Jessica’s Life with Migraine

I’ve been told by some people that I
should probably just forget about it forget about raising awareness forget about this
illness but i cant because its a part of me and I watch people suffer everyday you
know I was a go get ’em kinda girl and I don’t even know what it’s like to be
normal growing up I was you know a normal child and had great teenage years I graduate from high school and
graduated from college and 2007 I had an associate’s degree in law enforcement and criminal justice. my
intentions were to become a Rhode Island state trooper. that actually got cut short because in 2007 I had started experiencing headaches and at first I thought it was really nothing just you know it was head pain and I took some over the counter meds and go about my day and I’d continue working and also taking care of my son I had just gotten out of a really abusive
relationship so I was thinking maybe it was just the stress from that I did go back to school for from few
more years and I got I’m my associates in paralegal work as
well and continuing to work still getting
these headaches, not really understanding what was going on and then it just
started to become my way of life like I just thought
that’s how everybody lived and then finally one day it just got really really really bad I decided that I needed to see my
primary care physician because there wasn’t something that… I wasn’t able to control it anymore. these over-the-counter medications they just
weren’t working. He had suggested that I see a neurologist
because they sounded like migraine. that was something new
for me because I never heard of migraines. I just thought it was a headache so I to my neurologist and they had started me on medication and so I just continued down that path
for quite a few years. I tried going to a chiropractor, that
didn’t work out very well and if it did it was only temporary
and acupuncture, that was like a roller coaster. it was non-stop trying to find answers
and I really couldn’t find any I even got into certain procedures that were experimental and ultimately ended up in the hospital twice. you know
I had my friends, I had my fiance at the time. they were very supportive at the time I was looking at financial
advising company they’re very supportive probably some
biggest cheerleaders it came to the point where it was better I didn’t return to work because I wasn’t
OK. I received an email from my fiance basically saying he had been to my house he packed up everything that he had and
he left. he loved me but not the way that he
thought. and he did not sign up for me being sick and shortly thereafter I also lost a group a friends that I had known for
years I’m talking more than half my life. they said I had changed, they said I don’t show up to any events they
invite me to, which, you have migraines you’re not always up to going to events I lost my career, I lost my friends, I lost somebody who I thought
was going to spend the rest of my life with. and it takes a toll. and I don’t think that people really
understand that. ultimately, I’m no longer working and I take it
day-to-day. my son and my mom are my biggest biggest cheerleaders. So I was on facebook one day and I just happened to see a picture of
a girl and it basically said rest in peace you know and it happen to be a photo of Melissa. that actually brought me into finding a migraine awareness groups on Facebook and there’s plenty of them. we share the good, bad, ugly. When family doesn’t understand there’s somebody there. And although it
virtual and people tend to believe that Facebook is not real it does create real
relationships and I know that I probably wouldn’t be
here if I hadn’t found that group because I was
giving up. everybody had abandoned me…. sorry I find comfort in knowing that I don’t feel this pain all alone. like somebody else can understand what
I’m going through. they can feel it. maybe not exactly, but they can relate to it. I tell them all
the time we need to lean on each other because if we’re shoulder to shoulder and we can move back and forth and we won’t fall down. and I think with each suicide that we hear about in our community, our migraine community I think it scares us a little more
because it becomes real to know that we aren’t protected. like it could be any one of us at one point one person you have a conversation with
one day could be gone the next i watch a mom mourn the loss of her
daughter almost every day. If migraines didn’t exist, her
little girl would still be here

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  1. My life came to a screeching halt because of migraines. I lost my dream job, my career as a nurse. My life as I knew it changed completely. I was in no way prepared for this. I had no clue that migraines were so horrific and debilitating. Losing your life, as you know it, and having to learn to adapt to your new normal is so very hard. Nobody gets it unless they have been there. I've lost friends, independence, my career, a big part of me. Life threw me a big curveball and I now live for the moment.

    Such an amazing video. You did a wonderful job. I am so sorry that you've had to endure so much pain and adversity. I empathize with you and I love you so much! I love you more than butta and fire trucks!

  2. Jessica dear, I am a migraine sufferer since I am 5 years old.. today I am 62. Since the age of 45 it became chronic I had these migraine nearly everyday. Of course I take prophylactic medicines and triptans in case of migraine, and I must say that I regularly go way out of the prescribed dosage recommended. But lately after trying sooo many things( acupuncture, homeopathy, reiky, bach flowers, Feldenkreis, etc, etc, etc) I found a few things, mainly linked to food, that help me a lot. I still get migraines. But not as many, not as strong and debilitating, and sometimes they just disappear by themselves. How can I be in touch with you?

