Living with Depression | Anxiety | De-Stigmatizing Depression | Postpartum

how my infinite beings I’m Infinite Bee and
in this video I’m going to speak to you guys about mental health depression and
anxiety and how I deal with those things and what I’ve done in the past so yes
you’re gonna get a little bit of a backstory of what I’ve been through and
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putting out more videos about things that I actually apply to my life that
can help you and be beneficial to you so I know you’re probably like depression
anxiety um a little bit of a backstory about me I’ve actually suffered from an
anxiety and panic attacks since I was like seven years old I remember being
out in the street with my mom and she would be walking holding my hand and I
would just stop in my tracks because people were like coming toward
me and I could not move further and I didn’t know what that tightness in my
chest and my stomach was at the time I just thought like I was shy or I had
butterflies in my stomach I didn’t know what it was but yeah I suffered from
that as well as depression I started feeling depressed when I was
like seven and a half eight years old and having depression because of
traumatic experiences that I had went through in my life um I’ll probably do a
whole separate video on that yeah so I was at a very young age not knowing how
to deal with these feelings having all of this stuff come up and I used to have
oddly enough psychic dreams back then so I didn’t know what was going on with me
I’m like why am I having these dreams so I felt like I was doing something wrong
or there was something wrong with me not knowing that I had an actual gift that
you know I could see things because when the things would happen it would freak
me out so imagine going through all of this as a kid and not knowing how to
process this stuff it drives you crazy it literally makes you have anxiety
panic attacks you start feeling like something’s gonna happen so family
member because you trumped it so I was going through a lot so my entire life in
teen years people just used to think I was bipolar I’ve heard it so many times
like oh yeah my whole life since I was like a teenager at one because they
couldn’t get me like one minute I would be so happy and doing everything in my
life and the next minute I was like super depressed or super emotional
crying all its or you know getting upset at people and
not really wanting them around like sheltering myself and isolating myself
away from people and I would just hear this all the time kind of like a taboo
thing to like seek help okay therapy or anything like that and not knowing that
I’ve been through so many traumatic experiences at such a young age hello
don’t you think that would make me a little bit you know depressed or sad or
not able to process those emotions so yeah basically what ended up happening
is after I had my daughter I had super super depression like I didn’t know what
was wrong with me I used to cry all the time and I was like what is going on now
I had already heard about postpartum depression but I wasn’t thinking that
would be something I would get like you hear about this happening so like you
know other people but I was young I’m like twenty-two years old
like that’s not happening to me like you know that’s not what I’m going through I
clearly remember days of me just not eating like I would feed my daughter
everything take care huh babe her and I wouldn’t even eat I would just not have
an appetite like I wouldn’t be able to eat I wouldn’t be able to do anything I
wouldn’t want to go anywhere I had weeks Wellborn it’s a go places I wanted to
party I wanted to do stuff and I should have realized like okay something’s
wrong here but I didn’t really get it and so she was like a year old and then
I was like no something is wrong something is wolf I don’t feel like
myself so I decide after a long argument with
my daughter’s dad me crying in the middle of the street of Brooklyn
somewhere I don’t even remember what street I was on I’m letting the phone
crying I hang up the phone and I’m just like sitting there and I remember
calling my mom and she’s like what’s going on get back to your grandmother’s
house or whatever what’s going on with you and I literally felt like I had no
clue so that’s exact same day I called I went to my grandmother’s house my
grandmother had me call a few places yeah it was about ten days later that I
had pointman it was on 1/11 which is like a
sacred number for me now but yeah I decided to cold make that appointment
and I was like alright I’m gonna do this now I know what you’re thinking I’m
probably like you actually went to therapy I had never knew any person of
color go to therapy yes I went to therapy because I knew it was important
for me and for my child you know when you have a kid you have to think
differently you can’t put yourself first anymore you can’t be selfish anymore so
my first diagnosis I was diagnosed with postpartum depression I wasn’t put on
medication right away because at first you go to therapy and stuff like that
and you’re just trying to get sort through your feelings and like they’re
trying to get backstory on you so you kind of just basically go in there and
talking and talking and talking now some people go in therapy sessions
and they don’t want it all and they’re very closed off and it takes a long time
for them to open up but me I had so much stuff inside of me that as soon as I got
