Jordan Peterson’s opinion on Antidepressants

So, the question is, how do you differentiate the utility of behavioural/psychotherapeutic treatments for conditions like depression Versus medical treatments? Okay, so the first thing I would say is, um, don’t underestimate the utility of medical interventions. Depression is a catastrophy. It carries with it a very high suicide rate. And it also levels people out, and it’s really hard on their families. And so, and it’s physiologically extraordinarily damaging. And so, if you’re in a depressive state, and it’s severe, you could try an antidepressant. You’ll know in a month if it works. If it works, well, maybe it’ll help you get your life together. Like, we could say, well, maybe you’re depressed because your life isn’t very well together. Could be. Sometimes people are depressed, and their life is just… It isn’t fine, because no one’s life is fine. Everyone’s life is a tragedy. But sometimes people have their lives in order as much as you could expect anyone to have. They have friends, they have an intimate relationship, they have a career that they like, you know, they’re qualified, industrious people, working hard on what they’re doing, and really, playing a minimum number of games with themselves and they’re terribly depressed. Antidepressant, man. Sometimes that will just fix it. And so, hooray! Like, you’re a biological entity. If there’s something out there that can help you strengthen yourself so that you can prevail, great! And you know, people… you hear, ‘everyone takes antidepressants, you know, everyone’s taking them.’ It’s like, no one takes those bloody things without serious consideration. Half the time I spend with my clients when they’re depressed is often a 2 years long attempt to try to get them to tentatively try an antidepressant. Because they’re so guilty that they’re relying on an external crutch to sort out their lives, that they can’t even tolerate it. But, you know, I say, well look, man, what if you had diabetes? You’re not going to take your insulin? It’s like, you got stressed, you blew out at your weakest point, that’s what happens when you get stressed; if there’s something out there that might help you, it’s like, try it, for god’s sake. You’ll know in a month. And you just stop if it doesn’t work. Now, having said that, you want to do a multidimensional analysis. It’s like, well, do you have any friends? Do you have an intimate relationship, or are you pursuing one? Do you have a reasonable career? Are you as educated as you are intelligent? Do you have something useful to do with your time outside of work? Do you have a drug or alcohol problem? Are their other behavioural issues like sleep dysregulation or lack of eating that are contributing to the pathology? You want to differentiate all of that, and wherever you can make a behavioural intervention, so much the better. But sometimes, too, you’re dealing with people whose lives are so wrecked that they don’t even know where to start. They’re different from the ones who have everything in order. And you say, well, try this, man, maybe you won’t cut your throat in the next month. Because if you’re dead, it’s going to be hard to work with you. And so… so… medical interventions, anything! If you’re sick, you do what’s necessary to get better. And you leave your pride behind if you have to. And that says nothing about the utility of behavioural intervention. You want to hit the problem with everything you have at your disposal. But some antidepressants, especially for people whose lives are together and who are depressed, antidepressants can be absolutely miraculous. So… you know, you hear about the clinical evidence in your favour being iffy, and that’s partly because the diagnosis of the depression isn’t very well formulated It’s very different to have a terrible life than to be depressed. And antidepressants can only help you so much if you have a terrible life. So… yeah.

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  1. If you have to take one, forget about these new SSRI shit, take a good old tricyclic (like Amitriptyline or Clomipramine)! Yes, they have stronger side effects, but they work much better and barely loose efficacy.

  2. Are you as experienced as you are educated. You speak like someone who is extremely book smart. Don't listen to this know it all and you will start healing.

  3. I just feel they will make me fake. I am this way, hopeless, full of hate toward myself and others, and can't do anything because everything is heavy as if it was trying to push a car. I don't want to be happy or other than the way I am by things that will make me a different person. I just don't know, should I die being myself or live being someone else

  4. As much as I was reluctant to try an antidepressant I did. My PCP (not a therapist/psych, which leads me to believe Prozac was prescribed incorrectly) prescribed me Fluoxetine or Prozac, and the side effects were so horrible it was hard for me to function at work. I quit after 6 days which I know I should have stopped after a month. But I did what I felt was best for me and I immediately felt better after I stopped. I am disappointed it didn't work out but I wasn't expecting a cure either.
    Considering how severe the side effects were I won't be trying any anti-depressant or mood suppressor in the near future.

