Kati Morton’s DANGEROUS Enabling of Eugenia Cooney’s Relapse

what is up everybody this is Chris from
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yeah today we’re going to be talking about Kati Morton enabling Eugenia
Cooney and before I dive into this video I wanted to talk about real quick like
checking your motives right I think in order to stay on a good path we have to
always pause and check our motives so I’ve been wrestling with this video idea
for weeks now alright because I’ve been I’ve been kind of pissed right and i sat
there and I’m like should I should I make this video is it just gonna be me
hopping on camera talking some shit and you know i sat there I got quiet I’ve
wrestled around with this and I’m like what what is really bothering you Chris
and I’m like what’s bothering me is that enabling is extremely dangerous all
right and I’ve witnessed enabling me being a recovering drug addict working
with a bunch of drug addicts as well as people who struggle with mental
illnesses and everything like that and yeah from what I’ve been seeing Kati
Morton is dangerously enabling Eugenia Cooney and we need to talk about this
because you might be somebody who is being enabled but more importantly you
might be enabling somebody else all right but yeah I have defended Kati more
than a million times before but not this time and if you don’t know who Kati
Morton is let me let me rewind a little bit real quick so kitty Morton is like
the therapist on YouTube she has a channel I think over 800,000 now I think
when I found her like a year or two ago she has probably about 400,000 but she’s
been getting a lot of traction she’s a therapist and a lot of her videos
originally were just you know helping people reading out of the DSM I don’t
think I have it on me right now but the DSM is a diagnostic Statistical Manual
go through the different symptoms of various mental illnesses and she would
make videos kind of discussing them and breaking
those mental illnesses so like when people make these types of videos they
basically say like listen don’t diagnose yourself but if you recognize any of
these things maybe should go see a mental health professional that was a
lot of what she was doing all right the Kati Morton to be honest like from
what I’ve seen like she has an amazing management team all right not only does
she speak at places like VidCon and other big events but she is regularly
collaborating with massive youtubers and this has really helped her trajectory
like she she did a video with jacksepticeye when jacksepticeye was
talking a lot about mental health after he kind of like took a youtube break and
you know I think he was struggling with some burnout and some other issues like
depression so she did a collaboration with him she also did a video with the
try guys I think that was about burnout something like that right but a lot of
you were introduced to Kati Morton through the Shane Dawson series right so
she was in Shane Dawson’s video series with Jake Paul what was that a little
over a year ago like a year and a half ago and even more recently she was in
Shane Dawson’s video like in the beginning about Eugenia Cooney okay and
she actually did an amazing job in my opinion in that video I’ll talk about
that in a second but anyways I’ve defended her in the past because
although she doesn’t really respond to controversy that much she’s had some
controversy around yours so for those of you who don’t remember things like Jesus
it’s been like two years there was this ridiculous better help conspiracy that
was this big scam and fraud and everything like those of you who don’t
know I personally use better help I also have an affiliate leg that’s always down
in the description if you want to check it out just putting it out there like I
actually had a therapy session yesterday and I fucking love my therapist right
anyways there was this massive conspiracy about better health being a
scam and came on you know people were trying to say like oh she’s actually an
owner and coldest weird stuff anyways I defended her
and rightfully so like she didn’t do anything wrong right the next thing the
the one that really got a lot of attention was the controversy around the
shane dawson series because shane dawson series with jake paul originally circled
around like is jake paul a sociopath so Shane Dawson went over there and he
talked to Katie Morin on the couch asking her about sociopaths it seemed
like she didn’t really know why Shane was asking right and it just seems like
a conversation between friends and a lot of people got fucking pissed dude like
they were upset about how she was talking about people who have antisocial
you know disorders and things like that uh and like for me I was like you know
this isn’t a big deal like for me that was kind of like if you were to walk
into the teachers lounge like they’re gonna talk some shit you know what I
mean like I worked in a drug and alcohol
rehab for many years you know and this is a group of people who who can you
know really get under your skin right like they’re my people like I’m a
recovering drug addict right that I remember this one client made a
therapist just break down in tears one day she ordered a sandwich from like
uber eats or something and when it got delivered he grabbed the delivery and he
ate it right in front of her and yeah so so trust like a therapist and stuff
they’re people too but anyway it’s like I said I defended Katie Moore back then
but anyways one of the other issues was Kati Morton doesn’t specialize in people
who have you know or people who are sociopaths she doesn’t specialize in
that a lot of people are calling her out on that and like I agree and disagree
most therapists psychologists you know whoever they have like they have certain
specialties whether it’s specific disorders whether it’s certain types of
therapy like CBT DBT EMDR you know whatever it is right and Katie Morton’s
niche is actually eating disorders so before she got started on YouTube she
worked at a treatment center for young women who have eating disorders so as
far as a sociopath thing I think you know a lot of therapists like
especially here on YouTube we’re trying to educate you know they they give like
that high-level like kind of overview of what this is and then when it’s
something more specific to their needs that can really dive into it so I don’t
really fault her for that anyways like I was saying I was really happy that Shane
Dawson brought Katie Morton on you know his video about Eugenia Cooney before he
went to talk to her because Shane Dawson what wanted to know the do’s and don’ts
what to say what to not say doctor doctor da and Katie born like that’s her
shit right there you know what I mean so I was like okay cool and like that was a
great lesson for anybody watching because if you have a loved one who
struggles with an eating disorder like this is how you should talk to him this
is what you should and shouldn’t say and all that so that was really cool well
this was what six months ago over six months ago my Shane Dawson did his video
with Eugenio Cooney and yeah like I was so proud of her I did some videos just
you know being proud of her and everything like that and since then like
I don’t know Eugenia Cooney I have no way a fucking knowing but it seems like
