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  1. Lisa, I am crying. I don't know why because I have heard you talk about "exposing the lies" before. I came across a relationship that went beyond its expiration date, when I say beyond I mean WAY beyond. The manipulation and way to be in control because of the possessive tendencies was verbal and emotional abuse and so I doubted myself for YEARS! I had no self love, no confidence, nothing beyond what I had was possible for me because "I didn't deserve it". What I had at that very moment was the best I could get was what I was told and was drilled into me. Wow! That's strong, I never described or thought of it like that. My journey with falling back in love with me started with a little seed planted in the end of 2013. 2014 and early 2015 I started slowly growing and discovering "I deserve the damn world!". By the summer of 2015 I started acting out of character, I started to make choices for my best interest and to love myself! At the end of 2017 I chose me and broke free of that relationship that was weighing me down, took a lot of effort and breaking that comfort I had but I did it! My journey to where I am took a while and I recently feel myself self sabotaging because of my old habits, my doubts, that negative chatter! I am so happy I found this video because I was searching for the interview where I heard you talk about "exposing your lies". It stuck with me but I didn't fully remember the concept! Thank you Lisa, since the moment I watched The Secret my life started to transform! I have thought and spoken beautiful things into existence.

  2. The possibilities. Im actually scared, but positive. Time to get motivated, grow some balls and go for it. Woo. Go Lisa. Go gang. Go tribe. Love. Success for us all. Yeaah.

  3. listening to my wife telling me I'm not good enough for her, knowing that procrastinated on myself in the sense of being successful in a financial sense where she doesn't have to do anything not do it all I'm like that as a person I will do everything I can for everyone and do nothing for myself I did not end up penniless the people sucking down on me the saying I'm nothing it hurts Miss Lisa you gave me confidence to keep walking I'm listening at work now I need it like I need a drink of water The Thirst to change is relevant in life everyday 365

  4. Lisa you won't believe what just happened !
    I had some negative self talk during my studying and I was reviewing bad memories some minutes ago . I suddenly understand that I am having negative thoughts so I decide to stop my study and see what can I find on youtube to change the feeling . And exactly when I open the app , the first recommended video was this !

    That's so cool !
    Thank you Lisa 🌹

  5. Blessed morning Ms Nichols. So over the weekend I behaved in a manner that was not becoming of me and it made me really dig deep. I seeked, I prayed and was directed here yesterday and today in regards to the answer to my prayers. That's what was stifling me, negative self talk. #BOL when you said your life is a culmination of your thoughts it def woke me up to wanting to shift my perspective! I now know #gratitude is a must! Thank you for your good advice

  6. I love your technique for negative self-talk, "I'm possibility, and I'm gonna drive, so you need to scoot over to the passenger's seat." For me the passenger seat is taken, so that negative self-talk can have the trunk!

  7. Lisa is the best version of a person i dreamed of becoming. She transform lives as i wanted the same way too…. You are a legend Ms Nichols…

  8. My negative self talk:
    I am too old to pursue my dreams.
    I will never get my finances right. My credit score is low.
    I will not have the right partner.
    I will not live my best life you have the right people to support me. Why was I born in this family? Will I ever change my thought pattern.
    Now positive thoughts:
    At 50
    I am now a certified makeup artist.
    I am retired from the school system. I am living my best life with a new mindset. I working towards increasing my credit score.

  9. I am ready to evict that I can start over as many times as I need/want to. It’s all at my pace and I need to work better on truly channeling myself for all forms of me, as a multidimensional being. BOL

  10. Lisa, I don’t know if you will ever see this comment, but you changed my life. Thank you sister, for baring your soul so that others could learn from your mistakes and the example you set in how you handled those mistakes. You are just… amazing. I love you

  11. This is a phenomenal message, so blessed to have come across this on today. I was just recently released from my job and I've been battling negative self talk daily and I will continue to fight, because I know greater is on the way! Bless you Lisa!

  12. The past 5 years… my biggest fear is that I AM TOO OLD for my dream. That I cannot be big just because of my age. I am 37 this year and I am an aspiring actress. I fear people going to say you’re too old to be dreaming to be famous. Famous comes with success in the career that I choose but it comes with most careers anyway. I am tired of thinking that I am too old. I am done, I am done, I am done.

  13. Hi Lisa, I wish my brother could watch you. He is hurting so much and I believe that he is so much more than he makes himself out to be. Right now he is locked up and I'm not sure for how long this time. Wish he was better.

  14. Thank you Lisa ! I’m progressing and I needed this to keep me going forward, I need all the confidence inside me to shine outward and stay full of great energy like you!

