Kristen’s Depression Diagnosis Story

(upbeat music) Hi, my name is Kristen and welcome back to New Life Outlook. Today, I was asked by New Life Outlook to talk about my diagnosis story. By sharing my story, I really hope it makes you feel not alone, or it helps inspire you to go get diagnosed yourself if you are feeling like you need that. I was diagnosed with depression very young, and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety the same day. Let me tell you my story. I was in eighth grade, and I started feeling very tired all the time, very moody, as well as I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and that’s kind of where the anxiety comes in. I went to the doctor, told her my symptoms, I said “I’ve been really tired all the time, I’ve been feeling like I can’t catch my breath, been feeling really tight in the throat.” I was diagnosed with asthma. She says “Oh, you just have asthma, it’s very common now. Here’s an inhaler, here you go, here, you’ll be fine.” And I went home, took my inhaler every time I felt my throat feeling dry or clogged up, and the hormones in the medicine that the inhaler put into my body made the anxiety worse. All of this anxiety, I was extremely stressed. At this point, my doctor was not available, so I had to see my other doctor. I went to go see a different doctor. He diagnosed me with anxiety and depression and sent me on my way to a therapist. When I told my parents about it, they didn’t have a really good reaction because they blamed themselves. A lot of parents do when their child is going through a mental health problem. The doctor referred me to a therapist and I started seeing my therapist twice a week. The first time I went to my therapist, she gave me a depression screening. It’s very common the first time you go to a therapy appointment. It’s two, three pages about your symptoms, about what you’re feeling, about your health, your physical health, because that’s very important and can go hand-in-hand with your mental health. I filled out that paperwork, maybe took about 15 minutes, and went to my therapy appointment. For the next two or three years, I’d be seeing this therapist two times a week. And it was very, very beneficial. I went through a lot of trauma in my teen years and seeing a therapist was extremely, extremely beneficial, and I’m so happy that I had that opportunity to see a therapist. If you are suffering with depression, if you feel like your depression symptoms are coming back because of the weather changes, maybe something happened in your life, a traumatic event or a stressful event is happening and your depression symptoms are coming back on, it’s okay to reach out for help and go back to your doctor. Your mental health can fluctuate throughout the year, throughout the years, and it’s okay to reach out for help if you need it. I really hope this story helped you. It’s a really simple story, but it’s my story, and it’s my story to tell you, and I really hope it helped. Please let me know down below, what is your diagnosis story? How did you get diagnosed with depression? Was it a good experience, was it a bad experience? Was it hard for you emotionally, to reach out for help? Let me know down below. I’m really, really curious. Again, this video is for New Life Outlook. My name is Kristen and I’ll see you guys in another video. Bye guys. (upbeat music)

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  1. I was self harming myself and I have attempted suicide multiple times. I was told by a counselor to go see a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist diagnosed me with depression. And that's what led to my depression diagnosis

  2. i was diagnosed with major depression at the beginning of 2018 this year and i am only 13 in 7th grade. when i was about 8 i tried to kill my self. i have cut my self and still do.

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