in there and I was talking a person anyway as you guys know so does I got
any I’m like and this happened in that and it was like a weight was being
lifted off my shoulders just getting that out just getting how I was feeling
out and everything that happened to me out and there was days that I was in
there crying and you’re gonna go through that and you got to think about it these
people are professionals they’re not judging you they’re not there to judge
you they’re doing their job you’re gonna say what I’m saying so it’s a lot of
relatives it’s not someone that’s close to you that’s gonna be looking at you a
certain way this person doesn’t know you from a can of paint you know so you have
to trust the process the process is for you to heal and figure to get through it
so if you need to go to therapy I suggest going I don’t suggest
medications everyone but I do suggest going to therapy just to get those
emotions out just to learn how to deal with what you’re feeling and how to cope
with what you’re feeling inside it definitely helps to get that out to go
to some sessions and it really feels like wait weights are being lifted off
your shoulders like every time you come out of there with the therapy session
you feel so much lighter sometimes you come out feeling upset and
angry and confused because it brought up so many old wounds and things that you
had bury but that’s okay because you gotta get that stuff out of you you know
it’s almost like exercising it’s like you are getting that stuff out
of you all of that stuff that has been inside of you that you’ve been holding
in you are getting out so it definitely helps to go to therapy and talk about
this stuff and to get all of that stuff out of you and to make sure that you are
not only getting that out but you’re processing your feelings you know
there’s one thing to get it off your chest is another thing to process how
you feel about each thing so medication could be a very slippery slope as you
guys can see I have my notes here because I have to go through all of the
drugs that I’ve ever been on but wellbutrin is the first thing that
they’ve ever put me on and I had no appetite on this like I was already not
eating I was a very barely eating um and this made me not eat even more sometimes
they gave me dry mouth and I remembered sometimes it making me feel groggy in
the mornings okay but other than that it made my hair grow really long so you may
experience excess body hair because my hair is super long like my hair was to
the middle of my back but I usually tried to take it and like at a decent
time because I also suffered from insomnia so I had insomnia from a young
child so maybe like five years old so I was unable to sleep at night I would get
up all the time I actually used to sleepwalk and my mom would find me
sleeping in other places at the house and have to bring me back to my room
so having insomnia and not being able to sleep like that kind of made them know
right away they had to put me on something to get me to sleep because
that kind of makes the anxiety worse is when you’re not getting sleep like like
asleep makes everything worse they also put me on klonopin which helps
you sleep at night and it’s also for anxiety so this actually helped with my
anxiety and for me sleeping but after a while that didn’t really work anymore so
I needed something else so that something else was ambien ambien is also
consult peetam so you’re gonna probably see that on your pillow if you get their
generic brands and I had no issues with ambien I used to sleep like a baby
come I had no problems with any of those
sleep medications that I took so ii inside the present that I was born was
Prozac now prozac was given to me once they took my diagnosis from postpartum
depression to major depressive disorders so major to the pressive disorder it’s
just another way of saying you’re super sad like literally like it used to be
called unipolar disorder because I guess you have bipolar and unipolar and
remember when I said that my whole family thought I was bipolar they were
actually shocked when they came back and said no you’re just super sad like you
have major depressive disorder and I actually tried to tell them that I don’t
feel like that all the time but because it’s for an extended period of time it’s
not like one day I’m up one day I’m down it’s like a whole four weeks of you
being depressed they still count it as major depressive disorder they still
count as you just being super depressed so this is basically what they diagnosed
me with and I was just like okay but I know for a fact that I’m okay some days
but if you saying that I’m not okay then I guess I’m not really okay they’re like
oh you may feel good in the moment whenever whatever so sometimes they’ll
diagnose you and that might not really be your true diagnosis but we’re just
gonna roll with whatever they told me that I was depressed which I do feel
like I had depression I’m not disagreeing with that but I do feel like
it wasn’t as severe as they we’re making it seem like for some reason with this
inside the present I felt more like dumbed down if that’s you know no correct way
to say it didn’t feel like my regular self because my regular self is my god
yeah you know I could get in some moments where I’m just like super
energized super you know I’m responding in class I’m raising my hand everything
this I was unable to really do all of that like I was just there I was taking
