Lavender for Migraine Headaches

[Music] lavender has been studied recently for several purposes including treatment of mood and anxiety disorders as well as a number of other things its analgesic effect however its painkiller effect is one of its most widely studied properties surprising then that there hasn’t been a single documented clinical trial to study lavender for the treatment of migraine headaches that affect tens of thousands of Americans every year until now lavender essential oil in the treatment of migraine headache a placebo controlled clinical trial migraine sufferers were asked to at the early signs of a headache rub two to three drops of the lavender essential oil onto their upper lip inhale its vapor for a 15-minute period and then score the severity of their headaches for the next two hours in the control group they did the same things that they used drops of basically unscented to liquid wax and neither group was allowed to use any painkillers in the lavender group seventy-four percent of patients had an improvement in their symptoms significantly better than placebo though in the study lavender wasn’t directly impaired to more conventional treatments lavender appears to stack up pretty well compared to typical drug so lavender helped about three-quarters of the time high-dose tylenol only works about half the time ibuprofen 57 percent of the time the number one prescribed drug generic i’ma tracks effective 59 percent of the time and then the hardcore treatment they use in emergency rooms where they inject you under the skin 70 percent and all these work better than the original migraine therapy known as trepanning where doctors drill a hole in your head to let the evil spirits escape conclusion the present study suggests that inhalation of lavender essential oil may be an effective and safe treatment modality and acute management of migraine [Music] you

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  1. I was nearly vegan, half organic, and still had lots of headaches which improved when i read a very short book of neck exercises called Treat Your Own Neck (MacKenzie?). They improved more when i went 98% organic.

  2. But a placebo-effect might be responsible for some of this outcome, no? I mean, the control group who used the unscented wax would've known that is was not lavender they were inhaling..?

  3. Sheila, was it a positive experience for you??? Am hoping…my son has recently started having these headaches.

  4. I suffer from chronic migraines, and it's true the triggers of migraines are as unique as each person. Imitrex actually works for me. I've been using lavender and peppermint for years but haven't had a lot of luck with them. Recently I was introduced to a true, pure, essential, oil form by doTERRA. This has been more effective. I'll try putting it on my lip upon the next attack. Recently I've been adding certain spices to my foods on a regular basis. I've noticed a measurable and immediate difference; turmeric, coriander, cinnamon, sage, cumin. Hope this helps someone.   

  5. Dr. Greger, I wish that I could hug you for this video, which I first encountered about 3 months ago. Prior to seeing your video, I had gotten between 3 and 4 migraines (yes, migraines, not regular headaches) EVERY WEEK for my whole life since I was 11. I tried the lavender oil just as you described because I've already tried everything else, so why not? The lavender oil in conjuction with peppermint oil as a sort of spot-treatment to take the edge off have resolved approximately 70% of my migraines. I am so thankful for you and this video. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have markedly improved my daily life.

  6. My mom suffers from migraine every once in a while but it has gotton more often these days. 2day I felt very bad for her so I thought "Dr Greger must have a video on migraine". And there it is. I found this one and the other one with ginger. Fortunately I have a lavender oil here and we always keep fresh ginger in the house. So I gave her the oil and a ginger shot. Thanks doctor. We love you! ♡

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