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I surprisingly get messages from you guys all the time asking about relationship advice And I’m really honored that you guys asked but I also need to say I’m not a relationship therapist or specialist, or counselor I mean, this is not my area of expertise But I do think I know something that can really really help because since I personally learned about it It’s helped to strengthen my relationships in every sense whether it’s my partner, friends, family even in the workplace It’s actually something I’ve been wanting to share with you since I started Pick Up Limes so without further ado,
Let’s dive in Now a little bit of background here The information I’m gonna share with you in this video is based on a book called the five love languages by Gary Chapman I learned about the love languages a little over four years ago but at the time I didn’t know it was a book I was hanging out with a friend of mine and the topic of relationships came up And she was really surprised to know I hadn’t heard of the love languages before So she started to explain it to me a lot of relationships fail, she said,
not because we’re not putting in the effort but because we’re maybe showing our love or appreciation in the wrong ways you see, there’s five basic love languages and these are the ways that we express,
but also receive love the way that one person feels loved might not necessarily be the same as the way another person feels loved So the five love languages are as follows 1. Words of Affirmation 2. Quality Time 3. Receiving Gifts 4. Acts of Service 5. Physical Touch. Let me just take a moment
to explain these to you a little bit more Words of affirmation include sharing verbal encouragement and kind thoughtful words for example giving genuine praise and credit Sharing a meaningful compliment or using a tone of voice that’s kind and loving and for this person It’s important that requests are made and not demands one of the deepest human needs is to feel appreciated and validated And that’s especially true for somebody who has words of affirmation high on their love language ranking Quality time is giving somebody your undivided attention so watching TV together might not necessarily count For this person having quality conversations is part of having quality time And they want meaningful interactions where the focus is primarily on them or on each other Time is a precious commodity for this person and knowing that you’re spending your time on them means a great deal Receiving gifts is not a shallow way of expressing love because for this person it shows them that you not only thought about them But that you actually went through the effort of acquiring that thing that made you think of them And then you gave it to them These can be gifts that are purchase, found or made and for these people Gifts are a visual symbol of love Active service include doing things you think the other person would appreciate if you did so for example doing the dishes, ironing clothes, cooking dinner, cleaning out the car or taking on any projects to relieve the other person of stress or additional burden If done with a positive spirit, this can absolutely be a way to show love so if your partner has this ranking as their primary love language To them actions might speak louder than words We all know how powerful physical touch can be when it comes to showing love or appreciation whether it’s an affirming pat on the back from a colleague a warm hug from a friend a kiss on the forehead from a parent or maybe something a little bit more affectionate from a romantic partner this includes sitting close to the other person when you’re watching a movie Holding hands when you go for a walk giving them a massage or placing a firm hand on their shoulder
when you leave or enter a room whatever it is for this person,
physical touch is the primary representation of love Now back to my friend
who was sharing with me this story She said that each person has a bit of a different ranking system when it comes to these love languages where One tends to be more dominant than the others, and this is what we would call our primary love language Now it’s important to note that we often give love in the way that we would like to receive it After we had this conversation I really wanted to learn more and that’s when she told me there’s a test you can take now I’m gonna leave that link for the test in the description box below in case you’re interested in taking it as well Having taken the test myself It was really interesting to know what my primary love language was But then the question became What were the primary love languages of the people in my life I of course wasn’t gonna expect that everyone was gonna take this test so what I started to do was predict what I thought their love languages were based on our actions suddenly the love languages of those in my life became crystal clear I began to give them love back in the way that they were giving it to me And I very quickly noticed our relationships strengthened more and more Now I’ve only just scratched the surface here with the explanations and examples I provided in this video And there is just such a depth of information in this book that I highly recommend anybody and everybody learns the author Gary Chapman is a family therapist and in the book he offers a whole bunch of tips and strategies on how to adopt a better understanding or practice of a love language that might not be your primary love language So that you can better connect with others I also want to take a moment to express some words of appreciation and gratitude to Audible as many of you know They have been kind enough to support the Pick Up Limes channel for a while and when I told them I wanted to create this video They were also kind enough to sponsor it I’ll leave a link for you in the description box below now I’m curious to know before you go ahead and take that test what you think your primary love language is Let me know in the comments section below, and if you feel like showing me a little bit of extra love you can always do that by clicking that little thumbs up button it always means a lot when you do. Alright Thanks a lot for watching. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone Pick Up Lime signing off. We’ll see you in the next video You

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  1. Everytime I watch your video I feel so chill after that <3 this is such a nice feeling and I think my primary love languages is between Acts of services and Quality time, I recently just broke up with my 3years and a half bf and realize that those things were missing totally. I would say gift at least but like flowers or a pastry xD

  2. Great and nice. Understanding other mental condition in different situation and offer positivity in that context is also expose love.

