Introduction to the Mood Coach app

>>Graphic: VA Logo and Seal>>Narrator: If you have experienced depression, or you’re
looking for a way to improve your mood, the Mood Coach app can help. Mood Coach is based on behavioral activation,
which is a non-medication intervention for depressed mood. It helps you to participate in pleasurable
activities and connect with important people in your life. Participating in activities that are consistent
with your values can help you feel better by reducing negative feelings that can come with
depression or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When you launch Mood Coach, you’ll be guided
to set up a one-week plan. To do this, you’ll select a start date,
values and activity levels for each value. Let’s get started. First, select when you want to put your plan
into action. The default setting is today—but you can
change that. Next, you’ll be prompted to select six value
areas that you’d like to work on. Values can include family relationships, mental
and physical health, career and employment, and more. When you select a value, you’ll be asked
to choose an activity level for the value. If you choose easy, you’ll schedule one
activity this week. If advanced, you’ll schedule five or more. You can change the types of values and number
of activities each week when you set your plan. Once you choose all six values, you are ready
to begin. To put your plan into action, you’ll add
activities to support each of your values. To get started, choose activities that are
simple and easy to do. The first time you add an activity you’ll
be asked to rate it in terms of how fun, difficult and important it is to you. For each activity you complete, you earn points
based on those ratings. You can set a reminder on the app so you don’t
forget to practice during the week. Schedule activities to support each of your
values. You can also create your own activity, rate
it, and add it to your plan. When you’re finished adding activities,
you have a plan for the week. Each time you complete a scheduled activity that
supports your values, tap “I completed this activity.” When the week is over, view your plan history. You can challenge yourself to earn more points
next week by completing more activities, or activities with higher points. Use the “Rate my Mood” tool in the app
to record how you’re feeling each day—or multiple times a day. This tool uses a simple rating system of 0
to 10. Use the Mood Rating History tool to monitor
your moods and see how they change over time. Use the “Assess My Symptoms Tool” to assess
and track your symptoms of depression. Answer questions about how you’ve been feeling
over the past two weeks including today. You’ll receive feedback based on your answers. Use the Assessment History to view and track
your progress over time. You can also set a reminder to take the assessment
again. In the “Learn” section of the app, you
will find short readings that can help you better understand depression and PTSD. You can also learn about behavioral activation,
values, and how goal-based action works to help you feel better. In the “Get Support” section of the app,
you can connect to crisis resources and locate a mental healthcare provider. In “My Support Network,” you can add names
and contact information for people you trust. Reach out to your support network when you
need help. By prompting you to participate in enjoyable
activities and connect with important people, Mood Coach can help lessen the symptoms of
depression and PTSD. Download Mood Coach today.>>Text: LEARN MORE ABOUT PTSD AT>>Graphic: VA Logo and Seal

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