    Note: my side effects were exhaustion(so much so it was hard to get up in the morning), dizziness (was hard to even look at a screen while at work), headaches and fatigue. Primarily I was extremely dizzy all the time so much so it really freaked me out more than it should have. Thanks for reading this.

  5. No no no! Stay away from anti-depressants, they're poison working against you're body's serotonin regeneration cycle, and they can make it much much worse. Always always ALWAYS try a serotonin supplement instead, and only go on to the anti-depressant if you have no other option.

  6. I plan on it . As long as circumstance The 7 foot entity. DONT KEEP KICKING THE SHIIT HELL OUT OF ME 👍😒


  8. I hesitate to try antidepressants because I feel like it would give me a false emotion of happiness. Like I and my situation are not supposed to be happy, but I would be if I take the medicine.
    It's kind of like the movie Matrix.

  9. I'm behind the 8 ball in the world we live in now. And it's getting more technical. Were can I fit without breaking my body up some more for pennies that have no incentive.

  10. “Try this man, maybe you won’t cut your throat in the next month ‘cause if you’re dead it will be hard to work with you”

  11. "Are you as educated as you are intelligent?" -??
    better still:
    Are you as intelligent as you are educated??

  12. Had depression for many years before I sought help. Tried lexipro and it worked like a charm. Stayed on it for a year and then got off, depression never came back and it's been several years since I stopped taking it.

  13. depression is just internalised anger.. anger with things and events we have no control over. Best to exercise every second day for at least 20 mins with raised heart beat to release endorphins… anti depressants numb and dumb you and make you gain weight and become sexless. Eating good food ie vegetables and salad and cutting sugar also helps mood,… people turn to sugar when stressed or anxious through food or alcohol and anxiety and anger increase.

  14. ssri's are emperically proven to be placibo by their makers. ssri's cause suicidal ideation and violence. therefore, this man is a con and a fraud.

  15. They want everyone on antidepressants so they can put you on a list. All medical records are online and instant access for drs. Police ect. The main reason they want to do that is to slowly take away your rights. Then they can say your crazy in which interns means all your rights away! Antidepressants are just placebo pills anyway, the true drugs that work on the serotonin are illegal as of now.

  16. "Everyone's life is a tragedy" I find this extremely hard to believe. Many people live decent fulfilling lives.

  17. I see this as you should accept that you failed.. the pride goes away.. but you failed a battle, not the war.. go pick yourself up with the help you can and prepare for the next challenge 🙂

  18. I like this guy a lot, and most of what he says, but that comment about only prescribing them after careful consideration? Man, the doctors I've dealt with give them at the drop of a hat, and those are just GPs. Psychologists will send you to a GP at the drop of a hat for them too.

  19. Read”Anatomy of an Epidemic” by Whitaker. Just do it. 😜 Bottom Line: we’ve been lied to. Depression usually clears up after 3-8 months without meds. WITH meds the long term outcomes are much worse. ❤️

  20. You need Jesus for depression. This man doesnt know what he is saying Antidepressants can destroy your life . They are addicted and harmful. Jesus is the answer

  21. Check out you have to be retarded to get on those things. By the way it's also one of the most addictive substances in the world. Not taking your pills one day can end up any number of horrible things such as putting your child in the bathtub or going on a killing spree

  22. Jordan , has some reasonable and verbose things to say . , however , I don’t know if his Juden superiority fuels his speed of words . Do they prescribe anti depressants in Israel ??? , many pharmaceutical industries are shekel funded … create a problem for the Goy , send the Goy mad and sling them some Chemicals to make them better , … that should do the trick Jordan …

  23. Anti depressants treat the symptoms not the cause. One day, eventually, those anti depressants will have to stop so the question is what happens next? Will the depression be cured or will that individual revert back to a state of severe depression?

    What concerns me is that anti depressants are a long term commitment if they work and in which case you are going to be interfering with your brains chemistry over a long period of time. It’s not fully understood what the long term effects of these drugs can be so it’s my belief that caution should be taken when using them. Exercise and other naturalistic methods should be considered first and in conjunction with them. Furthermore I think we need to examine more deeply the therapeutic effects of psilocybin, DMT and other drugs known to have cure like effects for depression. A 3 week course of psilocybin has been reported to make depressed patients feel cured and reset so this absolutely warrants further research. Long term drugs which alter brain chemistry should be avoided in my view.

  24. I usually don't like JP at all but I actually agree with this statement. It's actually quite obvious to take Meds he just formulated it in a new way.

