Is it normal for my anxiety & depression to come and go? #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Hey, everybody. Happy Thursday! And since it’s Thursday here I actually have a bunch of different things to talk about today. Um So let’s get going, right? The first thing is, um I’ve started to think that our community is growing and I know that a lot of you help each other like in the comments You talk amongst yourselves on um “” my website, you do the same, and you really help each other and I was thinking “What should we call ourselves as a community?” You know like um Miranda Sings has Mirfandas and Pewdiepie has the Bros and You know Hannah Hart has the Hartosexuals., hart-os-exuals, um So, what should we call ourselves? I don’t know, I wish minions wasn’t copyrighted. I was talking to Carly about this on Twitter. I wish Minions had not been so popular. But then maybe we wouldn’t have talked about minions anyways…. I don’t know, but let me know, leave it in the comments. Are there any ideas, any cute catchy things that we think would be cool as a community to call ourselves? Because I think it would be cool to have that and then when we do meet ups we get together and we do things, we have a name for it. Maybe I’ll make t-shirts, hey! And there are new t-shirts on my spreadshirt thing I haven’t put the ones up for the men yet so stay tuned for that but, I’m putting those together as well. I’m trying to make them a little more something that I would want to wear that’s not just the tree. um with fun sayings and things like that so check them out let me know what you think. Okay so that was my first thing. Now the question that I’m going to answer today, and I’ve kind of like doing one question each, because then I get to really talk about it kind of like the olden days when I just rambled on and on and on and on and on….you get the idea. Okay, so the first question and only question is: “Hey, Kati, is it normal for things such as depression, anxiety, et cetera to sort of come and go? Like sometimes they’re so bad you really can’t function at all and other times it’s like they barely exist. Also is it normal for my self harm to improve my mood so that I can’t even really remember the issue? I found that sometimes I have a week that I feel okay but then I look back and I have self-harmed everyday that week, and I think that’s why my week was okay.Does that make sense? Thanks.” [End question] I want to talk about this for two reasons because it touches on two different things that a lot of people struggle with. Number one being, uummm, depression/anxiety for those things to come and go. And I think I may have talked about this in the past. I’ve talked about a lot of things you guys, but it’s definitely normal. That’s honestly why depression/anxiety all that stuff, well I guess mainly depression, but all of those feelings that come along with depression which can be even like an anxious feeling um is under “mood disorders” and our mood can shift and our mood can change and some days can feel better than others and some worse and so on because different things are going on at different times and everyone experiences that. I even, as a person who doesn’t struggle with depression, have good days and bad days. And so, you have to always, I find this as always an issue, Is that people think that “okay Well this person,” or if you’re talking to yourself you’re like, “I have a mental illness therefore I have no other normal baseline.” But that’s wrong because even though you have a mental illness, let’s say you struggle with depression, you’re still going to have the normal person ups and downs and good days and bad days. Yours may just be amplified by the fact that you struggle with depression. And so taking that into consideration and thinking well do other people have this and like did they talk about it coming and going? Like does my best friend have good days and bad days? Or is it normal for some people to feel really good and then feel really bad? And the answer is yes,. It varies day to day, moment to moment, okay? Second part of this question and another reason why I thought it was really cool to answer it is Is it normal for my self harm to improve my mood, so I can barely remember the issue? Uh Yeah, hello. It’s a coping skill. I don’t mean that is like a duh, but that’s the truth. That’s what we talk about all the time. I think often people forget that we use things that are unhealthy like drugs, alcohol, self-harm, eating disorders, exercise to the max like over exercising, obviously some exercise is good, but we use those things as coping skills and they’re detrimental to us, but they help in the moment. Sometimes they don’t even help anymore, and they’re still hanging around. We’re like why the fuck are you still here? But it’s definitely there for a reason. It serves a purpose and for you, whoever asked this question, um it improves your mood and it makes you don’t even remember the issue. Tada! Coping skill is working, but you really don’t like it. And that’s why we have to replace our eating disorders, our self-harm, our alcoholism, whatever it is. Why it’s so important to replace it with a healthy one and yes it may take like ten healthy ones to even barely get to the point where you’re like okay; I can tolerate it. I can tolerate the feelings, the emotions, the issue. Where it only takes you know cutting once. I know that it doesn’t always equate like one to one, but know that it’s worth the fight. Do you want to be self harming your whole life, trying to hide your scars, trying to hide it from people? It ends up not really being a good thing for us and so, of course it can help in the moment. But let’s think long-term. Let’s try to replace it with other health, healthy coping skills. Aand if you haven’t checked it out on my website “” I have a free self-harm workbook and if any of you had trouble downloading it, I know a lot of times it gets into junk folders, or it doesn’t come through I’m not sure why some of you have trouble and others don’t, but you can always let me know in the comments and I will correct it on my side, and shoot it back out to you. Okay? I love you all I will see you on Saturday with the journal topic and thanks for everybody sending those to me And then I’m on my way, we’ll see you Monday, but then I’m heading up North to the northwest So if you’re gonna be at Vlogger Fair, I can’t wait to meet you. Talk to you soon. Bye!

