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  1. Fuck the FDA I’ve been smoking for years and will continue to do so!! End of story cancel Christmas!

  2. Thank you for your video. Over the past two years, I have been suffering from major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. I was also diagnosed with mild Asperger's Syndrome. I have taken multiple drugs for my condition. Currently I am on fluoxetine, mirtazapine, quetiapine, pregabalin, lithium carbonate (600mg per day), clonazepam (at night) and propranolol. Drugs that I have tried but failed include escitalopram, desvenlafaxine, sertraline, risperidone (max. dosage I tried was 2mg) and clomipramine (max. dosage I tried was 100mg). My mental health condition remains unsatisfactory. My motivations and memory have not yet restored and I feel pessimistic about my future. I had to apply for academic deferral and have not yet resumed my study. To be honest, I still experience suicidal thoughts at this moment. What can I do at this juncture? Can you give me some clues on what medications I can discuss with my psychiatrist during my next follow-up? Is ECT or TMS suitable for me? (I am 21 years old.) Sorry for being lengthy.

  3. I have combat related PTSD and tried to smoke marijuana (black market unfortunately) since I have left the Army…I was disappointed because all I felt was confused and foggy. It did enhance my creativity, but decreased the follow through in doing creative tasks…so I quit smoking it. Reading these comments, I am wondering if I should wait for actual medical marijuana to try due to the positive effects others have experienced. Maybe different hybrids? But I live in Tennessee so I don’t know when it will be possible to do so…we have a strong liquor lobby here in our state.

    But I have had a great success with Tulsi (holy basil) tea for the sedative effect…it’s legal and no stigma attached. You can buy Tulsi tea on Amazon, or a tincture form if you would like to try some…hope this helps someone 🤗

  4. I very much respect what you do for the mental health community Dr. Mark's. However, ironically all the concerns you have with the Cbd are littlerly the same as Pharmaceuticals. Liver damage, issues with sex and testosterone, consistency, and finally no data on long term use. Exp. Antidepressants have shown to be almost ineffective compared to placebo on those with mild depression. And only a little better than placebo with those that suffer moderate to chronic depression. Also, the fda allows these pharma companies 12 weeks of trials before they are approved. How are we supposed to know what long term implications those drugs have on our health? I mean if you take certain mood stabilizers or anti seizure drugs you have to get your liver enzymes tested consistantly. And further more look at the drugs used for pain. They cause serious addiction issues and rapid health decline if you use them for years. And the sad part is this was already known by the medical world for hundreds of year. We had opium epidemics in the 1800s they knew then. But the fda still allowed mass production and had a drug ready (suboxone) to "cure" the addiction, which in reality is just another addictive opiate all together.

  5. Off the subject do you think Serovital which boosts HGH improve bipolar depression? Ads say it helps with many conditions.

  6. I have been smoking pot occasionnally since the 60's, but I never got any of the "good" effects. This drug puts me in a nightmare. Nausea, vertigo, sleepiness, anxiety, confusion, and bad mood.

  7. Hi Dr. Tracey Marks, I've recently heard about euthymic mood and I would like to know about it in depth. Can you please make a video on this topic?
    Thanks in advance 😊

  8. Hi and thank you for all your videos, they are really informative and well made in my opinion.
    Could you do one on the usage of Lithium?
    I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 but my doctor thinks using Lithium isn't a good idea because of the side effects and he said something about it not being suitible for young women. Could you elaborate on that?
    I'd be really thankful x

  9. I have BP2 and find herb to be very calming and helping with sleep. I have tried glycine also helps with sleep. Can you do a vlog on glycine for sleep? I appreciate all you do. I thank you so much!

  10. I've been trying CBD oil for over 2 weeks now (30mg a day), the only effect I've gotten from it is Dry mouth, that's it. No positives, I can't increase the dose or my dry mouth will get really bad. So I think it's about time for me to just stop.

  11. I gave CBD a go after hearing so much praise. Unfortunately I didn't notice any benefit. This was mainly for anxiety and depression.

