[Intro] Hey guys, it’s me Chaseypoo and today I’m doing a review for you. Alright? Disclaimer, this is a prosthetic for transgender men to help alleviate dysphoria, it helps to, um, help them pee stand up and to have a bulge in their pants. I am trying a new thing today where I don’t have the background that I usually do just to see if that will flag the video or not. I probably will, but I thought “Might as well”. Today my loves I am reviewing something that you have all been asking for. Finally, the Jimmy STP from FTM Pitstop. Alright? So this is a stand to pee device that you can urinate from standing up. And that you can pack with in your pants. What I’m going to do is talk about the experiences that I’ve had with this STP and show you what it looks like in a couple of underwear that are designed for packing. And just I guess regular underwear just so that you can see. So in the past I have always said that the Transtetics EZP is the best STP out there. It is far by, still, the one that I feel is the easiest for me to use. And I still, I love it. But.. I have found something that comes very close to it. And this is it over here. Okay? And I know that it looks very balls-y. If you look on the website it looks huge. When I got it in the mail I was like: “Thank god!” ‘Cos I thought it was going to be gigantic, like one of the Freetom STPs. Holy Jesus! They’re so big! Close up realness.. So this is what it looks like. This is the vanilla colour, alright? And it has some detail on it. I’m going to try to turn it so that you can still see. You like my nail polish? [Laughs] Alright so this is what it looks like in detail. There is paint colouring so it’s not just one colour of the silicone that is this type of skin colour. They, um, they have also added veins. And then the inside over here looks like this. So this is just a reflection, and this is what the tube looks like. So there is a kind of lip over here and then the urine kind of goes through there. Um, there is no safety lip like the EZP does have. But I am going to explain to you why this one feels really good in your pants when you’re peeing. So I also have issues with STPs kind of leaking everywhere. Like the Peecock is good but it leaks for me. And that’s really not fun. But if you position it right, and you practice a couple of times… It does work. This one really works well, because when you position it, for some reason it actually helps the pee just go through and it doesn’t leak. Which you would think it would because of this surface right over here. It looks like it’s just going to fall. But because this is very flexible, you’re able to actually cup this right under you, where your urethra is. And if you don’t know where your urethra is, it would be really helpful for you right now to actually go on Google- it will be triggering, I’m sorry. But if you don’t know where your urethra is.. A lot of people think that the pee- Just, they don’t know where the pee is coming out of. So if you know where your urethra is, then you’re able to know exactly where to place the STP. And then this kind of moves there. So it is trying to act as a double: as a packer and as a stand, as an STP device. So that’s why it looks like this. So when it’s in your pants you can actually fold it like that. Alright? And then when you want to pee-you can’t pee like this. You really need to bring this up, like that. So it does kind of add like a little kink to the prosthetic. But if you’re holding it, and you can, you can gently hold it like that. The inside of it is still, like, there’s still the tunnel and it’s still going to go through. So in terms of how comfortable it is in pants, I’m actually going to put the camera down now. And I’m going to talk about it while I’m showing you in my pants. Um, the reason being is because of the difference, um, in-in-in how it looks in pants and how it actually feels in underwear. But the tip of it is very s-it’s not small.. Like, it’s not discreet. Alright, so if you are at a urinal using this, and somebody’s going to look at your weiner- why would they do that? But if they do, like, they’ll get a glance and that’s fine. But I don’t know if it would do a double take. It looks very realistic, especially ‘cos it’s- this is very close to my skin colour. My skin tone. Um, but if somebody was to have like a really close look at it.. Because of the tip of it, it doesn’t look super realistic. Alright so now I’m going to show you in some underwear. I have gained a little bit of weight so I’m feeling a little bit self conscious. But I want to show you anyways. So these are the packing underwear from RodeoH. Okay? They have a little pocket in here, right there. It’s black so it’s kind of hard to see and then the light is there. So it has a little pocket that you put the STP in. So I’m just going to put it in, I’m going to show you what it looks like. Alright, so this is what it looks like here. And then what you do, you’ve got to flip it inside. And then it just kind of holds itself like that. This light is like really not helping me right now. I’m sorry it needs to be there because if I turn it off- [Light switch clicks] It’s like you can’t really see but-maybe I should just turn it off. Oh my god it looks like I have a boner, but on the other side it’s not too bad. Anyways. So it’s in here, okay. Now I will say: this is a great STP, and I do, I like it. [sighs] It makes a noise. [STP noise] Alright, and I don’t like that. [hits STP] [Laughs] I don’t like that it makes a noise. But anyway, these underwear are really great. I haven’t reviewed them yet but I will post.. I mean, I probably have. When this video comes out, I don’t know. Anyway so there’s like a little slit, like most underwear do. And that you have your weiner out, and then you just gotta- And then you can pee. So this is the underwear, I actually peed with them today. And I was really surprised there was no leaking. I was like feeling my booty in the back like that, just to see if there was any leak and there was nothing at all. Alright so these are the underwear from- Oh look at that booty- from FTM Downunder. This one has an O-ring that is attached there. So what you do is you put the weiner through, I’m not sure if this will damage this prosthetic. Okay? But it can damage. And this underwear actually has a little pouch that you can put your weiner in. And then there you go. ‘Kay? So I know it looks big but when you’re wearing pants, it kind of covers it up. But, again, it has this noise. But remember that a lot of E-STPs have that. This is the EZP by Transthetics. When you put it against you, it also makes that- [STP noise] noise. So with this, once again, you have the pocket. And it’s super easy just to get the weiner out. And then you do your business. You gotta, you gotta like bend your knees a little. And then put this to cup it, and then you just do your business. And you can put it back in. And there you go. And that’s how it works. These are my preferred underwear for packing. I don’t like boxer briefs that much honestly. I much prefer, um, briefs. But the company is maybe thinking about making briefs-[slap] Because I like them so much. So that would be great, wouldn’t it? Alright so the last thing I’m going to do at this angle is- A lot of people have been asking: “Can you do a demonstration of how the pee falls?” This is going to be a little hard because the camera is here but I’m going to try to show you. And I don’t know if you’ll be able to actually see the pee fall. But we’re gonna..we’re going to try to do this thing together. Can you even see that in the camera? My god this is going to be a disaster, it’s so high up. [water] I don’t even know if you can see that. [water] Anyways, your stream isn’t that fast. Okay, anyways. Your stream is a little slower, but I will say that I- I didn’t have to, um, pee and then hold it in. And then pee, and then hold it in. Um, because I am pee shy. [Laughs] But I would recommend, if you do pee like that, don’t. Don’t. Because you will go overboard. Pee, and then stop. Pee, and then stop. Just a little bit. But I am like, super pee shy. So like when I use an-an STP I pee and then it just stops for me. Automatically. And then I just go again. Because my body just can’t take it. Anyways, so overall, the Jimmy STP is a very very good STP. A lot of people have been asking for me to review it. Um, the thing is that it is a little bit tacky. So sticky. Um, so you could put powder on it uh, baby powder or cornstarch. Um, you don’t need to but I don’t really like the sticky-ness of it. [STP noise] And honestly, the only thing I don’t like about this STP is that.. Oh god, it just like leaked on me. Is that it makes noise. But that’s… You can’t have something perfect, right? That’s going to be like that for all the STPs that I have. And that’s just the one issue. And especially when it’s in your pants, it doesn’t pack super big. And that was my big concern. I was like: “It’s gonna pack huge, I can’t pack with this! I wear skinny jeans!” It’s perfect if you wear skinny jeans! Because I put it in my briefs normally but then because I wear skinny jeans it like squishes it more. So if you don’t wear skinny jeans it’s really- it’s just going to pop up. And that’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable. But I don’t think that that’s going to be a problem if you wear packing underwear. Um, that are specifically designed for that. But, I don’t know. Anyways. So in terms of the paint job… ‘Kay. I’m just going to say that some parts I feel like are a little bit too red. Like.. Like, like, they’re just like a little too concentrated in some parts of the STP. But I can honestly overlook that completely, because it actually pees so well. So I don’t usually use an STP outside the house. I usually mostly use it inside the house. [clears throat] But this one has been great for me to not even think about peeing. Where I just go to the bathroom and I’m just letting it go. So I do recommend the Jimmy STP if you are looking. It might not work for everyone. As all the other toys that exist in the world. And the other prosthetics, and STPs, and packers… Not everything will work for everyone. Uh, but I absolutely do enjoy this one. And it’s something that I am happy to have on my wall. And it’s something that I’m happy to be able to do comparison videos of like this, and the EZP in the future. And the last thing, in terms of squishiness. Like it is really like-[suction noise ] It’s making that noise because there was water in it. Because I just did the demonstration. But it is squishy, it is pretty, uhm, mushy like that. So it’s good. And in your pants, if somebody was to grab it in your pants… It doesn’t feel like the worst thing in the world. Like, especially if you’re wearing packing underwear or like boxers, or briefs, and then you’re wearing, um, pants over that. That would be great. I think if you’re just holding it in your underwear, then it just feels like you’re a little bit hard and a little bit-missing some part of your penis inside. [Laughs] Anyway, let me know what you think. If you love the Jimmy, if you don’t love it, let me know. Um, I’m really glad that I was able to review this product. Because a lot of people have been asking for it. So, if you have any thoughts, let me know. If you have any, any, products that you would like me to review, and you are curious about, please write them in the description below. Or check my playlist and make sure I haven’t done them yet. I love you so much, thank you so much for joining me. And thank you to FTM Pitstop for sending me this to review. I love you guys so much, have a great day, bye! [Outro]