  3. Thank you for the video.  I had migraines from my early 20's to late 30's.  Usually once a month.  I developed blood clots in my right leg and they put me on Coumadin and Lisinopril and the migraine intensity diminished.  They come on once in a while but nothing like before.  Pain relievers now help with them (they use to make me violently sick).

  4. I have been a migraine and tri geminal neuralia sufferer since I was 18 years old. I am now 54. I have a port (my fourth) in my chest so pain and anti nausea meds can be least 3 times per week. I take many daily preventive medications as well. I've tried acupuncture, complete hysterectomy (to deplete hormones), braces (possible bite issues), sinus surgery, depo medrol injections, brain surgery etc.. I'm at a loss and feel alone.. please let me know how to get connected with this migraine group..

  5. Thank you for posting this video. I really appreciate that. I got my first migrain when I was 12. I life has been no longer the same. But no matter how worse it might get, I wont give up.

  6. I am Where You Are I don't work chronic headaches lost most of my friends another's and it is hard people don't understand but I do know I'm not alone you're not alone either God bless you

  7. i been suffering from migraine since age 19 im 51 years old been in hospital many times because of migraines, been on all types of medications the pain has always been unbearable many times in total agony and vomiting some times i get depressed wonder how i go on each day i like many have suffered to others like myself i totally understand what your going through just finished getting over a 3 day long migraine holds back the tears as i type this others don't understand. chocolate gives me them as well as perfumes or any strong smells if i get to hot in summer time triggers them also stress,

  8. Hi, my sympathies, I will try the online community. I have some suggestions that may help. I had chronic migraines, the cause I left my light on all night. I never got more than one every few months after that. The man who left you shouldn't I have had boyfriends that understood, second running will also help, start light and start at the slowest jog. It get rid of some of the dizziness and pain. Best wishes.

  9. In my case the reason of am graines are gluten and dairy food.I have a diet and Omg much better.God bless you.

  10. I swear by god im right now in same illness without anyone help even my doctor cannot finded but today i watch some video helped me now i know whats call befor i thought strokes

  11. I’m A Migraine Sufferer And i Know Exactly What You Are Going Thru 😢💔 it also has Ruined My Life as well . It CAN cause you to have suicidal thoughts, these doctors have got to come up with a cure some how and soon !

  12. I write from Germany, I have chronic migraine since 15 years but it becomes a little bit better now I am 43, i feel with you and understand every word.

    I lost my career, my relationship,
    some of my friends, i am a pensionär now, cause I can not work anymore, all 2 years I have to fight with the autorité couse they don't accept that migraine is a very painful neurologic illness.
    I get depression and fear from this illness. I take a lot of medication and I decided to get no children because of this ( sorry my english is not so good I hope you understand it)

  13. I had my first migraine at age 14, I’m now 49. I hesitate so much when making plans, because I end up having to cancel them so often. Mine are almost exclusively on the left side, and you all probably know that extreme pain can cause vomiting, which I get with almost every migraine. I can lose 4-6 lbs per headache from vomiting and dehydration. I take imitrex and compazine, but if I catch the pain early enough, excedrin migraine meds can stop it, maybe 30% of the time. I also get “thunderclap migraines”; few weeks ago I was bringing laundry upstairs, and by the time I got upstairs, I fell to my knees in agony, I went from feeling totally fine to incredibly intense pain in 10 seconds. When people ask me how painful they are, I liken them to ice cream headaches, when you eat it too fast. I have a barf bucket in my car, just in case, and one by my bed. I can’t take any beta blockers for prevention because my systolic blood pressure is usually in the 90s, diastolic in the 60’s. I also tried topamax/topiramate, but had to stop that because that med killed my appetite almost completely, I can’t afford that, I’m 5’6”, 115-120 lbs, but got down to almost 100 lbs on that med. Years ago, 1992, a doctor put me on metoprolol 50 MB’s 2/day, my bp got so low I went into shock and spent 4 days in the hospital. One day, I did the math on how many migraines I get a month, then multiplied by 12 (a year). I was completely stunned when I realized I’ve spent about 6 full years, YEARS!, suffering. Hugs to my fellow migraineurs , I absolutely know your struggles.

  14. Jessica Try 2 Magnesium peals take at night i allso put a Band Around My Head like the ones put around there Elbow day time i will put cold water from the Faust on my head it works some time 3 times a day and headaches go away you can put hot water will work it want heal you but it will help you alot

  15. Such bad luck with who she had as friends! They never were real friends, a friend wants and tries to understand, not abandon.

  16. I’m with you, they have ruined my life and seriously effected my family, they make no sense to me why I have to endure these experiences, the fear of pain is real

  17. I got my first migraine at the age of 14 now i am 33. Now I am taking this as an reminder that no matter how healthy and strong you are but never ever take proud on it. Because the string of your life is not in your hand.
    Tons of thanks to almighty great that he has blessed me only with migraine which is very tiny disorder compared to Heart problem, diabetics, kidney failure, Autism etc etc.
    I believe this is my destiny and I have to live with it.
    Thanks for the video.
    Bless you all.

