LUCU KOCAK SUKA DUKA DI KIOS MINYAK ( funny happiness sadness while in gas station )

okay guys I will share stories of joy and sorrow when refueling for my vehicle maybe you are used to seeing this or you are familiar with the officer said like this starting from zero yes sir but strangely every time I fill my vehicle that means refueling where I live everyone, no one ever said like this starting from zero yes sir there is one place the officer if I fit in, always the blessing is like this, oh … don’t just say facial expressions and nods, like this or thick mustache dirty face uh … uniforms that are not new anymore the color alias has faded no hospitality you don’t need hospitality, in my place guys or there is also a place, instead the female officer, however my vehicle has been turned off but woi … sir turn off the vehicle wow … so if it’s in my place it’s hard to find the ideal place in accordance with the I used to work on the island of Java especially in Karawang in a company textile not a textile company but what? pertochemical company so I happened to come out often use official vehicles and coincidence the official vehicle is this an American-made car sedan wow that year proud to have a vehicle like that but right when I went with my friend a woman his name is Hafilah so we shop for something office uh … kept ordering by friend he said the vehicle the fuel will run out so I have been entrusted with money to refuel later filled in refueling place arrived at the refueling place What happened I don’t know where the button is ow … no the officer was confused, I was also confused because I first used the vehicle very poor finally I decided to go back to the office even though the indicator is on the dashboard the indicator it’s really E What can we do about it I keep going home arrived at the office so it’s filled, I don’t say, what happens notified the button is to the right near my seat right below, however what happens is the button is closed by a carpet finally filled by the driver using derigen because it’s completely gone luckily it still gets to the office so yesterday I was the story goes to the capital of my province in Palembang I have a need uh … i borrowed a motorbike because of my car, used by brother-in-law he has something to borrow so I borrowed his motorbike but the problem is, the motorbike is this duck motorbike when i use that the fuel is in the indicator ee … passing a little from E but still I use it, I go around I go to the post office, ask something exactly asking for a letter from Google Adsense that I never received three times already never arrived i don’t know how or where is the letter short story I go home the indicator is really E I ee … will fill in one of the filling places but the length asked for mercy finally I decided not to queue I moved to the next charging place which happened to be the place not far from my parents’ residence finally what stay in line but not as bad as the first place I was in line or in the Merdeka area of ​​Palembang whereas me fill the second one this time in this second place the queue is not so long, but still in line it’s in the Demang Lebar Daun area but what happened guys when he arrived at the front it was my turn to fill again guys I don’t know how or where to open the seat duck motorbike to open the seat I don’t know guys What happened eyes glared at guys, behind me who queued a lot whereas me do not know how to open it I looked for the key below it usually if the duck motor is on the edge or behind under the seat there is Keyhole to open the seat no guys where, my panic so panicked I plan to fill Pertalite fifteen thousand rupiahs my money, two thousand ten thousand or five sheets with five thousand one sheet it fell apart so I picked one by one the one behind just saw his expressions vary, there may be glares some are upset see I have not managed to open, while the officer the officer doesn’t help anyone How finally, right behind me there are children who wear scout uniforms so don’t underestimate with scout kids guys it was incredible he swiftly arrived approach me yes maybe he was the same age as my oldest child, maybe high school maybe finally with he helped me directly request a ignition key uh … know not evidently to unlock the seat It is in place to turn on the motorbike or place the ignition key guys in the ignition key is written what is the writing the point is to open the seat tek … open immediately so I think I used to in 2000 using Ford cars can’t open the tank now motorbike guys down grade me not again happens again can’t open tank filled with fifteen thousand full so, if I fill the motorbike always fifteen thousand if the car, I fill one hundred and fifty thousand I like that number okay, maybe this is my video only limited to my story and my experience my sorrow filled up motorized vehicle tank be it a car or motorcycle what happened to me I ask or hope, maybe the company can improve its performance especially in my area well at least the clerk given some kind of training for more friendly guys and also ee … to which makes the vehicle possible make buttons easy to reach it’s interrupted left, ouch maybe near the steering panel, logo is made to open if the car, to open the tank like there is a picture to open the front hood Why not easy to see easy to take the problem is if the car was old open using the key in it if you use the button that is easy to see, don’t save it on if the car is today on the sidelines put in and for motorbikes maybe you should use a large button do not inside the key even then after I got home, I tried it’s a bit jammed so to companies that make motorcycles make a rather large button laugh okay that’s my story thank you have watched apologize if any of my words are not pleasing and as usual for those of you who like it this show please press the button with the thumb image and for those who haven’t subscribe please press the subscribe button the red one has subscribe and if you are willing to share this video I would like to express my gratitude

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