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  1. Hey Kati. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for quite some time now. The only people who know this is my doctor, therapist and boyfriend. lately I've felt  like i need to tell my family and friends this, because they don't understand when I don't want to go out or even just hang out. But I don't know how to tell them.. I don't want them to take pity on me or be careful about what they say around me, I just want them to know so I an talk to them about it when I need to. Every time I try to say it, the words don't come out and every time i try texting them i cant' hit send. Do you have any tips on how I can tell them?

  2. i LOVE the name kinions though!!! cause kin, like its perfect
    oohh or like the slogan "youre one in a minion" (million)
    in our community it could be
    "youre one in a kinion!"

  3. Kati, how can I stop hiding behind a wall in counselling? I've spent soo long trying to get some help but haven't really had much luck until recently but its 'just counselling' and I'm really kinda scared cause I think my whatever it is is getting really bad and I notice a huge difference between me normal and me in counselling. I get the nervous giggles and my mind goes blank and it just feels like I'm hiding behind a big fat wall and I can't just relax and tell the counsellor about what is really going on like I say things like 'my ex did such and such but its ok cause that was back then and I'm over it now so yep all good' when really it's not all good, nothing is all good. I really hate my own thoughts cause I can't even explain it, it's not normal to think how I do. Gahh I just want to not feel like a weirdo and inadequate. I could write for hours so I'll stop there. Thanks

  4. Hey, this is probably a dumb question. But is it bad that i feel like ive been sexually abused? Like if i was, i would know who it is, but they would never do that! I cant stop getting the thought out of my head. Thank you

  5. Is it normal that after you go to therapy for long time for depression and anxiety, but then you learned that you actually fine and it was normal process in life to have some issues? #katifaq

  6. Hey Kati! I was wondering if you could maybe make a video explaining exactly what anorexia athletica is and what we should do about it? I've heard a little bit and it sounds like something I may be struggling with but I'm not exactly sure. Thanks so much! And thanks for doing what you do- your videos help me a ton

  7. I love listening to you rambling!!! 🙂

    just a q- What do you think of studying psychology when you suffer from various mental illnesses (including eating and personality disorders). I'm in my first year of a psych degree and I used to want to go into research, but now I think I'd like to become a psychologist. The only thing is I'm nowhere near recovered.

  8. We can be the Mentals or the Psychos 😀
    Perhaps Katirpillars but then we'd sort of be maggots…
    But then again, we are destined to be butterflies so it makes sense.

  9. Hey Kati,
    I have tried to make a profile on your website but it doesn't work! I haven't gotten the email and I've even made another account with a different email and haven't gotten them both! Please help with that if you can!