she’s been going back downhill like every time she pops up in a thumbnail
for one of her new videos on my subscription feed like I’m like am I
going crazy or is she losing a lot of weight and I literally compare what she
looked like in Shane’s video to what she looks like now and I’m like something’s
up right and then I was like am I crazy and I started going through her comments
a lot of her audience is you know once again concern for her and everything
like that and Eugene has been making videos like answering questions and
doing life updates and it it appears ok just from my opinion it appears that
she’s back in that behavior of that kind of like public denial that nothing’s
wrong but here’s the issue Katie Morgan’s been doing collaborations
with Eugenia Cooney and like I just I can’t defend that I I can’t defend that
at all like Katie morning she wants to collab and get you know the
some mental health out there with like bigger youtubers that’s awesome
but when you specialize in eating disorders this young woman is pretty
much clearly struggling once again and you’re sitting there and just acting
like nothing’s wrong like that is some dangerous dangerous
enabling right there like in my opinion kay Morton should have never signed up
to do those videos with Eugenia Cooney unless it was talking about relapse
struggles getting help again right like I put myself in that position I’m like
Chris you know and obviously it hasn’t been like put in my face like I hate
youtubers like Todd like oh look look at these people and all their money and oh
I wouldn’t do that if I had all the money I’m like yeah like you don’t know
until you have it right so I try to put myself in a position like where there
was a massive youtuber millions of subscribers and they were a recovering
drug addict who relapsed and they wanted me wanted to do a video with me about
recovery but they were getting drunk and high like would I do that and like
honestly right now I could say that answer is no right
like if somebody approached me like I’d have to reevaluate it but I still think
based on my experience I would say no you know what I mean unless it was to be
about relapse and getting help and I would say that before we talked so I do
think that’s what Katie Moore should have done before making these videos
with Eugenia Cooney because we need to understand this about enabling and why
it’s so dangerous like eating disorders and addiction they are they are very
similar in the way that they affect the brain like if any of you have known a
drug addict like we are in so much denial we talk about how is this disease
that doesn’t even let you know that you’re sick right so you create all
these rationalizations and justifications for why you’re doing what
you’re doing eating disorders are really similar
in that way so when you’re already in these kind of justifications and
everything like that like you could be enabled by friends and family and
everything right but when you sit down with a professional who specializes in
eating disorders and they don’t say shit that increases your self justification
massively right because you sit there you’re like oh well who cares what all
these people in my comment sections are saying like I just sat with a
professional she thinks I’m doing all right so why should I think that I have
a problem like do you see how dangerous that is you know what I mean like I
can’t even imagine a therapist at the rehab I was working on oh you’re fine
yeah the way you use heroin that that’s cool or just ignoring it or bringing
somebody around who’s currently shooting out dope and having them speak to people
you know what I mean like think about how enabling that is so if you’re
watching this like recognize what enabling is recognize how dangerous it
is like you don’t have to be a professional to enable somebody like
most people who have addictions eating disorders it’s it’s a little bit more
nuanced when it comes to other mental illnesses but especially with addiction
and eating disorders most of us could not continue doing what we’re doing if
it weren’t for the enabling of people in our lives right like I take full
responsibility for my addiction but I did have a lot of enablers you know what
I mean and I would justify that like people hung around me for a long time as
I was spiraling out of control until they didn’t right it wasn’t until people
started telling me no it wasn’t till until people started cutting me off that
I actually decided to get better you see what I mean so like I look at this and
it feels like like I don’t like judging a person as a whole I don’t think any of
us should I think we should discuss behaviors and situations because things
aren’t that and white but I do think Katie morons a
good person I think she’s good at what she does but I think this was a really
fucking stupid decision right I think she was blinded by the views and the
clout or maybe her you know maybe best-case scenario her
management team pushed her to doing it or she had some legally binding contract
which I kind of doubt Eugenia Cooney but I don’t think Katie Moore it’s a bad
person I just think this was this was a huge mistake and I hope that there are
some things going on behind the scenes between Katie Bourne Eugenia that we
don’t know about where she’s trying to talk to you geniu about getting help
again because if it’s just what we’re seeing on this surface level like in my
opinion that’s fucked up and hopefully Katie Moore decree corrects that because
I’m a huge fan of the work she doesn’t like I said I’ve defended her in the
past but like this is a terrible example to set for other people when it comes to
enabling alright but anyways if you haven’t experienced with enabling
whether you’ve it you’ve enabled or you’re like me and you’ve been enabled
like let’s have a conversation down in the comments below alright but anyway so
that’s all I got for this video if you like this video please give it a thumbs
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  2. I can't say definitely "I have an eating disorder" because I wasn't professionally diagnosed and my symptoms kinda fluctuate, but I do eat a lot in one sitting every time I eat a meal if I can to the point of feeling incredibly full. After a few hours, I'd even snack if I find something I'd want to eat. I don't do anything to compensate unless I'm feeling terrible about my looks and I go try throwing it up in the toilet, though those times are kinda rare. I say this because my dad has been trying to get me to stop and become healthier, but not in the best way… He once told me that he didn't care if I starved myself while laughing. He said this again recently too, but without the laughter. Another time he told me I should stop eating so much, when all I ate that day so far was an egg and a few pieces of cut up bacon for breakfast. It wasn't even a full meal. And all I asked was what was for lunch. It damaged my self esteem a lot and fucked up my whole mentality of eating. I still eat a lot, but I've also starting eating less and less. I stopped eating much at school. I grew wary of going home if he was already there. It's scary. I want to stop. I want to be healthy. But I know I'm going down farther into the rabbit hole after those comments. I just want to be helped correctly..