  12. I took CBD oil 2x/day for approximately six weeks for back pain. While taking the oil, I had blood test results that showed abnormal liver function. The time between this blood test and my follow up doctor's appointment was 2.5 weeks. My doc explain the abnormal liver results and said I may have contracted Hepitatis B. I was shocked because according to the risk factors for contracting, I did not meet any of them. The Dr. had me take another blood test that day and this time my liver results were normal. I didn't discover the link between CBD and liver function until recently. My next appointment is in April for another liver function blood test, at which time I will inform of my former CBD usage. I am interested in her opinion as to whether the oil could be the culprit for the initial problematic liver results. Full disclosure: I live a ketogenic lifestyle. Thanks you for posting this video!

  13. To each their own, this post is not for or against CBD, but I get aggrivated when people get downright mad and say it's all natural… so is cyanide but people aren't fighting to get that legalized…

  14. Thanks for sharing. I tried CBD once but it worked nothing for my anxiety disorder with panic attacks, especially jaw clenching – wasteful. Despite, I experienced no side effects.

  15. CBD makes my hair start to fall out and my daughters as well when she tried it. It does not help with my anxiety but my daughter says it works for her anxiety side effects not worth it though

  16. I have researched and tried multiple brands of CBD and now take only Lazarus Naturals products. Their quality is excellent, backed up by batch testing, and it's helped me immeasurably, with anxiety and pain/inflammation and fibromyalgia. Their prices are very reasonable, and they have THE BEST discount program for veterans, low income, and disabled. I am endlessly grateful for their compassion.

  17. You can't have darkness without light and the opposite is also true you can't have light without darkness but if you allowed the darkness inside of you to overcome you then you may as well dug your own grave in life because it shows no mercy or remorse for the damage it does to you in any way shape or form🕆🤔🕆

  18. THC & CBD work together. Indeed only CBD just makes no sense and is a total waste. Also sativa is not recommendable for people who can become psychotic. My own research, I should know been smoking every day since I was 15. Im 45 now and learned the hard way about cannabis and mental disorders & illness’s…. Thanks for the vids Dr Marks, You explain things perfectly, it blows my mind sometimes and I think “how can this woman explain what goes on in my head better than I can?” Bless

  19. I tried cbd for my anxiety and it had the opposite effect. It increased my anxiety and I had heart palpitations. I tried two brands including Charlotte's Web and Jacob Hooy. It just didn't work.

  20. I bought a bottle of CBD ($50.00) from a local supplier. It didn't even have a safety seal. I would have never taken it but the company was recommended by my friend (who was referred to them by his doctor). I'd hoped it would help with my depression and insomnia. With the first bottle I noticed a difference. (And I'm too pessimistic to fall for a placebo.) I felt more focused, as if I were better able to put things in perspective. I wasn't as down. I felt more hopeful, and it was nice. The second bottle had no taste, unlike the last one. Sure enough, the positive effects stopped. I would like to try it again, but I believe you definitely get what you pay for.

  21. I vape nicotine stupid vape shops are selling cbd in the UK dr Tracey could you do a video on type 1 diabetes and mental health I find they are connected to me mood swings anxiety feelings I snapped at a guy at my mother in-laws birthday party the guy said to me anytime you wanna come out side and I said yeah anytime you wanna come out side and ground grapple be my guest

  22. Could you do a video on Fibromyalgia and/or chronic pain with no known physical cause? Though technically not mental health it is strongly linked to trauma and some mental health conditions like PTSD.

  23. Thank you as usuall very well explained…That said I am a tough cookie with Bipolar 1 and it does really help ..the problem for me was the cost..very expensive

  24. Dr Marks
    Great video I ordered some online only spent $14 including shipping I’m looking for some ease of my anxiety if this doesn’t work I’m gonna ask my doctor if I can try ketamine as you spoke about in a previous video . And no I don’t smoke pot !
    Have a great week
    General repair

  25. I tried CBD for fibromyalgia; couldn't tell a difference.
    what has helped for years is tonic water with quinine.
    Occam's razor…lol

  26. I have been trying CBD for seizures and I have not had a seizure during the therapeutic window. They gave me 1 to 1 and it made me high as a kite. I could see how people would not report pain but may still have it.