  15. Yes Yes! I just Evict negative self now I have space in my head, for Abundant Blessings.

  16. I am done with thinking i am not pretty, done with thinking i can't make it in life,done with thinking that no body wants to marry me.. I am done with all negative self talks because God loves me. Thank you Lisa Nichols


  18. Finding you at this point in my life was right on time. Hearing this video in this moment was perfect timing. Listening to you in this video while I'm in my rhythm, lets me know exactly that! I just hit a micro wind! #YESYES #lisanichols

  19. Yes! This makes sense. Just heard the first "micro-wind" . I've been so overwhelmed that I was just doing a chip at a time. Something! Sort out laundry! Just do whites! Just do some dishes! These are going from depression part time (I was putting myself in 3/4 outpatient rehab… To take care and these were the beginning steps… Baby steps or like "bingo!" What LISA SAID!! I LOVE THIS! THIS "MICRO-BURST!" …. Just seriously do a mini little… Your in your bathroom washing your hands… Just wanted sink at the same time. You are at the light (maybe at this point you listen to radio… Play a upbeat song and clean off little features of your car. Start mini pictures you see that you can do!. No car? Do walk and walk to library and view art work…. Get a good book that will help with subject you are interested in. Just browse if you don't have an idea or will… Just being in the library. A change!!!

  20. I remember when I first seen you use doing the show about your life and how you have been homeless and your didn't have no money for the diapers for your kids that really inspired me and ever since then my life has been an inspiration by you keep doing things like coaching speeches and I'm going to become bigger than

  21. Lisa, you are truly a gift sent from the above!!! Thank you so much for helping me improve my life ❤❤❤

  22. #BOL —> “ I see you. You don’t take the drivers seat, I do.”

    “Stop, breathe and keep moving.”

  23. My negative thoughts are:
    1) I am not good enough to be a best selling author. The universe will not be on your side
    2) so what if you have put in so much effort in your book, it is not going to make it
    3) all these people who you thought were friends but weren’t actually so are going to dominate your life
    4) nobody will ever love you
    5) you will be a disappointment to everyone
    6) you are no good to become someone who awakens the masses
    7) you are making decisions that will get you nowhere
    8) no one is going to come along the way to help you where you need
    9) you can never be a millionaire. The universe won’t help you ( as you thought).
    10) you cannot be prosperous
    11) prosperity will bring you so pain and solitude. It is not a place of happiness so why even try to get it!

    My Goodness! Writing them down makes me feel so much lighter.

    Thank you Lisa. Another #BOL—- once you expose the negative thoughts you will see that they are so dumb! 😛

  24. That because I wasn’t loved or care for as a child by my parents and I connected to my siblings, that no one would love me, help me, see me, encourage me, motivate me, or just believe in me……. Thank you because I have My Creator, I have You Lisa Nichols, and I have Me now… #BOL

  25. #BOL !! I’m not gonna live IN my negative thoughts, insecurities, I am going to use them as something to stand on! Leave them under you! ❤️🙌🏾 amen. What a word Lisa.

  26. Killing the thought that only amazing , good , breakthrough moments happen to other people. It can happen to me too! I am worthy of it & it is coming my way as I type bc I manifest my life according to my thoughts. And God sees the shift! 💛✨ I’m not even close to who I used to be, because my thoughts are complete. They are different. They are new. Therefore, my actions are influenced. And with new thoughts and actions, and love for myself, I AM NEW. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. #BOL and #yesyes I overcome the pain and the struggle to live a normal life that I used to have from my endometriosis. It was always on my head. I believe that we all have the power of mind in how to control what we really want in this life. Lots of love Lisa

  28. I really like the idea of lots micro wins! I also was touched by the phrase “stand on it not in it”. So empowering! Thank you so much!

  29. Since I was 16. I struggles with self harming thoughts. My parents are both very abusive. Growing up in that type of environment I learned to believe that I am, ugly, unworthy, a disappointment, disgusting, a failure, that I dont deserve to live, that no one cares about me. These are the ones that came to mind. As I listened to Lisa I'm hungry to learn more. I'm tired of waking up every morning and having thoughts of taking my life! I am loved by my amazing husband, I'm going to have my baby in August! And I have so many beautiful things happening to me that having such negative thoughts really ruins the light that I have in my life. I'm sick and tired of negative thinking over me. I'm done with letting it take control. I'm the driver. I get the control.

  30. #BOL "Expose my negative talk" Your negative talk is a reflection of how your life is manifesting right now. The negative talk keeps me from following thru and manifesting the ideas to make myself complete. I do have an issue with consistency because of this. I will take the time do do the exercise. The PTSD and flash backs from family and others who i trusted and respected at some point have made me believe that talk. I do take medicine for my anxiety but i have realized that its up to me to do the inner work to heal myself. I'll try.

