kriyayog & youth – fight depression and anxiety with the help of kriyayog

Namaskar Gurumaee Please guide us in knowing the benefits of ‘Kriyayog’ for youths in today’s world. ‘ Kriyayog’ is very essential for Today’s youth in current scenario. Because nowadays we see afflicted youth in society there is frustration, depression, drug addiction and so the suicide cases are also rising. there’s so much of struggle to cope up with considering this immense pressure For all these ill-effects or problems the reason could be … either they are not understanding the situation or not prepared for it or they do not know the answer to overcome it. ‘Kriyayog’ may not be able to give you answers but it can change the attitude to face the situation and how to find solutions to resolve it. This capacity is inherent but hidden in every individual and the same is being reintroduced for which Kriyayog can be beneficial. Due to ‘Kriyayog’ Basic analytical power is enhanced by which there is a change in one’s attitude towards looking at situation or a problem. And once you know this then you know how to resolve this problem. I have seen many young practising Kriyayogis … There are so many of them Initially they had problems in their professional life .. or family life or personal life but as they started practising with greater intensity, then I have noticed they can easily find solutions for their issues. Their vision has developed so much that they can resolve problems with ease and overcome it. So nowadays the complaints doesn’t reach me but youths are capable enough to resolve the same at their level. Due to this in any situation on personal or social or professional level, if any problem arises youth are capable to cope up with it. You feel more confident and your basic intellect is also enhanced. The same boosted confidence can be seen on your faces and in your vision and you can work more proficiently and can face any situation and go ahead. and in your vision and you can work more proficiently and can face any situation and go ahead. So Kriyayog is very much beneficial for youth. Also it helps to come out of depression for sure and reduces any kind of addiction. And without any external help we can enhance the inner power and can live life blissfully.

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