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– Did you think about your family when you tried to kill yourself? – Yeah, I mean, the first time I called my mom and said goodbye. That was tough. (gentle music) – Hello. – Hi, I’m Jonathan. – Hi, I’m Zara. – Johnathan, nice to meet you. – Yeah, you too. – Do you guys know what the topic is here? – Um-hm.
– Yep. – Our mom told us. – What do we get to talk about? – A suicide. – Are you, have you
tried to kill yourself? – Twice, yeah. – Why do you almost do it. – Because I was feeling really depressed. Have you guys ever felt really sad before? – When my grandpa’s dog
died, I got really sad and my mom tried cheering me up. – Yeah, so like depression
sometimes can be like feeling really sad all the time and then having thoughts of
harming yourself every day. When you have suicidal thoughts
it makes it hard sometimes to concentrate on your
daily life, you know. It’s one of those things that
not everybody understands and they don’t talk about
but millions of people deal with it every day, so. Have you ever dealt with depression? – Um-hm, sometimes I get like really tired and I have to take a few days to myself. Yeah, I understand to
a degree, definitely. – So, how have you tried to kill yourself? – Both times I used pills. – What kind of pills, like? – From the first one I
used over the counter Advil and then the second time I used my prescription medications, so. – How did you not die? – Well, the first time
I didn’t take enough to have anything happen, so I was okay and then the second time
I had to drink charcoal. Do you know, like, anything about that? – Um, what? – It’s like basically like liquid. You know like what charcoal
is, like lumps of coal? But basically this is like
charcoal, so when you drink it it’s gonna absorb all
the toxins in your body so that way it doesn’t go into your system – [Both Boys] Um. – It was hard because that stuff causes your organs to start
failing after a while. I mean, I physically had
pain that whole night, you know, like I’ve
never experienced before. I still remember it because,
like, it’s just awful. – So, did you think about your family when you tried to kill yourself? – Yeah, I mean, the first
time I called my mom and said goodbye. That was tough. – What did she say to you? – I remember she asked me
where I was and this and that and then that’s when they
called the ambulance, so. I think they were
wondering if I was, like, I don’t know, at a bridge or something. – Oh. – I mean, what do you think
your family would say if you? – I think my mom would be very mad at me. – You think she would be mad? I’d think she’d be more upset. – Yeah. – I mean, I know I’d feel bad
if I lost a family member. – Yeah.
– Um-hm. – I think it would be really awful. You’re just like, my son is
like going to like kill himself and you’ll probably feel
like really sad and like, but if they succeed, I’m
like then they’re gonna probably start feeling depressed. – And like they call
that the domino effect, like when a parent loses a kid like that, they’re more likely to try to
kill themselves afterwards. – And it just keeps happening. – Were you upset when you
found out you were still alive? – No. I mean, I think most
people that are suicidal don’t actually want to die. They just wanna end the suffering. A daily suffering of suicidal thoughts is not a quality of life. – How do you think the right way to act in those situations is, like? – You mean, when you’re feeling like trying to end your life?
– Yeah. – Well, I think, you know, it’s important to talk to the people that
are supposed to care about you because if you let it go and just say, oh, I don’t have a problem, that’s
not gonna go away, you know. Talk to your family, you know,
maybe go see a therapist. Do what you need to do to take
care of your mental health because that’s more important than saying, I don’t have a problem, I don’t need help. ‘Cause you don’t wanna suffer, you know. – Did you get help to help you get better? – Yeah, I have been seeing
therapists, you know. That has really helped
me as a person, you know, because it’s helpful to
have somebody to talk to about stuff you may
not be comfortable with sharing with others, you know. – Is there a cure for depression? – There is not, unfortunately, there is no cure for any mental illness, so. You can go see like
counselors and therapists and talk to them and there
is medications you can take to help with it, so. – Um-hm. – When you’re feeling
down, like what do you do to make yourself feel better, you know? – When, like when I’m
feeling really, really down I guess I reach out to friends
or my mom, really, and. – If my friend told me
that he was depressed, what would I say? – You might wanna actually
kinda show interest and see like why they’re
feeling so sad about themselves, like their life and all that. So, maybe they can think that
you care about them, you know. If you know or see people
who are exhibiting signs of like depression, you could speak out to somebody for
that person, you know. – Um-hm. – If someone told me like, that they almost committed suicide, I would try to help them feel better. – What would you say to them? – I would say that you can
meet some of my friends. – (chuckling) That’s
really nice, you know, I think if more people said
nice things to each other that would help, you know. – I just wanna say thank
you for coming here and talking about this.
– You’re welcome. – And shedding light on the subject. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – You’re welcome.
– High five. – Here you go. (woman giggling) Nice to meet you both. – It was really nice to meet you, too. – Thank you so much. – Next, you’re welcome. Nice to meet you. – Enjoy you, too. (gentle music)

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  1. If you, or someone you know, is considering suicide please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) or text 741-741 to connect to a trained crisis counselor right away.
    If you are outside of the United States, visit for a list of international phone numbers.