  25. As a person with really bad depression. Try magnesium and vitamin D as well.

    There are studies that show they work for depression and have less side effect.

  26. Meanwhile everyone in the comment section is pondering philosophy, I'm wondering if JP wears those cowboy boots on a regular basis

  27. La "enfermedad mental" es ridícula en el mundo occidental. Muchos hombres y mujeres se encuentran en situaciones realmente difíciles a las que la gran mayoría de las personas nunca deben enfrentarse con esta etiqueta de "enfermedad mental" y casi trivializa deliberadamente la dificultad relativa de las circunstancias de su vida. En lugar de que los terapeutas y los psiquiatras reconozcan que su respuesta a un estímulo específico es racional y está justificada, dicen que debe haber un error en su cerebro. Todos los demás también han pasado por esto y no respondieron de la misma manera que tú, por lo tanto, hay algo mal con la bioquímica de tu cerebro. ¿Tenemos una manera de probar o refutar esta afirmación concretamente con algún tipo de escáner cerebral? Demonios, no, pero vamos a darte este peligroso medicamento que muchas veces hará que te sea mucho más difícil salir de las circunstancias altamente anormales que te hacen sentir de esta manera, pero al menos te zombificarán y te adormecerán ante el dolor que sientes, causando todo tipo de daño cognitivo y neurológico a largo plazo.

  28. It’s the common stereotype that antidepressants make you violent. My doctor actually put me on antidepressants to suppress my anger issues, I was skeptical at first, but OH MY GOD it helps so much, I haven’t broken a single thing in 4 months now.

  29. Please discuss ssri's with Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. Irving Kirsch. Jordon is ignorant to ssri's total lack of efficacy pertaining to their maker's own lab results they hid which stae clearly that: SSRI'S ARE PLACEBO AND CAUSE SUICIDAL IDEATION AND VIOLENCE.

  30. Problem is you can't 'JUST STOP' antidepressants. Once you are on them they are very difficult to stop, which I'm certain the drug companies absolutely love. I'm yet to here of an antidepressant you can take and also forget to take.

  31. like anything else, AD's have their time and place
    Person A: "I have a good job, my own home and a family/partner I love, but I just feel so very depressed, why?" – anti-depressants & therapy
    Person B: "My life's shit; I've lost my job, my neighbours are arseholes and a parent died a while ago" – therapy, get back into work and move house
    AD's are not going to change the external circumstances that are causing person's B distress

  32. I remember when I was depressed I took the anti depressant Zoloft, and it had an opposite effect. Meaning it made me more depressed, and caused me to have my first suicide attempt. I think anti depressants can be good for some, but I believe that they are thrown out way too willingly as of now

  33. The thing about anti depressant is they make you feel worse before better. For most people thats fine, but if you are 1 day away from suicide, you're dead.

  34. The suicide rate has been rased beyond compression because of ssri's. This man is a quack who thinks it's okay to hit your kids and give humans ssri's which are deadly to the taker and those around the taker of ssri's….because ssri's cause suicidal ideation and violence. Oye.

  35. Statement of the day “Are you as educated as you are intelligent?” Brilliant. Which also plays well in reverse I might add.

  36. I got my first taste of depression in may of 2019 during the last week of high school. Althougt only lasting around a week, it was quite severe in my estimation. I also know one part of what caused it. About a month prior i got a HUGE crush on a girl that was very special to me for some odd reason. And i say that because i had known who she was for years being in my class and all, yet i had never even spoken a word to her. Despite that, all of the sudden i was absolutely crazy about her, utterly lovestruck. But there was one big problem, school was ending, and i knew i would never see her again. Being extremely shy, introverted, self conscious, high in negative emotion and a coward, i also knew simply approaching her and just confessing my feelings for her wasn’t an option either, besides, even if i was going to, there was barely enough time. So i basically just had to suck it up and accept the reality, i was never going to even get close to her and she will never know me. I also had a suspicion that she already disliked me, just by looking at me. But the thought of that just hurt so bad and i fell into a deep depressive state during a week, I’m still in love with her, but I’ve accepted the reality and have calmed my nerves, the other reasons for the depression have also been resolved. Depression is a hell of a thing, it absolutely walloped me in ways i could never imagine. I’m still thinking of contacting her on the internet every now and again, contemplating how good of an idea it is or if it’s even worth it, i always come to the “absolutely not” conclusion, but I’m still deciding on what to do. I will probably never do it, but merely knowing it’s an option is quite relaxing and comforting.

