Hey guys, It’s Pewdie- Ah What is happening?! It’s the internet It’s coming for you Logan, run! AH, it’s the internet. They’re coming for you, Logan, run! AHH Yesterday Logan Paul uploaded a video titled: “We found a dead body in the Japanese suicide forest.” With this very tasteful thumbnail This must be a great video, can’t wait to click on this. He didn’t actually show a dead body in his video I know he is out for that daily grind for views but surely… even Logan Paul has his limits (he really doesn’t). Now, I always knew that Logan Paul was a jackass, so I wasn’t really surprised by the fact that once Logan Paul found a dead body that he acted like a jackass. It didn’t really come as a shock to me. But for those of you who do not know (that) what happened Basically, he found a dead body, he went up to the body, filmed, filmed it literally up close, It’s sorta (sorta) a thing you see on this off brand website, it’s not the kind of stuff you see on YouTube. Uhh, very disturbing, really… disrespectful. Zooming on the body, making weird jokes around it. And people always point out that: “Oh, Logan, he is like the nice one of the Paul brothers, he is the more mature one.” No, he is not. I’ve been telling this for years. Jake at least seems he is like somewhat self-aware but, Logan he is a straight up sociopath. You know when he does those daily vlog videos, there’s always: “What’s the next big thing?”, you know. Just dangling in front of you, like, what’s gonna draw in more people to the channel? Me filming a dead body? BRRAH Not even hesitating. Logan: I’m not monetizing this video for obvious reasons. I will say before you watch, this is graphic. Uuh I think this definetly marks a moment in YouTube history because I’m pretty sure this has NEVER, hopefully, happened to anyone on YouTube ever. Poods: They try and sorta mask the whole thing with the sad music. tHis Is gRaphIc I like how how he points out this is a mark for YouTube history, like, everything has to be an achivement to this man. cAusE i’M pRetTy SurE ThiS haS nEvEr – HoPEfUllY hAppEned To AnyOne On Yt EvEr “I did something that marks the history of YouTube.” I’m amazed you thought this was appropriate for YouTube. So they go to the well-known forest, suicide forest which is outside Mount Fuji, in Japan. Japan has a huge problem with suicide, it’s uuh- But it’s known that you enter the forest to commit suicide in Japan That’s why it literally has the name “Suicide Forest.” Oh god Logan again: Also known as … The Japanese Suicide Forest! *jumpscare* You know what’s gonna happen, you don’t have to add that sound effect. OUW HEHE hufdjlu spooky Like, It’s so dumb, I can’t. Logan again: Hey, uhh. If ur a ghost in this forest plz plz leave us alone FoRsHadOwiN EvEryBodY Almost like he knew this was gonna happen … ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) WHo would have thought? Entering the suicide forest, going off trail We would find a dead body huufuffufu that’s crazy! Who would have thought? Nevermind tension, tho. Logan: Uhm I really hate to say this, I think theres someone hanging right there. Poods is back: So here they found the dead body and uhh HEY HEY FILM ME HEY ALRIGHT FILM ME SO I CAN HAVE THIS REACTION Logan ist zurück: I really hate to say this, I think theres someone hanging right there. I’m not even f*cking (christian channel) kidding. I’m not even, this isn’t even a f*cking joke guys! That’s a f*cking person! nOooOOO I think you’re f*cking right omagah nOOO dude wat the heck *bring the camera lets go* Felix: Did he just say “Bring the camera let’s go”? BRING THE CAMERA LETS GO Err, theres a damn body there, bring the camera, let’s go everybody, let’s goo – Have a lil close look over there. Let’s not call the cops. Lets’s just, eeeh, bring the camera, make sure you bring the camera. The thing is, I dont wanna show the video, it’s so stupid. I’ll just describe it. Cause I don’t wanna show it, but he, basically, zooms in on the corpse. He shows the hands, he’s right next to it. He films it. I-It’s just- It’s so distasteful. It’s so disrespectful. And it’s so stupid. Logan: What the f**k is goin’ oonNN? Some guy: I dunno, dude. WhyyyyyY?? It’s sinking in, bro. This wasn’t suppose to happen, maan. Oh my God, stop f*cking show it. What’s wrong with you? There’s no going BACK I’ve seen things I can’t unsee. We found. a dead. body. YIUP What the f*ck H a h a h a. You can’t enter the restricted area. What? You can’t enter the restricted area. You can’t enter. Oh, it’s a little too late, bro. We’ve seen a little too much. Alredi. Like, you didn’t know f*cking it was restricted to go off trail. Like, come on, dude. There’s kids running arouund. WHAT if- What if the f*cking kids stumbled upon this guy. Oh, there’s kids, just like the all the kids watching your vlogs, Logan. Which you showed anyway. What are you saying? That’s your audience right there. Now, the video got on trending. Uhh, people, uhh, people were very upset. Different celebreties. Aaron Paul tweeted. Philip DeFranco pointed out that there was (were) 60 thousand likes on the video before it was taken down. His core audience give a Fkjfdpkgckk, unless YouTube does something, this doesn’t hurt him. It’s true. It’s true. Yeah, I was surprised when I saw the video and… not many seem to give a shit. I-If not until Twitter this morning I’m like: “Oh yeah, people are actually pissed off about this, good.” Cause it’s so stupid. I mean, it literally say in YouTube’s policy that uh- you can’t include disturbing or disgusting video footage. I think this classifies. I-I do think so. And seeing it then appear on trending i-iuh- it makes you go like “Wha-what-what is happening?” “What is-what is this? Can you imagine the thought process that went into this? Like, “Oh yes, uh, let me just, uh, make this face.” *teh face* And then we’ll add him here. Right. We’ll add- Make sure you can see him… properly. Take off your stupid f*cking hat. Here’s what you do if you find a dead body… in a vlog: You either don’t-don’t film the body at all, or at least cut it out of the vlog cause it’s inappropriate and disrespectful to show. Even if you blurr it. OR You just cut-cut it there. You can talk about it afterwards if you want to bring attention to it, that’s completely fine, I think it’s important issue to talk about and we shouldn’t shy away from it but just cut it, you don’t have to show it. And we definitely don’t need to see you zooming in and walking in on the face of the person. It’s disgusting. The things is, I sorta understand the mentality. This would make a great vlog. Logan has made 440 vlogs. He does it every single day. And there’s always “what’s the next big vlog?” “What’s gonna be the next big thing that draws people in?” Of course, of something like this happens he’s gonna wanna capitalize on it. He’s gonna wanna try and draw attention to HIM. And he knows this’ gonna get more attention, if he films the body, shows it in the thumbnail all these things that he did. Now he- A lot of people, in his defense, said: “Well, he demonitized the video, he added disclaimers.” Well, he even point(ed) out himself that there’s no way the video’s gonna get monetized anyway. Logan: I’m sorry for swearing so much. I’m already giving flag for demonetization. So, it’s not really a noble thing to not monetize the video if you know it”s not gonna monetize anyway. A lot of people were off pissed at Logan for laughing or ridiculing the situation, I don’t really have a problem with that personally, I think a lot deal with this sort of thing in their own way. It’s obviously a traumatic thing for anyone to find a dead body. For me the problem is showing it. Uh, showing the body, filming the body, acting like a jackass still in front of it. There was no way you need it to show that, you could have reviewed it afterwards in the edit and said: “Hey, let’s cut this out.” Since then Logan has issued an apology, which is the first apology I-I’ve ever seen that has an emoji sign in it. And a hashtag. Uh, he also mentioned himself… twenty-six times in this apology. He points out that didn’t do it for the views because he already gets views. Yeah, f*cking right, dude. Shut the f*ck up. You might be fooling you kid audience but you’re ain’t foolin’ me, alright? You 100% did it for the views. You put a dead man in your thumbnail. Explain that. “I’m surrounded by good people.” DUde wat the heck Get the camera, let’s go. It’s a thing that is now… in our lifes (waow) I think what this video really does is- it encompasses everything wrong with YouTube: the clickbait, the sensationalism, the thing that’s gotta keep pushing. At the end of the day it just shines bad on everyone. Now, I’m by no means… a good example o-of talking about this but no one is perfect, we-we all make mistakes I think I– Eeeeehhhhhhh I know about this one. I have a few experiences with this sort of things. But actions… speak louder than words. In my opinon, which seems to be overlooked everytime. For me at least. I never did anything towards another human being. I just said things you that weren’t supposed to say. And, uh… to me it-it’s a big, big difference. In my opinon, he did apologize, you know, no matter how bad the apology is, he did apologize. People are outraged and they want some sort of, like: “Oh, channel should be taken down” or this or that and obviously, I don’t believe in that, no matter what. Like, uh… I don’t believe in the “lose your job” kind of hate mob. He should- That some bigger sort of consequence shoud come out of this, but he definitely deserved to be critisized. Uhh… at the very least. Suicide is a serious issue. And shouldn’t take- be taken lighten–lightly. Can’t speak. I’m gonna leave some link in the description where you can up for help. Get help if you need it. There is help for you. And that’s it from me for now. Squad fam out.

