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  1. My man was hitting it from the back, nutted, and just straight up asked if I wanted to keep going bc he was still hard despite not even taking a break to pull out 😩

  2. Female orgasm lasting for 20 secs???…Dude show me one person who's had an orgasm that long and is still alive

  3. 11% of comments are random stuff

    20% of comments are about Science

    69% of Comments of this video are about 69%

    0% of the comments are on the meaning of 6ix9ine's name

  4. I call heavy bullshit. I've seen women literally shake because it feels so good. This has never once happened to me.

  5. Lmao 😂😂😂 don't worry nobody is going to stop masterbating even if Einstein himself come and prove its side effect..

  6. I’m 13 just learning about this it seems to others that it is fun? Should I right this down since this is for school I feel nothing when I do it but.. I don’t wanna ask my mom about this stuff it would be to cringey

  7. As a female i believe organisms must be better for males. Men rape more than females. Men statistically cheat more depending on culture and other variables. However, globally, men do cheat more.
    In some countries where rape = death penalty.. men STILL rape. Rape is about power of course but when i examine men who come from sexuality oppressed societies. I find it amazing how they will take advantage of drunk women while sober, tell them selves it was consensual never acknowledge it is rape. I call them opportunistic rapists.

  8. Evolution…lol

    Babies evolved being born with more sexual desires and abilities bcuz of evolution….Was this when we were monkeys, fish, or cells? Did we orgasm as fish?


  9. A piece of advice to my females out there, if he’s giving you more headaches than orgasms, he ain’t the one.

  10. Male orgasm are more convenient(you just have to undo your zip And do your thing.On the other hand women have to sit down and get half naked)
    And female orgasm are more pleasuring(I think.They act like there having a really good Time then men do.Just from my experience)
    If you are wondering I'm a male.

  11. I think the female orgasm is better cause all we guys really feel is a sense if regret afterwards

  12. Its clearly not true that men have more orgasms than women. Women orgasm numerous times in one session, while men can only once or twice.

  13. I lost it at evolution. Evolution does not exist. Only adaptation to environment and climate within the species and developing immunity over time. Pigs do not grow wings.

  14. Respectfully saying, your knowledge about women orgasms it's ok, but I noticed to have a pretty important flaw, woman are more capable of having multiple orgasms than a man, during the same period of intercourse and the period of time called refract is regularly shorter in women, the success of this features definitely have a lot to do with the sexual degree of freedom and manifestation from the woman, facts of capital importance, otherwise it doesn't show it, and we, well, some normal folks with regular learning but usually lacking experience derived from either the books or the real thing, resort to trust and relay on information from videos like this, on the other hand there is not such thing as "better" orgasms between genders, as if we were in a competence, nature made us to enjoy it the way we are!
    By ATNB

  15. HUZZAH! Must it be so difficult for us straight men to jack off like those lesbos? DAMN YOU LESBIANS! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS DAMNIT!!!

  16. I doubt any truly chooses to experience "orgasms". Any involuntary actions probably aren't preferred by any.

  17. Why is this being included in S1-3 relationship education in Scotland??? Totally inappropriate. No wonder we are the teenage pregnancy capital of Europe.

  18. It does feel better for lesbians since they know the female body better than males BUT BUT BUUUUT…communication is key. Guys you can always ask where yo girls sensitive spots are and try to hit the mark 😉

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