  3. I'm glad someone is bringing this up. Its VERY clear she is losing weight again. I think she needs extra support right now. I saw a thumbnail of hers the other day and did a double take because I thought it surely must be an old video from over a year ago because of how then her arms were and her cheeks were thinner, but no it was from this week. She literally just uploaded a few minutes ago too and her arms are toothpicks again. Breaks my heart.

  4. So how do you know she hasn’t said anything. For myself, if someone just called me out on camera, I would retreat hard. I worked in in-patient psychiatry (as a nurse) and I needed to build a report before I brought up those hard topics and I definitely did not bring it up when there were others in earshot, I brought it up in private. I think you are being unfair with this video, Katie seems like she really cares for people. Also just because someone has relapsed doesn’t mean they have nothing valuable to say other than their relapse. I generally tend to agree with your opinions but on this one I gotta say I very much disagree with what your saying.

  5. I am a therapist IRL just like Kati Morton. Same credentials and she is walking a fine line of being unethical. Kati needs to step back and go back to school.

  6. It's very clear that Eugenia is reverting to her old ways; everyone can see it. In my opinion, Kati Morton, someone who is licensed to help people like Eugenia, has a moral obligation to step in when things begin spiraling out of control again. Rather than excusing her for her lack of action, whatever the reason may be, she should be held accountable, because we all know how bad things can get with Eugenia's eating disorder. It would break my heart to see her get any worse.

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