  37. Antidepressants are largely Placebos. I urge everyone to study the data. Read the book: The Emperor's New Drugs by Irving Kirsch. The data doesn't lie.

  38. Isn't a side effect " thoughts of suicide? Come on!!!

    If you start taking pills, how would you know when you matured or if it the pills acting?Depressed people don't distinguish when they have their life together but it's only that they are depressed. It is very easy to resort to pills and to give them the responsability of fixing your life and what if they don't? What if you become dependent for life?? What if you end up resourcing to pills to deal with minimal situations in life and you won't necessarily constrain yourself to the recommended dosis?. Depressed people should not be trusted around pills. We can overdose easily and laugh about it. " Oh my mother in law is coming, let's take one more pill just today". If we could stay away from pills!!!! ( ANY pill, for that matter!!!. I was diagnosed high blood pressure. Problems with daughter . They gave me some pills that made me dizzy. Huh. Huh… I'm not going to be a estadistic not a new customer for those laboratories that are already so rich!!!! .what do you need to control your blood pressure? 4 things only:

    eat well,

    sleep 8 hours,

    excercise and
    do things that make you happy, relax.

    All things that you can do and are cheap. And at your reach!! 10 years now. No pills. Just one avocado a day ( makes me happy). I am 60 and in perfect health, so far, thanks God!!!

  39. yeah but you can't even get health insurance in America without paying out, I would love to get on it but literally can't afford it.

  40. After having taken various pharmaceutical "anti-depressants" I'm convinced they are both physiologically and certainly psychologically addictive. Studies have been done to show very concerning long term effects resulting from these medications too! All respect to Dr. Peterson these drugs should be at most a temporary stop gap for severe cases to help suicide prevention until a professional can equip with behavior modification and other pertinent life skills. Your introducing a foreign substance into your body that is driven by big pharmaceutical profits of which the purity of compounds is not guaranteed. An entire class of blood pressure drugs: valsartin/losartin/irbisartin has been discontinued recently because they contained tainted compounds from China/India and elsewhere!

  41. I'M A GREAT SUPPORTER OF JORDAN'S but he has taken antidepressants himself so don't jump in without serious thought.
    It is human nature to justify your own choices.He may be doing that.
    I am a family doctor and specialise in trying to keep people OFF antidepressants. It is critical you learn how to survive depression and then you will know how to do it. This doesn't apply to all cases but I'd hate Jordan's legacy to be a host of people hooked on these drugs.

  42. My husband and I both took those stupid things for years before we got together we were both suicidally depressed they never helped either one of us we threw them out and found the cure a few years later. His name is Jesus Christ guys no joke we are doing great now we still have bouts of being depressed but that’s a normal part of life I just talk to God about it and pour my heart out to him he is always listening guys

  43. I like a lot of this guy's stuff, but I don't see the evidence for his repeated claim that everyone's life is a tragedy.

  44. Bom, cada vez que vejo médicos falando sobre depressão vejo que sempre generalizam, como se seres humanos fossem máquinas. Para cada pessoa existe 1 diagnóstico

  45. I've heard this argument before and it's fucking terrible coming from a supposed intellectual. Comparing the need of insulin to the use of antidepressants. The science behind anti-depressants are murky at best. Your brain isn't lacking any neurotransmitters and there's really no way to prove that. What a moron.

  46. "No one takes anti depressants without serious consideration" I guess half my town buying em off old people and the liers have depression as well. Big heck

  47. some of us suffer from alcholism and we sober up, we still can have a spiritual malady and if that is not treated spiritually then we suffer with depression, anxiety, and all sorts of crazy things that accompany alcholism,… if u go to ghe doctor they definitely put you on a antidepressant but that isnt truely treating the problem… get aligned spiritually and you will straighten out emotionally for the most part.

  48. I have a question pertaining to what depression actually is. My only experience with it is the caricature-like version seen online and in the media. I'm not like this, I don't constantly hate myself and feel a longing for death or anything of the sort, but I feel other things. I'm not particularly unhappy all the time, but I'm certainly not happy either… I'm usually in an emotionally grey state. I feel absolutely no motivation to do things, even things I enjoy doing like reading or working out. I'm not sad all the time, but I get extremely sad for seemingly no reason about 3 or 4 times a week.

    Could this count as depression?

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