  10. #katifaq I hope this question makes sense! Basically I had therapy earlier and we have been working a lot on OCD stuff, when my ed is the core problem. I guess I wondered if you agreed that working on other issues when you need a break from working on the main struggle is a good strategy? I feel able to work on the OCD stuff and perhaps when it's gone, it would be easier to work on my ed more? Xxx

  11. Hey Katie I am a very stressful person and i am seeking help because of it, my appointment isn't for 2 weeks, so I was hoping you could have some copping methods in order to make me stress less. I've been trying everything most of the time listening to music or drawing makes me feel better, but lately it hasn't helped at all. I struggle to complete my homework, fall asleep, go school, enjoy the things or listen in class.

  12. hi kati i have a question #katiFAQ   how can i know if i have any disorder if my therapist didn't tell me anything? what if i have a disorder and she didn't tell me?

  13. Mortivators? Shoot… it's hard to think of a name that describes such an amazing, caring, supportive group of people. 🙂

  14. #katifaq Hi Kati, please help! I have been in therapy for SH and more recently for anxiety for over 2 years now and things were starting to get better, but over the past few months my progress has slipped and I find myself back where I started. I know the way I have been feeling recently are partly to do with me being confused about my sexuality. I think I might be gay but I'm not sure and I don't know what to do. The constant confusion is getting in top of me and I'm scared the SH will get as bad as it was before again because I'm constantly stressing about it. Should I tell my therapist what going in my head? If so how should I tell her? It's something I have never spoken about as I have been too scared and I don't want people to think I am gay as I don't know if I am or not. Pleaseee answer my question and thank you for the amazing videos xx

  15. +katimorton   Kati's Army. because we all go to the same places to learn how to defend are selves. Like in harry potter when they all hid from Umbridge (Umbridge is the mental illness)

  16. So hard to find anything that can replace self harm. 🙁 When it has been part of your life for a couple of decades, its like I don't know anything else! Also, as part of ocd behaviour its twice as hard to stop…..grrrrrr 🙁

  17. #KatiFAQ
    Hey Kati – Can you have too many support people helping you in recovery? I have currently started Outpatient treatment for an eating disorder and we are using CBT-E for the therapy program and they have asked me to stop all treatment from other sources (eg, my regular psychologist). I have PTSD too and my regular psychologist has been a massive support for this and is a big safety net – I don't want to stop seeing her – particularly at the moment when I am finding this new treatment overwhelming and massively challenging. The outpatient ppl said I have to stop seeing her if we are to continue with this treatment – does this seem like a weird request to you?

  18. Hi Kati! I have two odd questions (I think)


    I've had PTSD for two years, and a mixed-power depression for a pretty long time. I keep almost (key word almost) posting on online PTSD groups for help until I see people on said websites complaining about those who "self-diagnose" themselves without getting proof from a licensed therapist/doctor.

    I would be more than happy to get an official diagnosis except for the tiny problem of me being a 15-year-old whose had busy summers and has school starting again. It all gets me wondering if maybe I am actually self-diagnosing myself and everything's fine.

    So, basically here are the questions:

    1. How can you tell the difference between falsely diagnosing yourself and having the real thing?

    2. Why do you think there's such a stigma in the mental health community against those who think they have a problem, but haven't gotten an official diagnosis?

    Thanks! 😀

  19. Have you heard of the Wear Your Label company?? They are spreading awareness about mental illness and I think it would be so cool for you to collab with them!

  20. why do I feeling so bad, when people whom I had trusted wish harm apon me?.
    being haunted with mental illness All my life, I've been hurt over and over by those I thought where my best friend, only to find out, they aren't.
    my depression creates mood swings dangerous enough to the point of creating no memory of a event that happened. a blank memory.
    back on 7-30-15 , I died and was returned to the world of the lives, yet with no memory of the events that happened.

  21. I agree. It's totally normal for anxiety and depression to come and go.
    I still have days where I'm on top of the world and then days where I feel totally awful.

  22. I should have read the description bar first, but if you're going to talk about certain topics would it be possible to insert a trigger warning? Thank you x

  23. Depression is like tides, it naturally comes and goes.
    I know because I've been dealing with it for a while.
    Also, I want to try and help the people who self harm by suggesting writing out what is bothering you in a note book.
    I do it and it works.

