Live PD: Getting the Band Back Together (Season 3) | A&E

– So we’re going to be
backing up one of our officers who’s working on a case where
$20,000 worth of band equipment was stolen. So now we’re going to be meeting
up to do a buy to possibly meet up with the suspect. – The suspect vehicle
that’s involved just pulled up onto the
scene for the meet up. We’re going to try
to catch up in case we have to do a
traffic stop on him. So that’s going to
be it right there. – [inaudible] – He’s signaling left. – [inaudible] – Hey, stay in the car. – Turn it off,
put your hands up. Put your hands up. – Let me see your hands. – Open the door. [spanish] Walk out of the car slowly, and
keep your hands all the way up. All the way up. I need your hands up. Do not do anything stupid. Hands up. – Up, keep your hands up. – Hey, hands up. Walk backwards and
keep your hands up. Get down on your knees. Keep your hands up. I’m going to– [interposing voices]
Watch the car. Someone covering the car? Do not move. I’m going to move you. – Stand up. Is there anyone else in the car? – No. OK. – So, they said it was $20,000
worth of musical equipment stolen from the
band, so it looks like we do have
the right suspect and everything, that the sting
operation kind of worked out. – Roughly $20,000
worth of equipment. So right now we have
one suspect in custody for possession of
stolen property. We’re going to take him
back to the station, we’ll question him, and he will
be lodged at our local jail and we’ll get the victims
their property back.

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  1. Lol let's make this fast and furious and make the cop cars sound like they're red lining while slowing down and being passed

  2. Could you imagine if someone stole band equipment from Cannibal Corpse and corpsegrinder killed them brutally😂

  3. cop: hello sir how are you today?
    guy: Im fine, how are you?
    cop: im taking you to jail for how cop hello today.
    guy: the man is indeed.
    cop: what man man are you?
    guy:whats going on here?
    cop: im taking you in for assault.

  4. I had my bike stolen the other day and within a few hours it turned up at the same bike shop I had bought it from. Can’t wait to go to court and get this low life thrown in jail or at least ruin his life for the immediate time period by making him pay court costs and probation fees

  5. Most bands, especially the ones just starting up, don't have a lot of money and that truck full of stuff could have been everything they had! If the thief sold it before he got caught, that could have been the end of that bands livelihood! Glad the caught that jerk!!!

  6. I know nobody is going to know what I'm talking about, but this reminds me of when idkhow got their equipment stolen in California…

  7. 1:15 I was expecting this guys to bail as soon as the vehicle came to a stop. They already knew him so I guess it would have been useless to run and risk getting tased/shot.

  8. Why is it anytime someone’s being verbally guided by the police to keep their hands up find all the dumbest smallest reasons to keep darting their hands around out of their line of sight. I don’t favor cops but stop giving them reasons to shoot you cause they’ll get away with it

  9. Salinas pd is a joke.they are scared of everyone.always 4 to 8 cops at every call.Addy Perez has more guts than any 10 of these clowns.I hope they never have to face something like a active shooter.they will all quit at the same time.

  10. Cops: Hands up!!!!
    Bad Guy: Reaches into car..
    If the cameras weren't there,bhe could of possibly been killed..
    What part of " Hands up" don't he understand

  11. He says "Right now we're umm… taking the suspect back, -&&- umm… he will be uhhh, erhmmm… 'lodged' @ our local facility."

    I can NOT be the only one that laughed pretty hard when he said that, lmfao. Occasionally I feel bad for some of the officers in some of these clips lol. Because I can say w/ almost full certainty that w/ the exception of body/dash cams, that whenever MOST if not even possibly ALL of these officers decided to become cops/generally involved in "law enforcement," etc. I guarantee you that they NEVER anticipated becoming part of basically a world known TV show like this lol. He personally seemed super camera shy -&&- like he just desperately wanted it to be over lol.

  12. The real question we all should be asking is “how did he get all that stuff to fit in that car?” You know why… cuz he Hispanic. You can’t tell a Hispanic it won’t fit, oh we are gonna make it fit trust me!!

  13. it makes me happy to see when a piece of chit gets stopped and the innocent person can get their stuff back.

  14. God damnit man, I just spent 4 hours binge watching Live PD. Gotta be at work in 3 hours- what is wrong with me?!?

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