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  1. What a brave girl for telling her story! What Nassar did is unforgivable. I wish these girls all the love and strength to get through this ❤️

  2. Look at 2:34 in where she starts to smile weard.
    If she can deasisiate…that that weard smile can be an indication that she has Multible Personality's.

  3. EMOTION IS STRENGTH TOO!!!! Good girl!!! Just because you cry sometimes, or get sidetracked, or even lose sleep thinking about what you've been through DOES NOT mean you aren't a strong survivor!!! I hope you realize just how very strong you are, and such an inspiration!

  4. She’s lying like there is no tomorrow, if he would do something abusing he would test the water somehow first. Not straight to touching, people would mass up people’s life for fame and money, wait for it. Books coming tv shows coming, i really hope nothing like that happen because it’s really bad, but I don’t believe this family,

  5. Nassar makes you nauseous . So much cover up for this man to allow him to get away with this for as long as he did & with the amount of victims . Despicable

  6. Just like one of our male gynos here in Canada from India. Lost license to birth children but not total loss of being a doctor. Didnt use gloves either. Wish women would speak up here about him bcuz ive heard horrible stories from friends and personally from me. Not sexually abusive to me but definately did a bad job with me and may have harmed me.

  7. Justice is served here and the evidence is huge and big, this case is not the same like in the Jerry Sandusky case.

  8. Alright, Dr Phi…. he takes no l's even from his own name. I'm ready for you to get Onision on your stage. We need you to interview this man. Please!! It's a huge thing on YouTube. Chris Hansen is now involved and we REALLY REALLY need some Dr. Phil talking to this guy.

  9. All these girls want is attention he never harmed any of these girls they just want a chance to be on tv. Congratulations on being a famous hoe.

  10. Awww, she deserved so much better!! Don't give up, you are strong!! Your strength is emotion, you're so much than just another, you're a survivor that gives courage to others!!

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