  24. #KatiFAQ what is a mood disorder? I had been seeing a psychiatrist for months and was told I had a mood disorder. Prior to this I was put on anti-depressants which i felt were making me worse so I stopped taking them. The day i was told I had a mood disorder was the same day I was discharged, they said that since I wouldn;t take medication ( which I never said!! I would just this particular one did not help) I've been suffering with anxiety, depression and self harm for years and now cannot quite wrap my head around this mood disorder dianosis….

  25. I love the song from Rachel Platten – Stand by you.. My best friend dedicated that song to my other friend and me. It has been a song that bring back memories. I only listen to it now only on Radio or once a week. I haven't listened to it much. I noticed it brings down my mood in a way. I thought that was a good comment for moods being up and down.

  26. I was always wondering with this question. Thank you for making the answer clear and easy to understand.

  27. hi my name is susan for two years i have had depression some days i don't and some days i do it like I'm on a roller coster ride of mood swings

  28. I have horrible anxiety. Panic attacks that come at random, I can never look someone in the eyes when I talk, I stutter and hold myself tight when I'm scared.
    But despite my anxiety, I force it away when talking to someone professional. Like officers or teachers, but anyone else, I can only show my anxious side, even when I try not too.

  29. I haven’t been properly diagnosed but I feel that usually I have depression but sometimes it comes and goes and it’s stopping me from getting help because i don’t feel that people will think I actually have it

  30. I thought my Depression and Anxiety was a normal mindset and life for everyone untill i was diagnosed. I didn't actually know that everyone else felt different to me. I though i had just been a baby for the last 15 years.

  31. my depression comes and goes randomly. mines came back yesterday as i was leaving gym and going home from buying a healthy dinner to eat. on my way home it just hit me. i felt so down, negative, lonely, and i start questioning things about my life when i see everyone walking by me in pairs or groups while i was the only person that's by myself and singled out like a loner. i just felt so sad, depressed, and also didn't want to eat or do anything when i got home.

  32. Kati's Kids???…hi kids! Maybe most adults don't care to be called a kid but I don't mind, probably just the teacher in me. 🤗 rambling is my favorite💗p.s. I love a girl that can casually swear in the middle of a conversation. 😉

  33. Your videos are really helpful. I recently subscribed and I've learned a lot. But I can't help but wonder why you use swear words in your videos. I know it's very common but it's very offensive and I don't like being subjected to it. It would be nice if you could kick it up a notch and it would be so much more professional & pleasant. Just a thought.

  34. I love how you refer to us all as we. You have such clarity and knowledge that you would not be relatable if you didn't say we. I vote for KatyMortonMob

  35. I honestly don’t know if you’ll read this but I’ve enjoyed watching some of your videos a lot. I really struggle with depression. It’s so difficult.

  36. it comes and goes i usually numb the sadness for depression with video gaming . but a question i it unhealthy for someone to sometimes wish they have never been born

  37. When I get hypoania or anxiety, depression follows everytime. Thank you for the videos. They help me through the week till I see my therapist on Tuesdays. Muck love, Kati.

  38. what is your fav. animal? what are a few words that come straight into your mind when you think of strength, perseverance, inspiration, or encouragement to you? (trying to help you with a name for the crew lol. Question- is it normal for depression to come out of nowhere for the first time in your life? It feels like I can't find my happy. I feel really down. I cannot shake it off. It happened four days ago, and it feels like i lost my smile. Is this normal? I dont know why it happened…thank u for all u do. U are an amazing woman 🙂 about to order your book!!!!

  39. For me. My anxiety is always with me. Maybe Except a few years I had no anxiety during high school. But anyways I feel it’s always there. Except. There’s times/ months where I can go about my day /life. And there’s there’s times when it comes back but stronger. Where start to feel scared almost everyday. And it can start to cripple me socially or in my day to day activities. I’m currently going through that now. Idk why but my anxiety has came back. And I’m scared it’ll get super bad like It has before

  40. the worse is when you get depress then get anxiety because of it. then get depression because of the anxiety. is a vicious demonic cycle. then on top of that you get the physical symptoms that can cause panic attacks. is awful…

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