Live PD: A Beer for Every Passenger (Season 3) | A&E

[music playing] – We’re going to stop this car
and find out what’s going on. 30 mile an hour zone, had
the car at 53 on radar. One, two, three, four. – All righty. The reason I’m stopping you
is because you were speeding. You were doing 53
in 30 over there. Is there a reason for that? – No, I just– – You got a heavy foot? – Yeah. – OK, I understand that. – Uh-oh. Do me a favor– the gentlemen right
there in the red shirt, will you move to the
left just a little bit? The other left. [police radio chatter] Yeah, he’s got– he’s
got a beer back there. – I just had my– – You’ve been
drinking back there? Let me go ahead and
have that container. OK. Well, you still can’t
drive and drink. – I don’t drink. – Have you had anything
to drink tonight? – No.
– Are you sure? – I don’t even drink. – OK, what about the beer
that’s down in the corner? – No. – All right, well, that’s two. – Yeah, I got a beer. – You got– oh, do you
have a beer in there. Excellent.
OK. Let me have those beers too. Oh, let me see those two. – Everything you got there. – Is there any more open
alcohol containers inside here? All right.
– I save cans. – Let me see that one too.
– I got cans in the house. I save them. You can go to my house and
see in the back what I got. – My goodness. You guys are having
like a little party bus going on over here. Have you ever been charged
when alcohol offense before? – Oh, man, it’s probably been– yeah, public drinking uptown. – OK, what about you, sir? You’ve been charged
with it in the past? – Yes, sir. – How many times? A lot? You’ve got– – Only thing I had was an open
container uptown one time. – This the thing, you’re
allowing them to do it. You’re just as guilty. – I just counted them. There are like, six open
containers in there, and there’s only
four people in there. So that means the
other three have had two apiece inside your car. – I mean, come on, now. – I don’t know why. – So you sped– so you saw it was the police
behind you, so you sped up? – No. I didn’t know until he put
his lights on, you know? – What? I’m not worried about
that right at this moment. – OK. – Go ahead, have a– have a
seat, have a seat, have a s– – Tony, get back in the car. – Anthony, Anthony,
have a seat in the car. – OK. – Or you’re going to find
yourself in handcuffs. – OK. – The driver has been drinking. The other three there
that are in the vehicle, go ahead and write
everybody a citation for the open container of beer. That’s your ticket for
the open container, OK? – Oh, man. – Oh, man. – I mean, what would you
have rather have had? – The tickets. – Ticket or go to jail. – Ticket or handcuffs. – A ticket.

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  1. They havin’ a fun time in that Chrysler minivan, drinkin’ beer and gettin’ of those tacos that 1 taco guy wanted. 🌮TACOS🌮 ‘N 🍻BEER🍺 FOR EVERY1!!! 😂

  2. "i get nervous when I see the police behind me" I think I would be nervous too if I had a car full of beers and drunken idiots.

  3. Wait a second. So in the states you aren't allowed to have open alcohol containers in your car even though you are sober. Wtf doesn't make any sense to me. But i guess we in germany see that a little different when it comes to beer xD

  4. Hate open container laws. What does it matter if the passengers are drinking? The driver either as long they are not over or approaching the legal b.a.c. limit.

  5. I love their Suuuutherrrnnn drawl! The music on this one tho, it's all serious and ominous. It'd be funny if it was like island style party music!

  6. You know I was watching this video thinking what the problem was with the passengers drinking alcohol and remembered it was America. I live in Germany, every person can drink in the car besides the driver. You can walk ANYWHERE and hold an open drink in each hand. But I can buy a gun at 18 in Walmart. 😂

  7. No open container law in Mississippi. We can drive and drink a beer legally as long as we're under the limit. Some people think that's crazy, but if there's a limit and you can drive legally under it, what's the difference if you have one beer in the car and still under the limit? Makes sense to me.

  8. Imagine a country that had 94 school shootings last year won't implement strict gun laws, but is so terrified of alcohol consumption that you can't drink in the back of a vehicle. Incredible.

  9. Wow, her friends are fraud. The officer asked, "what else would you like?" and they were all saying "take her to jail" and "put her in cuffs" loool

  10. 2:40 see how easy it was to not get arrested ? all he had to do was do what the cop was saying some certain people could learn from him

  11. Pulls vehicle over with nothing illegal inside, test driver for impairment, pulls vehicle over with 6 open containers doesn't test the driver….

  12. Drink before you leave, and drink when you get there. Have a sober driver and don't drink in the truck. It's easy.

  13. Anthony thinkin let me just get on out and explain all this to the confused cop and I'll resolve this whole misunderstanding so we can all go home

  14. ive noticed that everytime theres a traffic stop the police officer always touch the back tail light,does anyone know why?

  15. She should of just said she was their limo driver and then the are allowed to drink all they want while she drives

  16. Did they all just arrive to this planet? They're older people. The planet they came from must allow drinking and driving.

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