it so difficult to chose this path? the temples should be more open, to be truly sacred, they must be open to the community

  4. America is filled with middle class armchair experts who have no experience with poverty as it actually is today. To be homeless is a short step from being hunted, and maybe one would have to experience it to understand it. (I have no idea how middle classers think of homelessness.) One must be constantly alert for danger, pushed to the limits in the struggle to survive while emotionally dealing with the hate and contempt that defines US culture today. It takes a heavy toll.

  5. Actually, from what I can decipher of your post, you are incorrect. Mental illness is very real, and while much of it is the result of trauma, there are definite, measurable physical manifestations of such things as prolonged stress, etc. People's lives aren't destroyed by mere life challenges.

  6. Oh brother. I know, I know, man never landed on the moon, Elvis is still alive, cancer doesn't really exist, and you can find "experts" on the Internet who can prove it. Who needs doctors when we have armchair philosophers?

  7. Then I urge you to find out different because you are wrong. For example, and you have to do the work because the myth is backed up by very devious groups who will tell you black is whte and that science supports it. Google Mindfreedom Hungerstrikers versus APA These are psychiatric survivors who challenged the APA to prove mental illness is biochemical disease. They failed but will not admit it. Hmmm wonder if they got fukin toxic drugs for 'Stubborn Denial Disorder' 'SDD' spose not huh?

  8. What tools. This destroyer of kids is trying to argue there is an uptick in "organic" psychosis in kids. What idiot would believe that? These systems tools don't even realize that's what they are as they speak of the "go to" disease, and are a billion years from looking at the revolving door of psycho-pharm connections, revolving door of pharm, FDA, child drugging, as they pander the "big money" view (and thinking they aren't) TOOLS!!!! hurting kids

  9. Excellent. The people in the vid who do so much harm to kids don't have a clue. They are clearly lower middle class TOOLS, probably in some town where this is "good employment" for them; maybe they even got a cheap degree at some state school. Welcome to "social workers" and what they actually believe; they, too, are "surviving" in the only way they could find. This is how this fat lady feeds

  10. The other guy is right. Search "The Nazi Doctors" by Robert Jay Lifton (a psychiatrist himself). Search Peter Breggin, again a shrink. Search "Against Therapy" by another Harvard shrink. MANY IN THE BUSINESS are against these people and how they are used. Lower middle class who can push psycho-pharm like this get payoffs. You have no idea. See Thomas Tsaz also, very scholarly work (far beyond how these fat lower class social workers are used by the system

  11. Of course these teens are becoming Schizo. It's perfectly Natural to loose your mind to some degree when you first becomes Homeless! The problem is that alot of people who Loose everything don't just become Depressed, but crack up because they'll try to self medicate with alcohol or street drugs. NEVER do that when you end up on the street!!! You must tough it out , cry alot and get thru the "Dark Night of the Soul" with out boozing or drugging up. Only then will you have a fighting chance.

  12. Skitzophrenia is being falsely used by mental health proffessionals to falsely diagnose citizens and use them for human experimentation.Fact

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