Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo – Dealing with Depression

We are always given this
message that our potential is so limited, which is so sad because actually our potential is infinite. One of the main antidotes to real depression, lack of self-esteem and loneliness and so forth is the recognition that ultimately we really do have Buddha nature. All these other problems – our anger and jealousy and ambitions – are merely habitual patterns, which we have learned, but which are not inherent to who we really are. The nature of the mind is completely incredible and we are not lowly sinners, we are not worthless beings. We are something jewel-like and
beautiful, and the path is really to help us to overcome our endless ego-grasping mind and to open up to something so much more spacious and genuinely meaningful, if only we knew where to look. We identify with all the wrong things – this is the whole point of Buddhism. It’s that we are identifying with
our very relative conventional mindstream, and we are not recognizing the primordial awareness behind it all. We are identifying with the
clouds but we don’t see the sky. Of course just to say, “Well, you know, we all have Buddha nature,” doesn’t mean that we all have a little
Buddha sitting inside us. You know, “My Buddha is better than your Buddha” That’s just a code for a level of primordial awareness which we all have, otherwise we couldn’t think, right? This awareness we all have,
this conscious, but the problem is normally we are not conscious of being
conscious: this is our problem. So, meditation is a way to take us back to a deeper level of awareness than we normally dwell in. Normally we are just caught up in the current of our thinking and feeling and emotions and we
don’t know to see that, to observe that, without being
swept along by it. So the first step is to learn how to just observe that and not be swept away, and that alone can give us a sense of open spacious being even in the midst of our daily crowded life, because we no longer completely
compressed in our little head box. You know there’s something much deeper and vaster than that which we can all of us – that is not so difficult to
access – with some instruction and some practice anybody can do that.

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  1. Gracias por la traducción al español. Tendrá gran beneficio pues la voy a subir a

  2. hey whats up. I love your video. I'm trying to create a similar channel. I don't have many subscribers but I'm working on it haha. If you could check out my page that would be awesome. I have subscribed to yours also. Thanks for quality content. Chris

  3. This is so easy to say and do when your mental health is fine. when you suffered for 20 years of mental illness it's a different story. Healthy people just don't understand…

  4. Venerable I've been battling depression for over seven years. Its over someone I love dearly who rejected me mainly because I'm poor and not able to give her the material things she so desires. I don't know how to let go of the heartbreak she caused! what can I do? I feel I've given up on life!

  5. This is good advice for loneliness or other kleshas but not for depression. If you are depressed, you need to get professional help.

  6. Im trying so hard to see past my vails but it seems Im just getting worse and worse. Ive been trying to practice letting go but the pain just keeps getting more intense.

  7. This is side stepping the question to promote meditation. It's an irresponsible answer, if she can't answer why have it up on YT.

  8. I'm sure this could really help some people but it's really not a good solution for most people who have serious cases of medical depression. Maybe it could help them cope a bit though? Her intentions seem very good and sincere.

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