notes and stuff I was focused but at the same time I wasn’t really like you know
the person I really truly am so that’s what I was saying about these drugs
being tricky because it does alter you know the way your brain and chemicals in
your brain respond and you may not seem like the same person so people that know
you for years may seem like a whole new person so if
you’re not the type of person that wants that I wouldn’t suggest it like I
wouldn’t suggest it to anyone who really didn’t need it and who wasn’t like on
the brink of ending up in psychiatric care only because I know there’s
alternatives and we’re gonna talk about those alternatives in a few so the next
thing that they decided to put me on was a circle circles are inside psychotic
you guys so I saw these people my great-grandmother comes to visit me in a
dream and all of a sudden they think I’m crazy I’m hearing stuff I’m hearing
voices or whatever the case may be none of that was the case like if you go to a
death in your family and that person transitions because we all know there’s
no true death but that person leaves this earth this 3d reality and their spirit can still contact you and I always have known this because I was going with
her and gifts that I’ve always been able to see certain things or people come to
me all the time this she’s not that first one that have has come to me
family member that has come to me after they made their transition so I’m like
you know I know I’m okay like I know I’m not crazy you know like I know for a
fact my grandmother’s coming to visit me in these dreams because she wants to
tell me something like my great-grandma does not just gonna be keep coming to me
in dreams like but for some reason they thought that because of the passing or
whatever that I was I guess seeing this or you know it was basically messing
with my mind because that’s the way they’re gonna think because that’s the
way they’re trained and you know schooled to think that this is what it is because
they’re going based of of what they learn and they learn to deal with the
mind not really with the spirit or the soul we’re gonna get into that too
because that’s the reason why I feel like this path is not for everyone
because once you open up this box like Pandora’s box you may get some things
that you don’t want you know like yeah you go seeking help and stuff like that
but there’s a whole nother side that comes with it especially once you start
taking medications because you may be taking something that does not react
with you and that’s what happened with this prescription summer cool it’s an
anti-psychotic that’s why it was an inside to present
like all of the other medication so this is really for people who are
schizophrenic this is not even for my classification of what they said I have
or whatever what they diagnosed me as this had nothing to do with it so I
ended up getting medication that made me wake up one day like a zombie
so At this time my mom was like comes in I can’t talk I can’t say anything I
can’t move cause it was not in my head because this medication made me like a
zombie when I woke up in the morning I couldn’t go to class that day I couldn’t
take my daughter in daycare that day like nothing so she immediately calls
for me calls them and tells them that this happened so they’re like oh no
people watch on her it should come out of his system soon but you know if not
then take that to the hospital so my mom is asking do you want to go to the
hospital so I’m shaking my head low because I didn’t really want to go to
the hospital all I wanted to do was go back to sleep
so I laid back down I didn’t get up to the next day so she had to like take him
I’d order for me that whole day feed her do whatever with her I had no
recollection of anything that took place that day because well I do because
literally go back to sleep and I couldn’t wake up to the following day
never ever took that medication again and it’s crazy because after I you know
found out about this she told me to call my uncle cuz my uncle has schizophrenia
and when we googled we found out that this is actually how people with
schizophrenia not people that have major depressive disorder depression so we
called him and he said that this is like the worst thing that he has ever taken
as well to never ever take this again because they gave him this and this made
him like that and that’s the reason why he never ever wanted to take it again
because I had him like a zombie um I had no clue why would they even give me
something this strong or something like that I was also given Zoloft so right
after this they gave me Zoloft it’s okay Zoloft is not that bad
Zoloft is mild it kind of like it’s a what’s known as a selective serotonin
reuptake inhibitor so it kind of just like regulate
serotonin levels in your body and I felt fine they give this to people with
anxiety PTSD PMDD which is like I guess has to do which a premenstrual disorder
whatever and panic disorders so I was completely fine with this I had a 100
milligram of this I was ok with this I didn’t really see anything wrong with
this but like I said when you want something for a long amount of time it
feels less effective so the last thing final thing that I was on with xanax
what I noticed with this and I guess people have taken this before you kind
of become paranoid like it’s supposed to make you less paranoid and I don’t have
panic those letters you you came like a paranoia yes so rappers are rapping
