Live PD: That Was a Nice Car (Season 3) | A&E

– We’re going to go to a call
with two people caught fire. Let’s go. [police radio chatter] [explosion] [explosion] Both vehicles are
fully engulfed, no structures involved. Something inside of the
GMC keeps, uh, exploding. I don’t know if it’s, uh, any
kind of chemicals or anything like that. [siren] [explosions] Oh! We’re going to try and get in
contact with the registered owners of the vehicles
and see if they had anything inside of their cars or
see if they know what happened. We’re just waiting for the fire
department to clear the fires. We’ll go through it. We’ll snap photographs
for an arson case here. – That was a nice car. It’s going to be possibly arson. If it was one car
and maybe something happened, but two cars? – Yeah. – Both engine
performance were clean. There was no fire in
the engine compartments. It didn’t look like the
fires had connected. So it had to have started in
the passenger compartment. We’re going to have an officer
that’s going to come out. They’re going to try and
collect any kind of video to see if they can
see anything that’s been going on, to see
if we can get anybody to be able to ID the person. We’re going to canvas
the area see if we can tie a suspect to this case.

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  1. When your ex breaks up with you and pulls a prank and then notices both cars are together “OH SHOOT MY CAR!!” 😂

  2. 0:51 that’s a good safety feature where if a car is on fire something trips the horn or the car alarm to draw attention to the car if the fire has gone unnoticed.

  3. Think those explosions were ammo cooking off? Twice you can very briefly see something very small and hot shooting out of a window.

  4. 2010 super hot Audi
    Low miles nice rims midnight black
    Freshly cleaned interior
    No haggling I know what I have

  5. Anyone else notice they were cleaning the cars and ground around the car before putting the fires out

  6. This guy owes me $400 and he refuses to pay me back. Watching videos like these give me thoughts, I'm getting thoughts. That mothefucker!

  7. Oh well
    I had a Nissan burst into flames while driving it
    My brother drove by while black smoke billowing out

  8. I'm curious if they found the person who started it. I also want to know where it started. An the motive behind it.

  9. Possibly arson? More like obviously arson, both vehicle fires started inside the passenger area and not the engine or gas tank. Somebody trying to destroy evidence

  10. Vehicles get repaired and sold at the lot. Sales associate tells customers "these vehicles are HOT and selling fast"

  11. What’s the protocol if there is live rounds in the vehicle sounded like there was a handgun in the GMC and and all the round inside of it discharged

  12. The explosions were probably the air bag inflators detonating from the heat. At 0:30 it looks like it comes from the roof rail where the side airbags are.

  13. @0:24 (Puts flashlight on the car that is on fire) "Yea, gotta illuminate this car fire so people can see it"

  14. LOL. Those cars and On fire. DO SOMETHING! Dont you guys carry Fire extinguisher Dont Just stand there. Sorry. Just had to say..

  15. Why are the cops the first to show up? Like what are they supposed to do. ‘Yup that’s a fire. Hope the firefighters get here soon’

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