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  1. Landon's mother seems to be overbearing and constrictive. The law has been changed and Landon is 'free' to live his life. There are so many jobs he can do, and isn't really disabled at all, except in the mother's eyes. What kind of mother puts their child in an institution where they are not allowed to thrive? Little wonder he ran away so many times. Just because he doesn't have a genius I.Q. doesn't mean he can't live a normal life, if the mother would only stop trying to control his every move and the mother needs to admit that SHE is a major part of Landon's problem due to lack of teaching and lack of true parenting. The MOTHER is the failure, NOT LANDON! Landon seems like a forgiving person, and the mother needs to learn from her mistakes and now be his biggest cheerleader rather than constantly cutting him down. Mom, stop your own pity party, as no one feels sorry for you, and be there for your son, but remember he is an adult and doesn't need you as his boss!

  2. I cant even finish watching this… Obviously the parents are not all there.. This guy got like this from them..

  3. Landon's medical diagnosis is an it iatrogenic disease, the labels and treatment have such a profoundly negative impact upon the patient, it's harm far outweighs the actual effects of their infliction. The data is extremely clear and this documentary clearly reiterates the enormous devestation, such shortsighted medical practice can inflict.

  4. That mother is the problem… she wanted to keep her "baby" forever… she has Munchousen by Proxy!

  5. It's sad alot of the time the parents create a problem where there isn't 1 and get their kids on all types of meds and then the kids end up being behind their peers all bc of their parents wanting to put a label on something that don't need 1 when their kids are most of the time just being damn kids so sad brainwash them into believing they have a handicap ;(

  6. I don't get it. He's of age so why did the police take him back to his parents' house? Don't people have rights in Canada?

  7. So she outcasted him immediately , what the hell does she not look in the mirror at those eyebrows , poor guy totally understand his problems, did he not have a outside tutor , no , under her teaching the entire time frightening he had no skills because she never taught him anything so sad, he did not have any options she is lucky he has not killed her

  8. We have places in NZ for so called disabilities like Landons where the people live in a group home like flatmates, but they have supervisors there to help and guide them. Some have Downs Syndrome but still manage to go out to work, go on outings with their friends and have choices in their lives. One of my favorite ladies around town has a mental disability, yet wears some very creative fashions – all in pink. She loves pink. She loves shopping and going to cafes. She talks to people. She loves walking. And she is allowed to go out alone. Years ago they closed down most institutions which were like warehouses for the physically and mentally disabled. They have much better living conditions now in the group homes – 6 to a house with 2 supervisors in the day time and 2 at night. They get taken on outings in a van, go on ski and camping trips, out to cafes in a group, have movie nights at home with ice cream and snacks and cooking afternoons. It's a more normal sort of a life than living in an institution.

  9. It seems to me that Landons mother has am anxiety disorder. She sure looks incapable of happiness and joy.

  10. mother, father, Brandon and girlfriend put all this bs behind you, get along and move forward. Best Wishes to all

  11. It is amazing what some parents can get away with. Good for you Landon for fighting it and being your own man.

  12. Wow, his mom can’t seem to let go and allow him to grow and learn on his own. She’s treating him like a 5 year old 🤦🏼‍♀️

  13. the mom reminds me of the gypsy rose blanchard case smh this is horrible, he was living on his own with a gf, what was the problem?????

  14. No school since grade 2? I bet most people would score really low in those circumstances.
    Brenda got jealous of the girlfriend, so she screwed his life up. What a terrible way to live. She needs locking up.

  15. Brenda reminds me of that freak who trying to turn her boy into a girl, and the Dad has no power to help the poor little fella. It's like they pick a child and try to control every single little aspect of their lives. In this case it's his mental health being demolished, I have no sympathy for that out of control mother.

  16. Any woman who does her eyebrows like that obviously has poor judgement and issues with control. Just saying.

  17. Some updates on this. Landon not only won his case and was declared medically competent but the Incompetent Persons Act was declared invalid in June of 2016 and scrapped with the province of Nova Scotia ordered to come up with a draft for new legislation within a year. His parents willingly gave up their guardianship over him. Since then the Provincial Government of Nova Scotia has created the Adult Capacity and Decision Making Act.

