INFJ Depression and Anxiety | Don’t fear being invisible

infj hi by sweaters from below 80 system today topic I j& and other question to ask ourselves is why reaction wanna be sir in the first
place isn’t it how we always think that why do we need to tell people what we
say why does it matter I Y people actually using our nature we
just want to be good and not care so much we just want people to be happy but
being assertive means one day it means standing up for your rights
and I think we have this thing going that K so much we want other people to be happy we’ll
well for us and we can take a lot main thing we’re
not that much feelings as I said contact ethnic since introvert an hour feeling function Esther which means all those
emotional things affect us on that instantly that we can actually know okay this
point no further an hour natural tendency is not take control just kinda let live
happened if you’re lucky and something comes your
way makes you happy you have a lot it and nothing happened day you know it’s
not do that and think a lot of us also have a problem because we think
that for I’ll let’s say you’re job and you wanna you know you feel good about it but and reach higher level and feel the exact
same way lol not K but it doesn’t mean anything so now you
don’t wanna be assertive and more when it comes to competition with colleagues for example because you
say why what I strive for higher position how feel the exact same way feel now but
your goal is not reached but he understands
just after all you are human do you have I boundaries at some point you have
points and he just break and if we don’t take control can
get into a negative spiral on when like don’t like have no haha most anything but every time you were some action yet to learn something or to
actually like progress or to put yourself in a position where
you strive for a for recognition or yes challenge this process and cell helps you growing helps you feel
better about yourself you are not day it makes sense in you yes why goal their outfield on exact same way when I’m in a high
position but human happen and loves me is to progress to feel some kinda Pro is somehow and said all also me recognition I think a
lot of think yup finish astrid recognition is a law and we strive perfectionism so
we don’t yes so we think that something not to do so we don’t do it well real-life not really loving
ourselves because if we were loving ourselves
realize yes we’re not perfect because nobody and there are certain things me instance you have yes our create a function that
something lot we love motion people and to see how they react this is
something we need to feel good you know me in order ourselves saw by neglecting that we’re action neglecting
our own needs and are satisfied less what we actually deserve because
every person is ur really go after their dreams and have Phil live word really get
everything and the things do not happen if you just stay in a in this space
don’t take control so this is where we come to a point up sir so this I real me thing you have to know on the back
had why it is good to the issue why it is
important to take control and why to fight for your life because our he don’t everybody around you might because that’s like their natural thing
and then you just get a you know rolled over the
point is and also lemme I said beginning we ask talk about how people US and is in I’ll big issue when it
comes to service because me talk to a person and then we
like us either essence and the essence in our mind and
I have some and I’m right away or and we wanna talk to them wanna like
really reach that the level because the connect
with people the warble them but what Alami promise point that they’re not and i dont then and hi is not like really their acid who they are they might
happen had in them but not it’s not she final for and see this that’s not my we’re not much smaller and
car because we look at them and see their hi thing like them being nice wanna reach have kinda motions and the way
other people see us exactly their Don much me forced to have her you know they say in functions things here with and yeah I he top saw sale say unit for them they here somehow with their hi but their main essence who they really are
still FB they still for that the way react to them the way uptick in affecting with their oceans that’s who
they are and a always on about that or then that and I saw remember that other people reacting she they you from their perspective so up have yesterday infj are and you don’t like to you don’t like
confrontation at that point just a yeah my your age kinda we want what hear what you want I
think out here really don’t care what we watch but for
her and her I I’m really week I will because I 5 for
my alright she sees and not infj changed I’m explain your cell
thousand time for me at some point but me people you from their perspective and we all have to understand is that they
will you can not from their potential side but from where they are right now had
some con on things in their past on some think make them be defense best mechanisms and a you see
them in your book some kind of emotion in them they don’t like and then they react negatively towards you that nothing change like not you can try to put him in a position where all
explain to them where this comes from but day are not that potential there where there right
now all the line and the world a UN from that perspective with it right now
so this this is the problem with be
compassionate point in a way that %um not be asserted you say what you want which like and
just let like live conti and I think we have this thing in our head worry really control of our lives then ourself not I’m but have no you as a person what me happy 10 you need to make
progress me back other people shall I on not you like completely diff I world you might see all this time
connections but year sometimes living at a minimum because you’re not putting anything out
there positive moshe you can be holiday and house 0 right now in I love is and this grade met out a bit what you have fight for you right and I think wanna make prompt said we think watch do it not change when I’m in a
high position or what you know have friends I’m I’m not feelin yeah when you’ve reached point gotten back to stagnation yes say but I’ll the journey will make you feel
better the bay by herself and you have to help
other so please I this holding onto pain just because you feel something and you feel this is the true do
something for yourself control your life yes sir so
assertiveness is not top back a certain not not be towards service s no what is good for you putting you’re right first priority maybe the whole world yes person has same rights everybody this
way you have to fight to make you are live your feeling your priority you have to know what you want line to
know that a you wanna go have which out there and red yes we have this thing hated like thing doing them wrong revoking motions and
then that you know makes them have a negative
association with us but yet to remember people love infj you and people pay you annual net anything
to do with you it’s hard sound all you can do is just put out with you think good you think pollard is making in and their aunty you like which are not like and your position your responsibility to stop on to stop having that affect you so much and the way he
do it I’ll way high-top get outta native motion yet PT cell I’ll on this is not feeling I wanna I wanna feel this like because its native although it’s
really 10 intense feelings is not always good yesterday as I’m not happy I’m not gonna
let those people so much even right now it’s the truth
get out of it by alive do you think official do you think they’ll make you feel
better honest official level because me those you are not her person your imagine you and I’ll you still lovell so yeah yessir when you have confrontations with other
people yesterday in the way don’t be me don’t be rude tell Zack that you know
what’s going on don’t be afraid that people are not like you because you like kindly see you
there and then you like put your favorite any really like really make feel it and then take it out on me tell and you
know what you should do I don’t know how you can get out that’s what we what infj can do this is our
national week this is how we are see what’s wrong
with somebody it’s not going good for them and we can show it to them and then if
they want are how back to come lot because people all hacked because otherwise they would
have re: done it until that point there somewhere where
things are not going right because they not Baird thought I’ll getting out okay being 30 me stay on track and what you want people Becky much
their p.m. and stop absorbing much or how it was in the pocket just
like you see feeling give people a infj chance to you know really benefit from you and if
they don’t want that they just go some people can’t afford
price that for what you’re offering and the
worst thing you can do is lower your price because the problem
with that you tell people all don’t be afraid me
i’m not you know I’m not gonna hurt you
everything is good but me you can her you are to I’ll E can really on her you can destroy their
world not whatever you are able to do that so nothing by pretending to be like less strong infj or less capable you just live there and set on our yeah this now okay me oh yeah an FBI J one-sided is missing I been there done that it happens very
often because we give too much power and I and this nap week anymore I’ll yes for that talk you infj looking for comment