  18. You are not alone my sister i am to suffering from this curse ..i know how does it feel..
    You become dependent on others you feel helpless and a time comes when you finally give up..
    Stay bless sister you are not alone with this nightmare there are many like you im the one of them

  19. Im searching for answers to my migraines at the moment. They can be debilitating can't they, luckily I only get bouts off and on once a month or so but If I don't take paracetamol and ibuprofen I'm in agony. I hope you are living your best life possible now and thank you for making this video for other people who are suffering with migraines. 💕

  20. I live in the uk I’m 48 now and my migraines started at 18, they have ruined and controlled my life too,days off work,invites turned down ,nights out where I’ve had to come home early depression and even panic attacks ,I’ve tried so many medications I now take pitozifen and propranolol and 600 gram of magnesium citrate still get the bad heads but no where as bad as they were,but maybe once a year I do get one where I’m throwing up in bed for days

  21. I have had mirgaines since I can remember. I have tried everything I currently take Botox shots every three months and it helps but I still get headaches and when I do there bad

  22. Got post concussion syndrome when i was 14 I'm 15 now and haven't gone to school in 8 monthes. I have migraines too and i know the same shit that's going on.

  23. I have migraines each day it is so painful and i feel like each day my head is being hammered crushed and sufocating and i feel so bad because i cant controll it and im young so i cant have loads of meds i feel scared that everything i have worked on since the day i was being is worth nothing but im trying my best so i glad i found someone who knows what its like and who understand my pain thank you

  24. I’m 15,had this for 2 years and they never go away…….

    I’ve forgotten what it’s like to not be in pin :/

  25. I also suffer from migraines trying to get on top of it went from like 4-5 days a week and now I get them once or twice a month from trying different medicines so something is definitely working, hard to know what one because I’ve tried so many

  26. FOR ANYONE WHO CARES I CURED MY MIGRAINES!!!—->. (A little back story I have migraine from 5 years old and they would put me out for days. Vomiting, trouble speaking, shaking, all the good stuff. I tried everything magnesium, it help for a little while and then they came back. ) A Very long, 30 year, story short…. I stared taking wheatgrass juice every day…..and now I haven't had a migraine in years.
    The wheatgrass I take is all natural with nothing else in it and completely organic. Mine is in a powder form now, out of convenience, but I believe the only trick is getting it organic. And NO added crap. Good luck guys.

  27. I suffer from severe migraines, my migraines are 24/7, i wake up with one and i go to bed with one every night. i even get woken up in my sleep because my migraines are so strong and cause my head to start throbbing. i’m a healthy 15 year old girl that really wants to go and play college softball.
    I have been suffering from migraines for 3 years now, and they have gotten worse over the years. I am loosing eyesight, I sleep 2-3 hours a night, I can’t keep food down because I become so dizzy, everytime I stand up I get lightheaded and almost faint, I started stuttering and can’t think straight, I can’t count past 10 without having to sit and really think about what’s the next number, I am now on 11 prescriptions for migraines.
    I am going back to my neurologist soon and they’re going to send me to get a MRI on my head and are going to put me in a hospital for a week and run a whole bunch of test and try to find out what’s wrong.
    I am extremely scared because i’m scared i’ll have to have surgery, or i’m scared I won’t be able to play softball anymore.
    but it does make me feel better that i’m not the only one suffering from this because no one else understands how bad it gets within our own heads.

  28. They’re terrible, sometimes I hope I throw up when I’m extremely Nauseous during one because when I do it’s the only time that I get some sort of relief from the headache. And every time I think about the blurred vision and apparitions I see before I get one I get goosebumps.

  29. Sometimes the migraines are so severe It feels like I'm going to have a stroke on the left side of my body. I struggled with migraines since 15 years old im 24 now sometimes it's hard to even play with my daughter or focus on my assignments at work . Sometimes I really just want to off myself

  30. Your video got me bawling in the middle of a migraine…
    What people don't seem to understand is that it's a real illness, it's a disease that takes over our lives as migraineurs…it cripples us. I am fighting as hard as I can but the idea of living in constant pain sometimes just gets so unbearable.

  31. I syffer from Migraines, but I am so thankful and happy that I haven't had one in about 2-3 months, and I hope they never come back. Good luck to all of you other migraine sufferers, we can do it.

  32. Headaches are debilitating! I have to keep leaving work early because of them!!! It’s so depressing!! People that don’t get them don’t understand!!! Can you get disability for migraines? I want to work but I literally can’t take it. I try so hard it makes me soo sad 😢

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