  18. I wonder if Landon's IQ is accurate. But even if it is as low as was stated here, it seems that his parents limit him infinitely more than any disabilities he might have! For example, what was the cause & purpose of getting court ordered control of his WHOLE LIFE? Sure, he was partying a little (like most guys that age), but he was also in his own place & in a happy relationship, taking care of his responsibilities (more than can be said for many guys that age- ''normal' or not). I don't see how a court could grant that, just based on his IQ. I want to assume that his mother has good intentions, but she has seriously wronged her son, and hindered his progress in life. It's like, ok, you don't think he's capable of ANYTHING basically. We get it. But he has his OWN family now, and a partner who's walking through life with him… so just let it be known that you're there if they need help with anything, but step aside and let the guy live his life ffs!

  19. I hope Landon sues the hell out of his parents and then completely drops them from his life. My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia last year just months after turning 18 and I would NEVER do what this young mans' parents did to him…EVER!!

  20. Landon's biggest obstacle in his life is his parents! I feel so bad for him. What a wonderful dad he will be. Congratulations on getting some independent living. Tiffany, you are a beautiful woman.

  21. I agree with Nichelle's Mother! Ih my stars a foam letter and a shoe and the cops actually lock her up! What is wrong with people? Nichelle has more sense and so does Landon than most people I know!

  22. I can understand the Mother in a way….BUT….She is ALWAYS pointing out his disabilities and things she thinks he can't do, instead she is not looking at what he can or has achieved, and how he has moved on. He doesn't look or sound ridiculously 'slow', for want of better words, to me. Just because he is no academical genius, that doesn't mean he is not of sound mind to be able to be a father, a loving partner and to live a good ordinary life with improvements in his development everyday with some help. The fact that this young man is not being allowed to live with his kids and girlfriend is holding his development back. His mother needs to let go. The kindest thing she could do is to revoke that guardianship and give him some freedom, and for her to just be there for him if he needs her help. She wants too much control, she needs to let go a little in order for Landon to be happy……..Come on mamma, the lad is trying and has done well with great strides in improving himself. He's now a father for Christ's sake…Give him a break and set him free!

  23. I'm not highly educated but his IQ seems higher than 70. It almost seems as if he was held back in order to keep him under the mothers control.

  24. part of his disorders came from his mother!! she just brushed him off like a piece of hair on her coat. shame on her for not providing him with the love and stability that he badly craved. God bless you Landon.

  25. Brenda keeps her son on purpose dependent of her so he can't 'grow up' and develop all the good skills he has…18 years and never made a bed??

    She's not worried about Landon living with Tiffany…he's doing fine! She's just extremely jealous at Tiffany. Her little boy doesn't need her anymore. Tiffany understands his needs and let him be who he is, loves and respect him for that. Giving him space to learn and develop himself. I hope it works well out for them.

    And Brenda Webb….get of the back of your son and get yourself a puppy!!!

  26. Landon has a wonderful sense of humor, i believe humor like that takes a certain intelligence. The way he sees his situation and thinks outside himself says something to his intelligence as well. If he has any of the deficits his mom speaks of and he accomplished as much as he did on his own makes him extremely strong and capable.

  27. Labeling people with so many of these conditions is cruel and unethical treatment which should cause people to question the reliability and hypocratic ethics of the authority who did it.

  28. I wonder who was the Narcissist targeting him as a person to be devalued, belittled and depressed by the power of words, drugs and manipulation?

  29. This young man seems to be far more competent than his mother believes he is. She made the terrible mistake of listening to psychiatrists & their damned "labels" and "numbers" as opposed to allowing Landon to live, experience and grow. He begged them to give him space and freedom. His mother was wrong, in my opinion to literally HOLD HIM BACK from any progress he could have made. He is smart enough to know what he can do, what he can't do and that all he needs is the opportunity to prove his capabilities and lead as normal a life as possible. He had a sweet and loving relationship with his GF Tiffany. They had no issues relating to each other and communicating just fine. Landon has the basic right to be free and have a typical life including family life with a person that he obviously loves. His mother INSISTS he cannot care for himself…..What's wrong with that woman? Can she not see he has done just fine while away from home and his parents not even knowing where he was.!! HE EVEN HELD A JOB AND SUPPORTED HIMSELF. It is a shame he had to be apart from Tiffany and his two children. This story has touched me deeply. I hope he is doing well and always will.