  27. Thanks Dr Marks. I've always thought CBD was all hype. If it didn't come from cannabis no one would care about it. No one has "omega 3 fatty acid" shops and that has more clinical evidence.

  28. I used CBD from licensed growers in Canada to treat Anxiety. I really wanted it to work. I titrated up to the maximum dose which was costing about $300 Can per month. In the end I decided it’s effectiveness was mostly wishful thinking. That was sad as my doctors, including a psychiatrist, had suggested the likelihood of it working to be strong. Also it tasted awful. So I fell back on other coping mechanisms (no pharmaceuticals) and am just about coping.

  29. In my experience medical CBD oil for my neuropathy pain when it’s only acting up. I probably take it twice a month with deeper flare cycles. I do live in Canada. It is not a cure just helps aid the flare cycle to decrease so I sleep more proficiently and stay in my stages of sleep cycles.
    As for THC I take it occasionally. VeRy occasionally.. I’m just real anal and really watch the dosages to that. I think THC can cause increase problems with psychiatric disorders. I always weigh out the pros and the cons to anything I ingest. Some people swear by it … well I’ve seen the other side of it …so I proceed with caution more. I have C-ptsd .. so I watch with all substances and lock that oil up in a safe. They legalized THC in Canada now. Schizophrenia will be on the rise. Specially with teenagers who chronically smoke high dosages of THC and a brain that’s not even fully developed. Dam. We lost a close one to suicide last year – he kept mentioning how he felt different after smoking weed. But others swear by it. What’s good for one … can be detrimental to another.
    EMDR therapy – now I swear by that shit even more. 🙂 works grrreat 👌💯

  30. Thanks for expressing caution about all these CBD claims. This video dovetails with your video on how to recognize "good science". There are not enough corroborating studies to justify jumping onto the CBD bandwagon yet. And about the recreational use of THC: I would never smoke cannabis again. The auditory hallucinations are too terrifying.

  31. Sometimes I feel that the constant search for marijuana's derivates used to treat illness is a excuse to attach the legality of this droug.

  32. This whole legalizing pot movement is a big mistake in my opinion, something we will come to regret. I never met a chronic pot user who appeared healthy.

  33. A Lot of my friends are given CBD here in Canada…. Also Marijuana is legal here up to a certain amount…. I don't smoke it anymore makes me anxious

  34. Hello Dr Tracey Marks, tour videos have helped me a lot, but I have one question, is imsomnia part of mania or depression?

  35. That which is – without need of intervention – ordinarily given to bind upon CB1 receptors, the endogenous cannabinoid anandamide, is afforded not insubstantial press for doing so. But there is another. 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) offers us full agonism of both CB1 and CB2; the latter working peripherally through immune cells (i.e. macrophages). I came across this back in neuropharmacology and it has stuck with me. Perhaps owing to an attendant 'underdog' status. Just to assist in any consolidation of nomenclature, anandamide was the name given to the compound arachidonylethanolamide. So a great deal chemically shared with 2-AG. And I'm sorry, but I haven't yet been down the rabbit hole sufficient to learn why there is an additional 'o' letter in 2-AG. Anybody placed to chime in?

  36. Cannabis use for me resulted in mania and psychosis and an eventual schizoaffective diagnosis. Had no idea i was vulnerable to that kind of thing, had no idea before i started smoking that I had undetected bipolar. I asked psych about CBD and she advised that it would be best to steer clear of it altogether in case there was any trace of THC in it.

  37. My psychiatrist (over 30 years experience) has me trying a vitamin/mineral combo called Truehope EMP. Its supposed to really help people with various anxiety and mood disorders like bi-polar and MDD. He said I need to give it a 6 month try. Some people say it helps in days for anxiety, soe weeks for decrease in depression. Im at 2 1/2 months in and am as depressed and anxious as I have always been. Mind you I have 4 or 5 mood, stess, anxiety and personality disorders that are all pretty chronic. I guess I will know more in another few months.

  38. Hi Dr. Tracey, I hope you're doing well:) I have a question with regard to Clinical Psychology, can a supervisor directly observe a trainee/student during an ongoing session with a client or is the session recorded (audio and video taped) for evaluation later by the supervisor?

