Live PD: I Have a Migraine (Season 3) | A&E

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  1. …And my pain will range from up, down, and sideways
    Thank God it's Friday cause Fridays will always be better than Sundays…

  2. I’ve learned from these videos/episodes that if the officer says “ alright step out of the car” or get out of the car in anyway. You are most likely going to go to jail.

  3. I just bought myself a new car last month. The dealership never mentioned that they have special packages on cars that include drugs. Damnit. I feel ripped off now. Gonna have to go somewhere else next time.😁😎

  4. I wish just one time when they say "oh yeah its my friends, not mine" the cops would just be like "Ok pull up their Snapchat world right now, we bout to get this mf."

  5. How did that cop gets his hands down there like that between the seat and center console? I can never retrieve anything that falls down there.

  6. She bought it a few hours ago at 3 AM. And let someone borrow her car within the few hours she purchased the car. And that person happened to put weed and meth in her car. 🤨

  7. Why do you have to lie when you know you have stash sitting open and between the seats where they will look first? It’s so sad weed is not yet legal in Texas. Such a shame. Was there for new year, got boozed up a lot though. Thought that 8 days break will help quittin. Landed at la guardia at about 7pm on Jan 5. Called my man straight away while plane taxing to park.
    PS it’s not legal in New York as well but scene is different here. God bless America and the cops.

  8. C'mon on man. She just bought her car. Look, she even has the coffee to prove it. The dealer threw in the meth and weed to sweeten the deal.

  9. The good news is, a lot of these scum OD and die the bad news is, it doesnt happen to more of these scum.

  10. But, but, but, I don’t think the cops get it, she had a migraine and was going to the store to get medicine. lol.

  11. Probably came into some money, bought herself a new car and nice baseball size chunk of meth and some weed to mellow out.. her mistake was not leaving the stash at home when she made her midol run at 3:45am

  12. I can't stand when people miss use the term migraine . Lady , if you really had a migraine you wouldn't be using meth for one . You also wouldn't be standing there having a full blown conversation with words flying out of your mouth 100 miles a minute . Please , at least call it a mf headache !

  13. all drugs should be legal…. in the mean time, now that meth is illegal, why isnt it a felony? im pretty sure that possession of any amount of meth is a felony in most places. same with coke and crack… what happened? oh yeah, morons thinking addicts are victims of something and people who feel bad for druggies.

  14. Well that sucked. She enjoyed 3 – 4 hours of her new ride and now its probably gonna cost more than she paid to buy it just to get it out

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