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  1. Very true. Its something that comes with time. Every INFJ needs to learn to have their own ground and personal space. And able to say "no" without having to give a reason. Because if you don't say no to things you don't want to, people will just use your for your empathetic nature and you'll be a slave to people. There is a difference between people who need your help. And people who USE you for their own personal benefit. Good video and an important focus message

  2. You are like my personal life coach right now. Say no, don't care so much what other people think, don't live a lesser quality life for the sake of others. Can't wait for your next video 🙂

  3. You do an excellent job on presenting the INFJ! I've been enjoying your treatment because you have inside knowledge! I just wanted to tell you about a book that came out in the '70's. It's called WHEN I SAY NO I FEEL GUILTY by Manuel Smith PhD. Maybe you have heard of it. Smith was/is a clinical behaviorist psychologist. He presents 10 basic assertive "rights" and has seven verbal techniques to help behave assertively. He's fun to read, but I'm guessing he's not an INFJ. It would be interesting to see and hear this sort of thing handled by an INFJ. I'm not big on "magic formulas" but I'm in the process of putting the assertiveness bit into INFJ ways. I believe it can be done. In fact, you're doing it! But I thought that as a fellow INFJ, I'd throw in this tidbit of info in the "For What It's Worth" department.

  4. "People will love you and people will hate you, and it never has anything to do with you."

    I needed a reality check on that one,

    Thanks. 🙂

  5. I didn't know this 'hear' with our introverted functions, 'speak' with our extraverted functions. Helpful! Yeah it's so tough to give to yourself first when you are naturally giving but it is so important. Self love first, others second. Thank you for video!

  6. The whole bit about giving people a chance to benefit from you, and then if they don't take you up on it, letting it and them go, that's so important. They will come to you. I am seeing that just today with a young girl who asked to be mentored. It was in her timing. She's ready. And now I don't feel wasted and misused by attempting to help people who don't want to pay the price of growing. It also helps that this particular relationship is actually called a mentorship. It's harder when people are your age or older and you're trying to assist them. Your comments on that would be interesting. 🙂

  7. Great fan of your channel, just subscribe. I only know that i am INFJ is yesterday, currently i am 27 old. i guess whatever someone condition improvement is always available.(Malaysia),Appreciated for all wonderful clips.

  8. excellent video I did not know where to post this can you do a video on fear of abandonment and fear of loliness and fear of live from your perspective?

  9. My psychotherapist was so happy with me today. And a big part of that is thanks to you kicking my butt! 😀 So thank you for being so awesome 🙂

  10. INFJ can put up with enormous stress…that backfires on us too though. This is like…let me see how long I can keep my hand in the fire?

    The problem is…we don't get that it's about growth and development. The reason to rise higher is to follow organic need to grow and develop…it us not egoic, but is sincere and cosmic.

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