  39. I have ADHD and Bipolar 1. Used CBD and smoked weed and BOTH caused serve psychosis. Never again! May as well take lithium

  40. Dr. Marks can you please make a video on formal thought disorder? You are the best and your videos are so helpful! Hope you can. Thanks dr. Marks!

  41. CBD saved my life. I have fibromyalgia and ME. What about all the FDA approved drugs that has been recalled because of deadly and serious side effects. No one wants to go there. Never trust the FDA!!! Yes you have to be mindful and do your homework and make sure the company is reputable but if you get good quality CBD and you suffer from anxiety , pain And a vast majority of health issues. CBD is the way to go.

  42. I have a lifetime experience with cannabis and what I know from experience seems to clash with what these authorities are saying, this made me really curious. I decided to do a bit of digging, what I found is they're telling bare faced lies regarding their reasons for their positions. I used cannabis to help me cope with depression and stress for a number of years, the pain killing aspect I found accidentally when I had a job that involved a lot of heavy lifting and believe me it helped a lot. Prohibition on drugs in general, from what I've found, has absolutely nothing to do with public safety, it's all corporate greed and political corruption. I studied the "reefer madness" propaganda campaign at the very beginning, which was highly racist BTW, and found the people who were responsible for it had a lot to gain from dominating the drugs market and prohibition of cannabis. The war on drugs has wasted more lives 5han the drugs themselves and made some really nasty people extremely wealthy and influential. Afghanistan and Vietnam were all about the poppies, the CIA and big pharma need these poppies, one for their so called medicines and the other for black budget activities. The latter are the type of activities that make America lots of enemies.

  43. Serovital is a combination of amino acids which has been proven in clinical studies to boost. HgH by 600%. Surprised you haven’t heard of it. Lot of ads for it on TV.

  44. This is rich. A psychiatrist preaching about how it's bad to experiment with promising medicine like CBD. What makes you so gloriously righteous? Your profession's history was all about using humans as involuntary guinea pigs. Hell, you even experimented with electrocuting people as a means to cure their inconsolable "depression " which still goes on today!

  45. Is 16% CBD legal in NY?

    I have some from Lowell Farms. They shipped them to me from LA to NY but is it legal to smoke?

  46. I grew up wanting to be a psychiatrist, now I am thinking more along the lines of a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Watching your videos and seeing you utilize your knowledge to help other people inspires me to go on, truly. When I think of what type of health care provider I would like to be, I think of you. Thank you Dr. Marks.

  47. Hi i have a question my son i believe had a manic breakdown at school but he has never had a breakdown before and the school transported him to the hospital there they have giving hin haldol and seraquel and now he see and hear voices because of it could the meds make him behave like that

  48. In Canada where weed is now legal I am seeing so many people using CBD and going off their prescription meds for bipolar with disastrous results.

  49. She needs to do A LOT more research AND weigh the science against the "drugs" on the market. There are no regulations with CBD right now so that makes it the wild wild west out there. The facts are, a person NEEDS to find a CBD product the is 3rd party FDA registered GMP certified laboratory. that means the they are regulated and what is listed on the bottle is "EXACTLY" what is in the bottle. Make that they have there "Test Results" readily available.
    When she does any type of comparison to drugs it shows that she is not mentioning ALL the side effects and long term potential damage they cause???

  50. Doctor do you think that maybe blood type of plays a role in whether on or not CBD or THC affecks a person and how much it affects them?

  51. Hi Dr Marks! I apologize for this comment not being on topic, but could you possibly consider making a video on the anger that can be associated with bipolar manic episodes? You've mentioned irritability before, but I would love an expansion on that, if possible.

    Thank you so much for your time and effort on these. I really appreciate your explanations!

  52. I smoked cbd flower (tch <O,2, bought in a legal shop ) and it gave me paranoia and hallucinations …While my friends who smoked it too was like «  it’s impossible that’s just cbd ,it’s all in your head » while i was really tripping and losing touch with reality.
    I was hoping that smoking cbd flower will help with anxiety and depression but i didn’t so im a bit confused right now..did someone experiences the same thing ,i really enjoy understanding why i reacted like this..