about this stuff because I guess this is what they want to do I don’t know I am
completely against any of that only because I feel like you know this is for
people that really have mental health issues this is not for people to get
high off of this is not for people to just take like oh yeah I’m gonna you
know hallucinate or how to get high off of this this is for people who are
really mentally ill and need this this is not for anybody that is just wanting
to take this because they heard it in a rap song so if any of you guys are
thinking about taking this because you heard it in a rap song – think again
because you don’t want to deal with paranoia you don’t want to feel like
somebody’s coming after you like sometimes I’ll be at the train station
on the subway platform and I would feel like people are watching me or
somebody’s gonna come after me this is not something you wanna take okay so out
of all of them this gave me the most paranoia and gave me like a fare of
death and made me feel like you know people were after me when I was out in
public so you know yeah it’s supposed to help with anxiety and stuff like that
but it kind of like countered everything and it did not help with the anxiety it
did not help me feel any better then I was already feeling so I would not
suggest anyone to take this because they hear it in a rap song almost six years
of not having to take anything or I have therapy or anything else how do I do
this so basically what I do is natural remedies one of the natural
things that I do is exercise so exercise actually releases endorphins and it
helps balance your serotonin and melatonin levels that is basically what
is off-balance which creates your depression a lot of people think oh no
there’s something wrong or you know I have to deal with this sometimes it
literally is just the chemicals that’s going on it has nothing to do with
something you’re feeling inside or something that you went through and you
wouldn’t know this because you could literally just be sitting there and all
of a sudden you feel this sadness come over you
that’s that shift that’s that chemical imbalance like your serotonin and
melatonin levels are off nothing has happened no one has done anything no one
has passed away there’s no tragedy going on in your life
there’s nothing but all of a sudden you feel like that sadness that’s that shift
so exercise helps with this I’m telling you guys like I try to exercise at least
three times a week endorphins that’s feel-good hormones that are natural to
your body that you’re actually releasing just from working out and then the
benefits of working out is you know beyond anything that you can get from
anything else from any drug you’re gonna feel good about yourself your body’s
gonna look great and your self-image that actually has to do with depression
as well yourself if you have poor self-image exercising will help doesn’t
matter if you’re not at your goal weight or your gold size be your goal size
you’re actually gonna feel so much better about yourself just from working
out so diet diet plays a big role in dealing with depression and anxiety you
guys because certain things will give you anxiety certain things will make you
more depressed okay if you’re taking in a lot of sugar that can lead you to
feeling more depressed and if you are taking a lot of coffee in your diet
I drink coffee every morning I’m like I’m known as the coffee queen but I try
to limit it to that one cup in the morning and not just have coffee all
throughout the day because I realized when I was going to Starbucks all the
time when I was in college and stuff like that I would literally be like
shaking sometimes and how you know you’re having way too much
coffee or your anxiety is flaring up more because you have so much caffeine
in your system so think about what you’re eating things that help which
with me is dark chocolate I have dark chocolate
I eat dark chocolate all the time it helps with the serotonin levels and it
helps to increase serotonin and relax your blood vessels which helps with
cardiovascular health that’s why a lot of people were saying that eating dark
chocolate is healthy for you they say an ounce a day keeps the doctor away
when it comes to depression and I don’t know you guys have probably heard an
apple a day keeps the doctor away so that’s like three little blocks that’s
like 150 to 170 calories so yes I have my dark chocolate all the time and I’ve
always loved all chocolate l ate from I was a little girl it’s I know people say it’s an
acquired taste I literally love dark chocolate way better than milk chocolate
like I won’t even touch them up chocolate I have to have dark chocolate
is said to have polyphenols in it and I got my purse I can show you guys that’s
what helps with the telephony level so one of this boys came so it’s just like
basically three blocks is full – typing and this is what I eat I had I usually
say help with my serotonin levels and this top chocolate this is actually only
49% some days I’ll get 59 percent 75 they have the 75 um 85 sometimes coz 85
is very bitter so yeah but as long as you’re getting you know the the chemical
that’s in it that’s helping so release the serotonin you’ll be good so another
thing that is good for ya mood is green tea green tea has an amino acid in it
known as theanine so green tea see I don’t drink green tea all the time
but if I’m feeling like my mood is a little funky or whatever I won’t have a