  31. I love this video! It was everything I needed especially because you kept using real estate terms because I am learning how to be an investor in real estate, it spoke to me! Like this video was for me! I am also reading your book “No matter what” Between watching these videos and reading your book it has helped me overcome a lot of things I didn’t even know about myself. Like how I talk bad about myself without even realizing it. Because the conversation is going on inside my head so I think it’s not real. I am learning to heal myself from wounds that I thought I let go of but all I really did was just bury it really deep and some more things I’m working on everyday. I really enjoy the exercises that you have put in the book as well. But anyways I just want to say thank you and I’m forever grateful for what you do! And some day I will have the honor of meeting you! I can’t wait 😊

  32. Hello Lisa. I'm from Colombia. I was introduced to your videos, talks, transformational videos through Mindvalley. You've really touched me. I feel you're doing what I want to do since my early years at college. I still don't know how to get it, but you're giving me very powerful ideas. This afternoon I watched you on Inside IQ Quest, and though it was an "old" video, it sounded new for me. So, I just wanted to say : thank you. May God continue to use your soft-touching voice to help people transform their lives.

  33. I am ready to evict the limiting belief that I am not good enough. I am ready to step into my role and live my purpose. Yes YES. Much love Lisa ❤️

  34. My negative thought was always “not good enough” Wow! You are on point, because it manifested! Thank you for opening this up!

  35. Real estate is what i want to do but I cant stay focus talk myself out being able to do lomg enough to actually do it smh thank u Lisa

  36. it is really hard for me to get out of my head,and it seems impossible to do and how do you even recognize the lies?

  37. yesss..!!! Lisa it's the point to resolve so many problems..just we have to take the distance and let it go..

  38. In response to negative thoughts…
    You can't stop birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest…
    Love your recordings Lisa.

  39. God bless you Lisa, you are a life changing MACHINE. Your word has propelled me to find out more of who I'm

  40. I dont know if its me thats negative am ruing my relationship and dont know how to fix it…am done with me!

  41. My mind and thoughts keep me from pursuing what I need and want for myself. "My life is a Physical manifestation of the thoughts on thinking in my head" .. This gave me more reassurance that I am in control of me and I need to continue to turn all negatives to positivity and use it as a stepping block to have a better and healthier mental mindset.

  42. Lisa Lisa Lisa. God put you in my feed so that I can unlock my purpose. It’s so an amazing. I remember October of last year, I was falling into a dark place and found your book “abundance now” on YouTube. I listened to it over the course of days and now I’m at a place I could only imagine. Living out my dream of working in Hawaii, started my website and I KNOW in my heart that my purpose is closer to being fulfilled. Also I did the “lies” activity and am still working through it. Amazing and God bless you my sister 💜

  43. Lisa you are the real deal.  Working on myself everyday – you help me!  But I need to develop a  greater hunger.  Congrats Lisa!

  44. Lisa everything you say makes so much sense! So glad I found you! Can’t wait to get your knowledge in my head too! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  45. Can you please make a video about your body transformation and how you get motivation and consistency

  46. #BOL Managing this muscle in between these ears. Turning off the switch. I do believe in me, I have greatness in me, I am doing it know matter what. Old habits create new ones. I'm plugged in to new beginnings. Read Lisa Nichols books, truth. I can get out of debt, I am rich in Spirit. No matter what I will learn from it. I'm flipping out on this one tribe! Filter my mind like a computer I am in CONTROL LIKE JANET JACKSON! 👊🏽🎤

  47. i feel a bit more stronger. i feel that negativity is all that i grow in my form now, i am gonna stand on it not stand in it. Thank you Mam Lisa . Bless you

  48. OMG BOL when you said stand on it not in it that resonated. So many times I’m standing in the negative space being engulfed by negativity but that deep breathe, feel it, but don’t buy into it, means if I’m standing on my negative self talk my perspective isn’t diminished. It’s easier to see the sunrise from the ground up than buried under the rumble of my fears. Thank you Lisa needed this today 💜

  49. So grateful to know that there is a difference btw lies and truth! I believe 🥰 and know truth

  50. My negative thoughts aren't really about myself. They're about the things I wish I could say to my dad who I have a strained relationship with. I notice them pop up at work often and I tell them to go away but they keep coming back and that's been my real problem

  51. I am ready to Evict this idea that have to play small be small and fear my Happiness fear my greatness to make others comfortable #ThankU #BOL

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  53. What jump out my mind now is that I’m not strong and smart enough like others. I’m a slow learner than others. And I need to shift it. Thanks Lisa

  54. Hi lisa..thank u for confirming I'm on the right path with exposing lies about myself…although I only have 25 dollars in the bank right now and no job..thanks to u..I say happy healthy multi millionaire everyday

  55. hi i now start listening to your speeches and following your show it is amazing and helping me through alot you need to come to Barbadoss

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