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  1. i have cerebral palsy so i cant control my pee. im in a wheelchair but if i wasn't i would want to use a stp but i probably couldn't since i cant control my bladder


  3. Dont be self conscious ♡ you're honestly one of the cutest guys I've ever seen! (I know the opinion of a stranger on the internet doesn't really count but still)

  4. I have this stp and it doesn’t work at all. I’ve been wearing it all week and I haven’t peed once without pissing myself. I’ve positioned it a million different ways and every single time i piss myself. Would not buy, regretting purchase. Waste of $180.

  5. Hey chase I bought this product and I am having some issues. Do you think a harness would make it easier if so which do you recommend?

  6. I know I’m a little late to this party but I was just watching this and heard the suggestion to baby powder it. Please don’t use baby powder on anything going in your underwear, it contains talc which is a known cause of cervical cancer. Vagisil makes a talc free baby powder but if that’s something your really not comfortable buying I think a food grade starch would be a good alternative.

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  9. This was super helpful! I'm glad that I found this because I wasn't sure if it needed to be powdered or not and ezp is out of stock atm. I've had AWFUL experiences with Freetom (thankfully free), but I've been looking for something to get used to before I make a bigger purchase like Reelmagik

    ALSO: if the redness is a little much, what would you think about using a mineral based powder foundation in lieu of a normal powder to adjust the skin tone? (obviously that might stain???) Just wondering your thoughts.

    Love you the most xxxx

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