cup of green tea the other two that I drink is chamomile tea for sleep so if
you have that insomnia like I said chamomile tea is very good
for you sleeping as well as I take this sleepy time tea so good times he helps
me I always have either chamomile or sleepy time tea and I’ll have that at
night if I feel like a little insomnia like I can’t sleep because when you
cannot sleep that throws it off like that throws off that balance with your
melatonin level and your serotonin level so you can take that or you can get
valerian root valerian root also helps relax you calm you and helps with your
anxiety it helps you fall asleep or you can get melatonin you can get the
melatonin pills that actually helps you as well be able to sleep at night so
there are so many other natural things on the market that you can take instead
of taking prescription drugs so some of the other things that help to release
serotonin is whole-grain carbs brown rice oatmeal and whole wheat pasta now
in the wintertime that’s really when I mostly would suffer from any type of
feeling depressed is in the winter so now for me it’s more seasonal than
anything I usually have oatmeal every single morning because this helps okay
it helps me keep keep me regular I go into the bathroom and it also helps with
my serotonin levels and just this winter that past I was on keto so I couldn’t
have any type of carbs from the oatmeal so I was eating eggs but I was also
having avocado I would have a avocado in my salad and it actually has tyrosine in
it and that actually helps to release dopamine so that is basically like your
body’s drug feel-good drug that’s saying like okay release me like that’s your
body body’s feel-good chemical basically that’s being released when you eat
avocado so like I had yesterday I got to get another one but
yeah I have avocados in my salad all the time
also leafy greens if you eat watercress lettuce spinach those are all rich in
folate folate the serotonin levels have shown to rise when you eat foods that
are rich in folate so yeah that’s basically what I do
I’ll have which leafy greens I usually have spinach for lunch with avocado so
I’m basically eating all of the things that I would need for my body to have
the chemicals of my seven Sonnen level of melatonin levels dopamine all of that
good stuff that my body releases naturally are being released because I’m
eating the right foods not because I’m relying on prescription drugs no shades
of prescription drugs but when you find out what foods to eat you’re gonna feel
so much better by taking the natural route feeling healthy and well mentally
then you would own prescriptions so even though I’m vegetarian I used to be
pescetarian and the things that are cents who help you out a lot are salmon
tuna any type of like fatty fish it basically releases serotonin it’s just
another thing to help release serotonin and it’s also rich in vitamin D is Oysters oysters are high in zinc and that actually helps to improve your mood but
you can also get a high zinc from oatmeal so I was eating oatmeal so I was
good and that actually helps to basically have you in an elevated mood
whole lot of stuff isn’t a fool you guys it’s just having to apply it having to
actually eat healthy eat the right way that’s gonna help improve your mood a
lot of the things that people are eating it’s not real food unfortunately a lot
of it is processed and they’re not getting those vitamins that they need
from that food everything that we need is here on Mother Earth everything that we need
and unfortunately a lot of people have been eating so much process that they
don’t even like eating natural foods sweet potatoes that actually helps with
the serotonin levels as well so there’s so many things and I love sweet potato
like I would just make it like especially in the wintertime like if I’m
not dieting I’ll make it in a pan and bake it like like how people bake a
regular potato and just cut it open you put a little butter sweet potato tastes
so good to me but um yeah tumeric if you’re a person that eats curry and you
know Indian food or Caribbean food and you have curry and stuff like that that
actually hoped I know they say that turmeric is like the spice of life and
it’s for a reason because it helps elevate the mood as well a lot of people
that eat those type of foods you should have a better outlook on life and feel
more happy about their life so my meat-eaters lean means help you guys
okay turkey especially its herky has high levels of tryptophan okay and that
helps stimulate serotonin production so now I’m gonna get to the fun part sex
okay yes sex can help with depression people who have sex regularly tend to
feel less stressed and less depressed because you have chemicals that are
being released in your body during sex that help you feel good and had that
feel-good feeling as well it’s basically a natural high that’s why some people
could get it to sex because it literally releases certain chemicals in the body
so I’m not saying get addicted to it now okay so okay don’t start jumping on your
boyfriend every 10 minutes no take this seriously if you’re gonna implement it
in your life let him know or let her know like look I need like sex regularly
I know our schedules are hectic I’m assuming that you’re in a relationship
if you’re not in a relationship masturbation still releases those same
feel-good hormones so you can go that right route as well I don’t suggest