  3. i did read this book, but to be honest language is spoken to the other person who speaks the same language. me working hard on implementing the wat is thought in a book didnt work is a failure. 🙁

  4. you still miss a secret in this app:

  5. Yes, it's such a great book! It was a massive revelation when I came across it a few years ago 🙂 However I did not know there was also a test to go with it – I definitely need to do it, to find out for sure what are my primary love languages for sure! 😁 Thanks for sharing this Sadia ❤

  6. Sadia, which phone do u use for good clarity pictures. I saw ur filming gears but want to know if u use a good phone too for this purpose. Cz I want to buy good one too. Pls reply

  7. Your all advice are amazing….Actually now I am dealing with worst situation. It really hurts when you love someone a lots and he loves someone else I mean that girl is always in his mind….i think made for each other. And just saying to me that we are just a friends forever and he is helpless for me….what to do don't know…moving on its hardest..
    Just a very tough situation I am dealing with now. But you are my role model my inspiration I will follow all your advice.😇

  8. With your videos, I’m actually learning something. Rather than wasting my time, as happens with certain other videos

  9. I can detect your very subtle and smooth Dutch accent @ 4:47… 😉
    Were you born there, Sadia, or did you move there, if you don't mind my asking?
    Most of my friends are multilingual, French-speaking North Africans with very charmingly subtle accents depending on what they are speaking.

  10. I love this so much, for me I find that recognising my partners love language and appreciating it rather than expecting him to show me his love in the way that I want was a huge help, probably simply because old habits die hard, he has probably always shown his love that way and as long as I see that I can feel it too
    It goes both ways, I just tell him how I show love and he recognises it in my actions too

  11. So I have to start purchasing gifts for that bastard? Hahaha just kidding. Alright, then. Pisces knows how to please when the right tools are given. Let the war on love begin (I'm bored and talking as if someone cared what I'm writting haha)

  12. Words of affirmation is my love language, but knowing my girlfriend’s primary love language (quality time) and then secondary has really helped me in how to approach our relationship even more. And it has helped her too. Great vid. 👌

  13. your vlogs are therapeutic for me….how positive u r!!1 MashAllah….the more vlogs i watch the more positivity adds to my current level..thank u so much….ur ego vlog as declined my current burden level….love from Pakistan…<3

  14. Sadia, I was trying to look up your audible book recommendations but the link isn’t working! Would love to see your updated recommendations!

  15. Dear Sadia, I found out about your channel a few weeks ago, and I can not stop watching it. You are amazing and very knowledgeable. I just recently became (mainly) plant based vegan (except for the cream on the morning coffee ). I was a vegetarian for four years and since I am not a very knowledgeable person in the field of nutrition, I had a hard time. What I realized watching your videos, is that you can add so much more and make your diet much more versatile. It is easier this time. I am also supplementing with vit B12 and D since I have no other choice. I am so glad you mention that on you video. Thanks again!

  16. Hi Sadia! I have never commented on a YouTube video before this! I was in a really bad place since the last few months, struggling with self-doubt, ego, negativity and stress. Your videos are helping me to let go of these and feel positivity and content in my life. I will never be able to thank you enough!

    Because the video is about relationships, I wanted to ask you how does one take their partner along this journey and make them see what you see?

  17. Amazing video you are an expert at it I looove your content it is so well done that is incredible ! Also I love your make up, what is your eyeliner please ? it looks like silver and it makes your eyes pop !!

  18. What's funny is that I'm making a painting for my brother while watching this, and I just realized that that's my love language. Gifts I make.

  19. A relationship is the attractive Bond that brings an intimate space together in the small things in 😍 love. Listening, caring touch laughter, pleasure seductive and emotional sadness of joy.

  20. we kinda look alike but u also look like my cousin nour, a lot!!! ah the world is magic. btw i love the background music of "youth by daughter" 💞 great channel. much love beautiful

  21. My love language for you: I love your channel and the spirit and inspiration you spread out into the world 🌸🌼💖

  22. I think my love language is service and also service in the form of touch like doing someone's hair or scratching their back. I don't get much of any kind from anyone else except pets and that is their language too, at least the touch part.

  23. what is the podcast you mentioned in one of your videos, which the host talk through various problems with her client to help them feel unstuck? I really listen to it but I forgot the name. Thank you.

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