  30. So glad he got out from under his mom, now maybe he can have a normal life with his girl and their beautiful kids.

  31. In Edmonton, doing construction work. Landon had enough sense to get to the bus station, purchase a ticket, apply for a job, get it and work it. Seems that his "clearance" is resolved, he could go most anywhere there is work and be as successful as others.

  32. she only taught him math and reading?? what makes her the official advocate for Landon because you have a child doesn't make you ward of him!! if your not in his best interest!! you didn't even let him make his own bed!! he wasn't even allowed to choose his life!!

  33. glad your not my mom!! Landon deserves a life he wants desperately! he seems to know exactly what he want expresses his wants very easily! good luck Landon 💕 you deserve the life you want to lead.

  34. Ok Momma Webb, you have failed miserably at being a mother!! No doubt about that. I've watched this video of your son and no way is this boy autistic. You are supposed to teach and nurture your child to give him the best chances of succeeding in life. Not handicap him to the point of low self esteem, insecure and lack of self confidence!! What were you thinking?? You're supposed to be his support system and give him the very best chances thru knowledge and experiences to be the best he can be. The Power of Positive Thinking is Everything!! You're supposed to be his personal cheerleader!! And by GOD, cut the cord and watch him SOAR!!

  35. Landon is completely capable of living a life on his own with support from a caseworker from a government program that helps these individuals transition into members of society. He can get a job and they have many companies that hire individuals like Landon, they help them find friends who are in the same community. They also help them with life skills . This woman’s words are not supported by her actions. I don’t even believe that he has s proper diagnosis? She seems to have simply decided that he was mentally unable to handle life because he didn’t meet his milestones as an infant? She has sheltered him to the point of placing him in a bubble. How is he supposed to learn anything if she did everything for him . She seems to be getting something out of him having to depend on her. I don’t see her in a positive position at all , in fact I feel she has hindered her son his entire life. He needs to have his own attorney to help him sort out the legal issues and then he needs to work with an agency that can help him to build a life with out his mothers constant anxiety and her obvious fixation on his disability. She is part of the problem here in a big way.

  36. Landon is a great guy! I think he seems perfectly normal. I hope he and Tiffany have a good life together raising their kids. I applaud Tiffany for hanging in there and being a support for him in spite of his parents interference which seems very extreme. I wish you both the very best!

  37. This is what happens when people have no options. Everyone blaming his parents need to realize they were simply choosing the only option they had. Here in Nova Scotia our communities are broken. They have been destroyed. The only system still working here is the corporate welfare system. This entire province is in a healthcare crisis .

  38. Wow, this is heartbreaking.
    I can’t tell if the mom was extremely naive and was mislead by “experts,” or if she was so fearful for her son she ended his schooling to keep him in the house with her all the time. The school should have some responsibility here, too. Did he really need an aide all day long? The school, if not the mom, should have known he needs to be as autonomous as possible and have time with his peers, otherwise they were aiding in his—let’s be honest and call it for what it was—abuse.

  39. I have worked with the intellectually challenged for many years and a IQ is not an indicator of daily abilities. When I look at this young man and I see that he is more than functional maybe some slight supervision. What's going to happen when mom is no longer around. Landon is in a committed relationship with children and is being forced to live in what is essentially a halfway house like a criminal. Not to mention the difficulties of being able to bond with your children. This sounds like a very over protective mother who just can't let go and a law that is enabling her.

  40. Landon won his independence. https://globalnews.ca/video/2792528/landon-webbs-parents-removed-as-guardians

  41. What used to be called munchausen syndrome by proxy is now called factitious disorder imposed upon another (FDIA). These people are not so much sick as selfish. Such an evil thing to do.

  42. Why don't they give him the documents he needs? and teach him to sign a lease. etc. Is it to control him more?

  43. My Parents isolated me from others due to their religious beliefs. I an not disabled. I lived in fear of upsetting them, mainly by being myself. Parents like mine seem so similar to Landon’s.

