Just Diagnosed With ADHD?

when I first got the ADHD diagnosis I
was an adult and I was relieved actually delighted ahhh, but I was warned bad
stuff’s gonna come up and you may not be happy for long and I thought what why
wouldn’t I be happy why wouldn’t I be relieved to find out
the reason my finances are always a mess and I have a thousand projects on the go
and I’ve never finished most of them and I’m always delivering stuff late and I’m
exhausted all the time from pulling all-nighters and last minutes and that
this was actually fairly common and quite treatable.
in fact if I’d known if I’d known sooner. oh why didn’t I why did… say you
had another disorder say your left leg is three inches shorter than your right
leg. Only you don’t know it hasn’t been diagnosed you’re sixteen years old at
your high school prom. You’ve taken the girl of your dreams, your first real date
and on the dance floor you knocked her flying right into the prom queen who
fell in the punch bowl and after getting treated for the black eye from the prom
queens boyfriend your date the girl of your dreams left with another guy and
you spent 30 years in therapy trying to deal with your hostility towards women
and then later when you showed up late to every university class because you
kept banging into lockers. Well you’d seek help for what was obviously some
kind of social phobia or a destructive self-destructive behavior and later when
you find yourself knocking over coworkers the company spent a fortune
sending you into anger management classes. I’m not trying to make fun of
these others problems this is an analogy. When you spend two years of your life walking
around in your house and you had to get medication for agra phobia and then OCD
and then they suggested you had left turnitis and you tried nine kinds of
herbal therapy and you discovered you’re really allergic to chamimile and now
you’re 42 and the salesman who’s fitting you for a tuxedo says hey you know your
left leg is three inches shorter than your right leg? Oh Pooh suddenly you
understand that the dance floor disaster, the walking circles in the
house the being late and banging into that and you were pissed didn’t anyone
notice?! and you’re sad the girl of your dreams left the prom with another guy and they
lived happily ever after well until their messy divorce.
It’s gonna take a while to deal with all that sadness and anger but when you do
and you’ll start to feel this eventually you’ll reach a point of well no my leg
is shorter what am I gonna do about it you can do something about it I don’t
know a shoe with a three-inch heel or leg surgery or you know you could just
make allowances and you might even want to try dancing again make sure you’re
near a wall for support supports good give yourself some space always give
yourself a little space a little wiggle room
maybe warn your dance partner that you tend to go that way ideally find a
partner who tends to go that way and you can balance each other out and then you
can really start dancing again and suddenly it’s like you’re 17 years old
and you’re queen of the prom king your king
I mean king of King I’m king of the prom yeah

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  1. Attention? More like detention, cause I got called out in class for daydreaming again and idk what pythagoras is

  2. I feel like this video had very little to do with explaining ADHD but that in turn makes this the best possible explination of ADHD.

  3. Hey Rick what do you think about the works of Dr Gabor maté? It's basically impossible to discuss his approach because for example on the Reddit ADHD community it'll get shut down immediately when his name is mentioned 🙁

  4. Well done condensing this into a wonderful bunch of metaphors clocking in at just above 3 minutes. I've heard these arguments before, even touching on them amidst racing thoughts, but lacking context and the ability to not get distracted – let's say it wasn't easy to be open to the idea of the whole "what if I had known sooner" thing at that stage. This is extremely helpful in regards to informing others what's going on.

  5. I laughed about this without consulting any lawyers, I'm so badass. Also, great analogy!
    About that analogy: Besides ADD I also got a bit of a hunched back, which I literally only found out when I was about 34. I always wondered why the head rest in my car was so far to the back and only when I saw myself on a photo from the right angle, and I thought about it for a couple of weeks trying this and that I realized what was going on. So even when it's a physical thing people just won't tell you!!!

    PS Thanks to years of training the hunch is mostly gone now. Phew!

  6. I got teary eyed watching this 😢
    I'm not diagnosed, but I'm 20 years old and after 9 months of having to take a gap year after failing at college for two years I stumbled upon ADHD online and it rung a huge bell for me. Since I'm already diagnosed with depression and BPD it's hard to be taken seriously when I mention that u think I might have YET ANOTHER mental condition. People think I'm making it up for an excuse/attention or that it's just cause of my other conditions that I failed.. They say but you got good marks in school.. or but you're nothing like your brother who was diagnosed with ADHD 10 years ago..
    But I've been researching it for a couple of months now and I just know… 💔

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