Is It A Tension Headache or Possible Brain Cancer? Simple 20 Second Test

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  1. Well……hmmm. I rarely get headaches, but when I do they are caused by muscles in the neck and head being tight. I can tell you for sure it is worse bending forward and stretching the neck muscles! So….?? Dr. Oz has some very odd things he has discussed that have been questioned and he has backed off on over time. But I still like you both very much! 🙂

  2. Hi Guy's, I have had tension headaches for years. My husband died july 2018 from glioblastoma brain cancer. His first symptom was a seizure. He ended up with alot of things going wrong but thank god he was not in head pain from it. Not all brain cancer patients will get bad headaches. So if you get one don't stress too much.

  3. I have on the rare occasion had headaches that were worse with bending over so I would not stress about whether it was some more critical illness unless there were other signs or symptoms. I also agree with Bob–I don't find the back of neck massage helpful AFTER you've gotten the headache–once in a great, great while it helps lessen the headache, but I try to remember to do it a couple times a day as a preventative because work is the #1 place to get headaches. 😎

  4. What about a sinus headache? I think those get worse when I lean forward too. Same thing, the added pressure majes my head hurt worse. But it’s still a great way to do a preliminary screening at home.

  5. As for D.Oz, I feel he has let fame go to his head (thanks Oprah) and his advice/information doesn’t sit well with me and I prefer to listen to my instincts about him rather than take any advice from him.. I have to say this video gave me pause too, can’t really explain it. Maybe it’s the fear factor within the title of the video.
    The advice you give to relieve tension headaches is helpful but maybe injecting the cancer factor was, I don’t know, a bit too much? Especially for people who tend to scare too easily with every little ache or pain they experience. I still think you are the two most famous physical therapists on the internet and I love you bunches. :c)

  6. What about intracranial hypertension or psuedotumor cerebri ? I have this condition and it's like having all of the symptoms of a brain tumor (minus the tumor) and on top of that I was diagnosed with migraines.

  7. I started having seizures at age 5 when I got my brain tumor. That's how we figured it out. Got an MRI after the seizures and found the tumor

  8. What if you suddenly start getting headaches after never getting them, and bending forward during makes you dizzy?

  9. Although I think Dr. Oz is a hack(I feel I’m qualified to say this because i am a RN) , whenever I bend over I get a headache and when I lay down I get a headache. And I actually have a shunt in my head because I had a brain tumor and I have fluid buildup. So yes when you bend over and your headache gets worse it could be fluid on the brain. As remote as that sounds it could happen. But stop quoting Dr.Oz. Luv you guys.! I do a lot of your exercises and they do help.

  10. That’s a fantastic video for a lots of people in my hospital…Including my ergothérapeute who has a lots of headaches. She always follows your videos through me.and she is the one who help me selecting your exercises. 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭♥️♥️♥️

  11. I love every one of your videos! Your stretches and strengthening exercises have become a part of my daily routine and I can really feel the difference. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all!!! Love you guys!

  12. Dr oz is a scam! I never get headaches my entire life…. got a couple of shots of Avastin in my eye for Macular degeneration and ever since my sinus is messed up and I get headaches. Dr made me have an MRI…. nothing… I swear it was those shots !

  13. Unfortunately Dr Oz has a less than perfect history of providing information outside his own speciality, at least according to credible critics, and while he's reportedly made an honest effort to do better, you might still want to check out what he says with a specialist before passing it on. Just a thought from someone who lost a loved one to brain cancer.

  14. I've had several different kinds of headaches – tension, migraine, and sinus. I have gotten to a point where I recognize if the pain is external, like with a tension headache that will hopefully respond to stretching and massaging any sore muscles in the trapezoid area, and internal, like with a migraine – which does indeed feel worse if you bend over and then try to come back up again. Sinus headaches can also feel worse when you do that test, but you can generally tell because you feel so stuffy, as if someone has been punching you in the face, and if you are familiar with where the sinuses are in a human being, you don't need a poster to show you where they are because you can tell they are full. With all of these it is still worth it to try some of the tension headache relieving methods to see if they help, because you still might have something that wants to be loosened up, but you have to go by what feels tolerable. An actual brain tumor could cause other symptoms, such as loss of balance or personality changes.

  15. My migraine pain DOES increase in intensity when I lean over, especially if I pick up something (the heavier the thing, the more the pain increases).

  16. What a typical American click-bait title!

    Do you experience periodic hunger? Tiredness at night? Occasional need to urinate? You could have cancer! Ask your doctor about our pill!

  17. Great, now I'll be doing CT's on a bunch of people through the ER that think they have brain cancer because of what they see on TV/youtube. Please don't get your ideas from "Dr." Oz, guys, he's a hack. Yes, get to the ER if you have true symptoms (they can be chronic or acute) of brain cancer. I speak from personal (my mom died from brain cancer) and professional (I'm an X Ray technologist) experience.

  18. never get a headache but this winter was enough to give me one -thank you now know what to do if I get one -thanks as usual

  19. This is kinda dangerous to tell people? Causing unnecessary fear. It can also be a sinus headache, or even just a regular headache. Almost every headache I've ever had has had this feature, and I've also always gotten a headache from tilting my head downwards. I've had MRIs because of suspected epilepsy and my brain is very healthy.

  20. I had a pituatary tumor removed in 2014. Prior to my diagnosis, anytime I bent forward, I did get a headache. I dismissed it for 3 months, til I got a headache that leveled me, then I went to my neurosurgeon.

  21. What If you do the chin tuck and get pain in right shoulder/top part of arm? I may just be sore from working out, just thought I'd ask, thanks!

  22. Just had a couple of back-to-back migraines in over a week…yeah, leaning over with one: instant additional "Ouch!" Not a fan of Dr. Oz, but I am a fan of your channel; thanks, guys, for all the great tips, stretches, and exercises you recommend!

  23. I am guessing an Atlas misalignment might cause these symptoms also…Good to see an Upper Cervical chiropractor.

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