    Isolation is like a prison

  44. What a lovely young man and against all parenting odds. You are an inspiration. My son sounded a lot like you…I’m so pleased we didn’t wrap him up in cotton wool. I never wanted him to feel different. He was different but different is okay, I’m a little different…different is good. My son is now an electrician, married and owns his own home. Life’s tough enough without having parents/a mother against you like this. Lots of good vibes and wishes going your way 💞💞

  45. Care workers do not go to work to be assaulted. Care workers go to work to care for the adult children parents give up on . Don't belittle assaults perpetrated on care workers.

  46. these ppl r cruel! he can make it on his own, if his mother would let him! wow, let the kid go! FIGHT FOR HIM TIFFANY!

  47. Gotta wish you had the 2nd Mother. If the Mother hadn't taken it public and fought for her daughter she would still be in a hell hole.

  48. Omg lady (Brenda) GET A PUPPY!
    Accept the fact that your son is a grown man! He and Tiffany have children of their own. Unreal…
    Why does her husband stand by her?! .

  49. Landon seemed more stable and happy with Tiffany… of course, I know him not, this opinion is based only on this program. A few more opinions… IQ does is not the determining factor for life skills, parents do not always know what is best for their child, many "professionals" are far too quick with strapping a label to a child's file and what is right for one may not be right for another. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy, sometime it is our mother.

  50. Some people satisfy only the biological criteria required to become a 'parent.' I see a very chilly no-frills and ill-supervised institution in Mrs. Webb's future, the second she shows the least symptom of needing assistance. But her son is nicer than I am.

  51. He really does not sound like a person who is delayed or has any disabilities. The fact that his mother pulled him out of school and kept him under lock and key should be looked into. It sounds as if his mother manufactured his disabilities, then locked him up to create them. Of course he didn't have social skills. All of this should be looked into. Before he becomes damaged. Now he needs real help to get over what his mother did to him. I hope someone helps him. He needs a lawyer.

  52. He is not 70 IQ..no way ! He is much smarter than the score shows…wow…what wrong parenting ! terrible !

  53. Good News.
    Landon Webb's parents give up guardianship as Incompetent Persons Act made invalid.

  54. This guy was pulled from school so not only didnt learn social skills as growing into an adult but not taught to make a bed? Im teaching my 5 yr old granddaughter to do that. His mother is his disability. Btw mom, (boys) at the age of 40 hurt themselves being silly. What a sad story. I hope one day he sees the support he has in this comment section and understands we see him as normal not delayed or incapable! I would've liked to hear from the dad or siblings.

  55. Only one thing wrong here…….the mother!. Now THERE'S your problem. Wow, how one person can legally ruin the life of another.

  56. These parents especially this mother is terrible and actually abusing him. If you had him till 18 and didn't teach him basic skills like bed making then you are definitely the problem. You don't get to say "Oh he just can't do anything so he has to live with mom forever." You are holding him back. She needs professional help.

  57. Judging at the Mom’s eyebrows I believe she is the one with Psychological issues. Just saying!🤔🤷🏻‍♀️ She took her son out of Elementary School, no wonder his IQ is low….Sad story!😢 Praying things worked out for this young man….🙏🏼🍀

  58. This is crazy. He has NO low IQ !
    He is talking like a smart person. And he was denied education.
    How come these tests are just accepted?
    And why do psychologists not see what any sane person can conceive?
    They should be sewed to shreds!
    The mother should get a daily whipping! And his father is a weakling to be manipulated into this !

  59. You go Landon ! You are fine. Take a deep breath , straighten your back and know you are perfectly normal.
    Everyone can see your actions and how you do the daily tasks. You are straight, look organized and intelligent.
    And such respect for Tiffany as well. She stands up for him and helps him to find all education that was denied to him by his own parents.
    The psychologists probably went along with the paperwork and just followed the rules like automats.
    Stupidly accepting what this Munchhausen mother had added into the files all these years.
    So her elaborate scam now is part of this “machine “ called the healthcare system.
    Turn the stick Landon! GET HER EXAMINED!
    You are used to accepting far too much.

  60. Laden's Webb story is that if your child isn't happy in school I agree level of home schooling your child happiness is wat matters well done laden

  61. Landon is articulate and has the skills that are not solely academic. He has a competent perfectly able girlfriend, who loves him and whom he loves, and children, so let him get on with his life. His mother is too possessive and controlling. She didn't let him be himself.

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