people just having casual sex but if you do make sure you’re protected so the
chemicals that are released during sex aren’t
I mean endorphins and oxytocin this your body naturally releases and you can
actually have this effect same thing with dopamine dopamine is naturally
released during exercise and during sex this your body is naturally releasing
these feeling hormones that’s why you feel so great and pumped after workup
that’s why you usually feel great after sex you know you feel that relaxed
sensation and your stress levels come down as well that’s why we have like
this running joke my man and I like if we get somebody that’s giving us a hard
time you know they’ll be like oh he needs sex so she needs sex like we’ll
say that because we know that that’s basically their body having those high
cortisol levels cortisol levels increase when you’re not having sex and that
actually puts stress on the heart leads to heart attacks and things like that so
yeah sex definitely helps with the health as well as your mood you know so
it’s not something that you know people should stay away from if you’re in a
relationship and you know that you know you feel tense or stressed hey this is a
natural stress reliever like let you make know you know you can
plan something do something special whatever the case may be make it fun you
know if you’re in a relationship make it fun but this definitely helps like this
is definitely something that helps with your mood and helps you stay out of the
pressure if you have to work it out with your schedules if you have a hectic
schedule some people have two jobs some people have a business and a job like
things get hectic especially in our generation so I definitely do feel like
we’re not having as much sex as our parents were having because we
about that grind we about that hustle you know so you gotta make it work and
this definitely helps now kinky sex is said to be the best for
communication between your partners it helps you communicate better with people
it helps you be more self-confident and it helps you to be willing to try new
things especially when it comes to work or
anything like that it helps you so you know
I’m not gonna get into in detail but you might have to break out the handcuffs or
whatever like you may have to do some things like this helps you this helps
you communicate how you’re feeling and part of your depression sometimes is not
being able to communicate the way you feel so I know you’re probably like okay
so what else do you do well every single morning when I wake up I meditate
especially if I have work like I do not go to work without meditating I have to
meditate I have to listen to affirmation so I’ll link those things in this video
because those are some things I have to do before anything as soon as I wake up
get in my shower brush my teeth come out meditate that’s it before I do anything
else and that helps me meditation o-m-g sometimes things come to me a meditation
of how to handle a situation then I would never have gotten if I did not
meditate and once I started meditating I was like you know this is amazing like
my mood automatically is lifted and my frequency is automatically raised I get
my mind right before I go to work some people smoke some people you know smoke
weed or whatever marijuana to get their mind right you know do what works for
you I’m not against that but I don’t do that I just meditate and I you know I
don’t wake and bake I wake and meditate that’s what I do so when I’m feeling a
little bit like anxious and stuff what I will do is I will come home I always
have frankincense and myrrh I like to take baths and I like to soak in Epsom
salts like or perhaps take spiritual bath which I’ll make a video
on how I make my spiritual baths but that actually helps to relax me calm my
mood calm my anxiety also I like to listen to music oh yeah music how could
I forget the number one thing that raises
anyone’s mood anyone’s frequency anyone’s vibration okay music it speaks
to you it speaks to the soul don’t listen to anything depressing don’t
listen to something that’s gonna make you think about your grandmother
Or great grandmother that passed away now think about something that’s gonna
make you think about your ex listen to build and happy
music happy stuff put on a playlist that makes you feel good let’s actually buy
these yesterday I bought this one this is calm so you can set your
intentions the same way I made a video about setting intentions for money doing
money handles set intentions for your depression and your anxiety
this is calm this will help your anxiety okay it says calm on it I actually got
this from Macy’s backstage and I was only $6.99 so I know if you don’t want
to spend that much you could just get a white candle get a regular white candle
set your intention in that candle and look at that candle and set that
intention that you will be calm you will be of calm and sound mind okay you will
not have anxiety and I bought this candle it has Jasmine and chamomile and
like I said cameraman who called you so it has that calming effect essential
oils are gonna come out and it’s actually gonna be like aromatherapy for
you and it’s gonna help with your feeling calm okay
also I always have lavender oils lavender oils are good for burning and
as well as body oils so like when I used to take the train I don’t anymore I’ve
been driving my own car yeah now I used to put this on if I started feeling