  53. Hello Dr. Tracey Marks.First off, I want to say that I love what you do, and thank you so much for making these videos!
    I just got diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety disorder. I also have ADHD, which was diagnosed in 2017 when I was 27 years old. Could you make a video explaining Generalized Anxiety disorder, and how this can affect your life and what treatment there is? I've just thought it was part of my personality, and also blamed a lot of the things I feel and go through at ADHD.

  54. In my country marihuana is illegal, but users who have plants to personal consume only and can prove medical conditions are rarely prosecuted.
    I don't like the effect of smoking marihuana, it makes me feel hungry, confused and nervous. But I've always wanted to try baked marihuana.

  55. I can tell you one thing that's for certain whether the government CONTROLLING agencies like it or not, CBD saved my life quite literally…
    I have severe chronic pain due to 4 bulging discs, sciatica, systemic inflammatory syndrome, PTSD/anxiety, insomnia and my medical issues lead to frequent bouts of what is called "hypertensive crisis". The hypertensive crisis was frequently sending my blood pressure up to 218/108 and on at least 4 occassions I ended up in the ER where they gave me an intravenous ACE inhibitor to bring it back down. This was a scary time in my life! I researched natural ways to lower blood pressure and came across cbd products. Now I had tried tinctures before to not much affect but it is the cbd rich flower and concentrates which had ENORMOUS benefit to not just some but ALL of my ailments! First of all let me tell you how it saved my life… The smokeable/vaporizable cbd flower drops my blood pressure to a VERY healthy and consistent 118/79 and has done so faithfully since starting. I know it is the cbd flower because the very first time I used it I was "in H.T. crisis" at the moment with a resting bp of 181/100 and the CBD dropped my bp within 10 mins to 121/80!
    I have NOT had a single ER visit since starting and my bp remains under perfect control. I have also been able to completely stop using a powerful NSAID called Voltaren which was elevating my liver enzymes and damaging my stomach. The CBD gave me stronger anti-inflammatory benefits than Voltaren did WITHOUT any downsides or organ damage. I was able to stop taking my muscle relaxer "carisoprodol"(Soma) which is considered a highly addictive medication. The CBD relaxed my muscles just as well without the hangover effect I would get the next morning after a pill. I used to very infrequently take 10mg of diazepam when I would get severe anxiety but I never need to any longer which is great because benzos are very dangerous especially long term. I am a chronic pain patient and I take narcotic pain medication and I am able to take 40% less of my medication on some days which is awesome!. I sleep very deep and reap restorative REM sleep cycles which allowed me to cut my sleep stack supplements in half.
    Oh yeah… My PTSD and accompanying anxiety? It hardly ever bothers me at all anymore! This flower has done more in one month of use than YEARS of psychotherapy, FDA approved "drugs and chemicals" and group therapy COMBINED!
    I am a living breathing double-blind placebo controlled study LOL! I know where I was is what I am saying, I KNOW where this flower has placed me and I am enjoying feeling HUMAN again! I have shared this amazing flower with people just like me and they ALL agree with the benefits and life changing nature of this medicine.
    Some government official with a white lab coat, certifications and a clipboard cannot suppress the truth of what CBD can and IS doing! It's changing lives and the train has already left the station! Catch us if you can… We'll see ya on the sunny side of life and wellness!

  56. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  57. MMJ works great for pain. I use THC and CBD. I just had a spinal fusion three weeks ago, and it helped me through that surgery. It has also helped me wean off of opioids three different times now (I've had 6 major surgeries in the last eleven years. Please be careful when you talk about pot's usefulness for pain control. They have already pretty much taken our opioids away. I don't want to see the MMJ go too.

  58. The vast number of terpenes among the different cannabis strains means many individual compounds & synergies between them have vast potential. Given the absence of ANY deaths EVER through recorded history, it deserves a closer look. If our govt had NOT misclassified it as Schedule I, we may already have these answers. Our FDA allows drugs to make billions in profit while outright killing people yet we jail hundreds of thousands for consumption of a non-lethal plant. It's clear who's benefit our govt is working for & it's NOT us!

  59. I have schizophrenia. can a person with schizophrenia make decisions for themselves? I'm afraid to make decisions that don't make sense and end up hurting myself or hurting other people.

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