  2. The instant regret in the girls face haha
    But this is no joke Sucide is a serious thing
    I thought doing it 3 time I attempted it 2 times I couldn’t

  3. I just lost my dear friend to suicide. She jumped. She was fine. She was always there to listen to us. We were there for her. Maybe we just didn't give enough attention to her. We should have. I miss her. She was so bright. An amazing culinary future was awaiting for her. I really miss her.

  4. Before I was a popular teen in my school. But I saw this guy called Yoko he always gets bullied so I took my power to help him. Once I helped him, I Became his friend.
    All my "cool" friend hated that and they started calling me uncool and push me here and there. Its basically a bully. But I don't really care, whats the matter of being cool?

  5. This channel makes me really uncomfortable
    Its like you take kids and take and adult and they just
    Talk cause they make them

  6. I want to meet this guy so bad omg
    he is my new role model
    I was even responding to the questions he asked as if I were there

  7. My Mother told me that the parents of my friend who killed themselves are suffering she told me that they posted on Facebook
    “How could you do this to me, I cannot live anymore you ruined me.”

  8. I suffer through depression

    My mom beats me pulls my hair and slams me to the wall busts my lips my mom does not under stand how important I am I wake her up I do everything for my autistic brother
    I do school I hear her contest bullshit I
    Just want to end it all

  9. Hey Guys I just wanted to tell you that you are Beautiful, you need to know yourself, the treasures of hope you seek are already within you, keep loving, keep forgiving and never give in to the darkness.
    Peace ( Know yourself…Know yourself….Know Yourself.)

  10. 1 person: understands me
    The rest of the world: YOURE JUST SADDDDD
    Me: dies
    The rest of the world: THATS A STOWPID REASON DO DIEEE

  11. Yes tell someone if another person is showing signs of depression but what if they don’t look or sound like they are depressed and they act happy what do you do then?

  12. Sending my love to this man. Those kids didn't know what to say, but I hope they remember this and think about the right way to treat people. I'm thankful to know that they were respectful

  13. I'm a kid I'm deppressed I have anxiety I feel like I wanna commit scuicide but I can't since MY CRUSH WONT LET ME I MADE A PROMISE -,- so yep

  14. I think he is so uncomfortable during this especially the little kids.
    This is how many people feel bad for him

  15. Little girl: Whats on your arm?

    Me: battle scars…

    Little girl: you were in a war?

    Me: yea, a long and hard one… but i fought… and i got through it…

    Little girl: that's so cool! i want some!

    Me: no! never get any! and if you see anyone with battle scars….can you…can you give them a big hug for me please?

    Little girl: Ok… i promise i wont get any…

    I turn away from her with a grin on my face as my eyes brim with tears

    I feel someone tug on my shirt

    I turn around and the little girl hugs me

    I smile and hug her back

  16. Thoughts on this has me in tears, I’m an survivor myself and I’m proud I survived I wish I could talk to someone who has the same issues😭❤️

  17. My little brother with autism was 10 when he started making suicidal statements. I'm beyond grateful that he got help, 2 years later we are still struggling but it is much better. I cant imagine life without him, I love him to pieces and try to help him know how special he is 💜

  18. To everyone who's feeling suicidal, or broken, or depressed… I love you. I know it's hard, I go through it too. But you know what? We're all a team. We should raise each other up and not bring each other down. I love all of you, you beautiful souls. 💜 If you need to talk, please message me. 💜

  19. Your skin is not a paper don't cut it
    Your life is not A movie Don't end it
    Your face isn't a mask don't hide it

  20. as a young suicide survivor, i feel the need to spread awareness for this. there should be reminders at school, online, even at the grocery store that there is help, that there is someone out there, there is a reason to live.

  21. The boy is so so pure. I think I will introduce you to my friend. While it will hardly help in real situation, it fills my heart that he care enough to do things for his hypothetical friend. I think the simple kindness with good means will be enough to make you wait and give chance for life.

    Be kind people. You don't know how much lifes can you save with simple kindness.

  22. I have suicidal thoughts all the time.. the worst thing is that my family members doesn't know about my depression and if they do they would probably think that I am faking it up to get some attention.. this one time I felt like ending my life by drinking bleach but I was to scared to die. I still wanna be alive but I will just suffer either way.. I don't know what to do, but turns out I have this one friend at my school that also have depression and she likes to cut.. but I just think of the sadness of having depression I just want to stop but I cannot stop the felling of sadness and angriness I just feel empty.. I need someone to talk to but no one cares.. I just want to be happy.

  23. Something tells me that he still thinks about killing himself today. His reaction made me feel sympathy and a little upset.

  24. I don’t care what anyone says if he ever tried it again (not saying he will) I will personally make sure he will be protected

  25. One of my "freinds" no actually most of my friends are like very bad people to talk about something to. Like I was having anxiety of school and it just gave me panic attacks. My mom wouldn't understand so I told my friends
    One of them was like oh ok.
    I was like bruh I'm not kidding
    And then he said bye
    I am now changing school and I blocked everysingle one of those bastards
    Please wish I make good friends 😢 .

  26. I started getting emotional too when he was wiping his tears i've beein thinking to do suicide 2 years ago i changed my mind

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