anxiety under the train I would put lavender oil I also have some red
lavender oil from the Botanica but yeah I would put lavender oil and just smell
it to help me feel calm so I don’t feel like you know this train is stuck down
here right now it could only be maybe 30 seconds but that will flare up my
anxiety when I used to take the train because you’re stuck on there you know
you in your mind you’re saying I’m under the tunnel and the trains not moving so
your mind is processing it in a flight or fight response and that flares up
your anxiety and then gets at chest gets tight and then you start feeling
panicked so that’s what I used to do I used to rub lavender oil on and just
smell it and it actually calms you like you’ll be surprised how these things
work and work on the brain you do not need medication
I bought this candle joy I’m gonna set my intention in this so I can be happy
okay such an intention to be happy set your intentions of feel joy you have to
intention because when you’re suffering from depression everything that comes
your way is gonna bombard you you have to set the intention that you will be
happy you will be that I understand you will be still and it’s hard sometimes it
is a uphill battle but guess what you have to set that intention putting that
in my subconscious mind the mind is all the universe is mental it’s all in the
mind sometimes you guys yes we have the chemicals and like this and the that but
sometimes it’s all in the mind sometimes the fact that you feel
something’s happening that panicky feeling it’s in your mind okay
especially for people that suffer from anxiety you would know because sometimes
you know what’s gonna trigger me you know if you get in that elevator and
there’s too many people in that elevator you’re gonna be triggered and that’s
gonna trigger your anxiety so sometimes if I see that I won’t even get in there
I’ll wait for the next one because I know what my triggers are now so
this is the other kid who I got it says blessed if you cannot talk candles that
say anything when I actually got this one Dollar Tree I got this one from
Dollar Tree as well for $1 if you can’t find candles I say anything on it just
get a white candle right on you okay and this I’m gonna set my attention because
I am blessed and sometimes you want to remind yourself of that you had it good
compared to other people in other countries and other places other
circumstances there’s always someone that has the words thank you you got it
good you are okay and sometimes you got to remind yourself that you are exactly
where you ought to be you are exactly where you’re supposed to be and
sometimes we get upset because we have such high expectations of ourselves as
humans we’ve set these high expectations and we’re like I should be there ready
or we see somebody else that’s so quote doing it on social media or you know on
the gram and they’re living their best life which that’s the depiction of what
they want you to see that’s not necessarily what they’re going through
you don’t know that person could be suffering from an illness right now that
nobody even knows about um but yeah they want you to see them living their best
life well that person could be in a relationship and they put in
relationship goals but then they don’t even mesh with that person right or
they’re constantly fighting constantly arguing I have a toxic relationship you
don’t know these things because they put out what they want to put out so don’t
go on social media looking at people’s posts and stuff and saying
like they’re in Dubai they’re this their that comparing comparison is a deadly disease
never compare yourself to the next person because you are on your own path
you’re on your own journey and you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be
doing it life seriously your time will come okay Your time will come
so I hope this video was helpful for you guys and I’m just letting you know that
I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there okay
I know sometimes your pillowcase is soaking wet because all you can do is
cry but that’s okay get those feelings out but that next day you gotta
get up and you gotta be stronger in the shower go to the gym make sure you feel
good if you don’t have a gym membership walk around the block through some home
workouts I would actually link some at home workouts in this video as well and
make sure you get eating right make sure you’re following the things that I said
in this video because all of this stuff is gonna help you encompass a way
that you can actually be okay without having to be on prescriptions because
I’m telling you you have the strength inside you everything that you need is
inside of you okay you don’t need anything else you don’t need anything
Outside of yourself to tell you what you need all you need is the will to get
better I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you guys in the
next one bye

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  1. This is a great topic and more ppl need to have more discussions about this topic great video πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  2. In this day and age, Mental Health needs to be brought to the spotlight. So many are dealing in the shadows for fear of judgement. Don't be afraid or selfish…get help and find that non judgmental ear that listens to your problems. GREAT JOB INFINITE BEE. THX FOR SHARING!!

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