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  1. No one talks about this but, the friends that where with Logan in the forest. And, in my opinion. They where even WORST the Logan! ALWAYS smiling, making jokes, laughing, and their the ones handling the camera!!
    Yes, Logan really should have known better. But, what's wrong with these people?? If Logan doesn't know any better, how can there not be one person of three people to go. Hey, this is kinda of fuck up. I feel uncomfortable. Can we go? I don't want to see a dead person.
    Don't film the dead body man there are kids how watch your videos!!!
    Three people. And no one thought what he wanted to do was wrong? No one even TRIED to challenge him!

  2. Tbh, I'm a teen and sometimes I feel that I have more common sense than some adults do. Which makes me lose faith in humanity🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Pewds: …” the next big thing is dangling right in front of you”
    Me: “He didn’t realise what just did there did he…”

  4. This is why I don’t like u, u make people look bad, and not I’m not surprise u don’t film with anyone, but I am surprise u r a big YouTuber

  5. …the sadest thing is suicide is not joke many people have depression and wish to die my neighbor almost commit suicide but their family stop so the youtube has the right thing to delete it i hope you learn logan Pls..

  6. i couldn't hold out and endure to don't watch this video especially when i saw the picture of this video and the name of this channel 'pewds' loool.

  7. I remember back when that vid was first uploaded, i was in a dark place, and contemplating ending it…. and I remember not even feeling scared of the idea of it after the vid…. then my friend came over…. and we hung out, and i was fine. I’m in therapy now…. I’m still so mad at Logan… his video (indirectly) pushed me that little inch further.

  8. Hello everyone I have insulted a few people in this comment section and I wanna say sorry and hopefully you accept my apology. I am a more mature person now

  9. Pewdiepie:*breathes*
    YouTube: DeMoNitized
    Log pollen: *finds dead body and tells the camera dude to look at it
    YouTube: TrEnDiNg

  10. Jake Paul : Goes to the Suicide Forest and founds a dead body and wears a ridiciloius hat

  11. Honestly, I would be mad if Pewds said the n word but he can literally say anything and people don’t get triggered.

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