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  1. Oh my gosh you are amazing. Thanku for your amazing spirit its transcendent. U just gave me hope to keep on pushing.
    U just changed my whole life.

  2. October 9, 2019
    Whenever I forget to thank every simple things that's happening in my life, everytime I feel down because of having troubles in my life or just getting tired, I come back to this video and always feel bless because of Clair.
    Thank you my Angel

  3. My uncle has CF. He's 40- so very old for someone with CF. He's been lucky and the only reason he's even alive still is because of a lung transplantation. He's gotten to find the love of his life and get married. I can't imagine how it must have felt for Claire to never get to do that- and to know she never would, but still be so strong

  4. Hey…Claire the Angel…u really made life beautiful..u r so precious… so special..u gonna make the other world precious too….

  5. She's so young yet so wise. She's truly an inspirational person and a role model for all of us to live the best life we can no matter what obstacles are in our way.

  6. This story is so beautiful, she is so full of life and I'm so happy I got to see this video/documentary. Sometimes I feel sad or stressed because of school, or things I can't control, and sometimes I feel like giving up but than I remember how I was born, I was supposed to live.. I was so early that all the nurses said I wasn't going to make it, I was born four months premature I was 1 pound 5 oz.. It's things like that help me remember that life is such a gift. 💜

  7. “You’ll never be happy with what you get unless you’re happy with what you have” is a fucking awesome quote. I love that.

  8. I keep just wondering how or why these people whose are on their last days do not get closer to God why they don't go side by side with Jesus how come not… this lady even have a image of an Indian god with her… when you're going to die you must get as close as possible to God the creator and repent and accept Jesus, this is the best way.

  9. Chére Claire. Vous étiez un humain spécial, courageuse et pleins de vie. Votre âme repose en paix. Mes scincéres condéolances a la famille et aux amies. Que dieu vous benisse.

  10. I have cf as well but mine is really mild. I’ve never been hospitalized because of it. I’m so proud of Claire, living with cystic fibrosis is hard enough for me to live with. Rest In Peace Claire 💚

  11. I'm so glad I recently found you on youtube, thanks to the "i need your help video" was recommended. You were a stunning person

  12. Linda, está nos braços do pai, bem melhor a aqui, assisti o filme e procurei e vi um pouco da sua história muito emocionante

  13. It’s to hard to know someone like her is not around all of a sudden you know?
    She was such a light.

    Rest in Peace you beautiful soul

  14. If you are feeling deppressed because you don't have money, or for the dumbest reason ever, watch this video, then you will realize what a hard life is.

  15. I'm so thankful that Claire's beautiful soul shined as bright as it did, I'm so glad she shared her story and it found its way to me. I followed her videos and even though she was frank about life and death I always wanted to believe that she could beat out the odds. I miss her updates and I send love to her family.

  16. Alwayes Say la ilaha illallah to cure all of your diseases and problems.Read translated the Holy Quran to know about Creator and know what the creator has said for all mankind. There is no God but Allah.

  17. Whenever I am down, I come back and watch her videos over and over. Claire is so inspiringly full of life that she gives me hope about the future.

  18. She definitely lived her life at itz fullest❤ they say that itz not about how much u lived but how u lived ur life

  19. So positive girl at such young age.. Let's reslise, She'snt 30-35.. -40.. He has 21 and deal better than oolder one

  20. claire, i only talked to you a few times. I never got to meet you in person. But I miss you. So much. I miss seeing your videos, how despite the pain you were in; you never stoped smiling. You’ve inspired me to fight with my own chronic pain; to never give up. I miss you and think about you every day. Rest in peace beautiful.

  21. "Five feet apart" brought me here. Claire is so great and profound for the person of her age. She reminds me that: you don't know what's next, just having a chance to live fully in this moment is enough.

  22. She was so amazing, beyond words. The way she viewed life and her positive attitude…wow! If we had a billion Claire’s our world would be perfect.

  23. Im curious, if she could have been ‘cured’ but stay sick her whole life (like they operate her several times, she have to go to hospital all 14 days, still get drugs and injections, lose her hearing, eye sight, maybe her voice and control over her face, feelings in arm and legs etc) would she chose it?

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  25. Whenever I feel like im taking my life for granted I always watch her videos. Makes me apreceate it so much more instantly

  26. I’m grateful that I got to see her experience, it gave me a new outlook on life. I hope Claire can rest in piece ♡

  27. I like to laugh about peoples deaths but she was such an innocent and lifeloving being dropped a tear on such loss. She was smilinig until the end.

  28. just a little longer and she couldve gotten trikafta…and now im getting it when she cant…its not fair…im living with CF without her here….

  29. This young and beautiful girl is my new hero and she has now taught me to never take my life for granted!!!! I love you, Claire, and I am praying for you. Please pray for me in Heaven.
    God Bless you, Wineland family for raising a wonderful young woman!!!!

  30. I can't stop watching the part when Claire comforts her sister, Ellie. And even though Ellie is sad when she realizes she might lose her sister, Claire is immediately there for her and makes her laugh.
    I laughed/cried with them at the I-pod moment!!!!

  31. Healthcare is a right not a privilege! Please support Bernie guys, its what Claire would have wanted xx Love You Claire xXx #BernieSanders #UsTogether

  32. Such a beautiful young lady, raised by great parents, as I watched this video, I was crying and crying, May God bless all of you!!

  33. I would have bought her a new smartphone… her screen was cracked! A Beautiful and Moving and Inspiring mini movie here with lots and lots of powerful life messages.

  34. Estaba tan llena de vida, Las mejores personas son las que se van primero, disfruto cada segundo de sus 19 años, una verdadera amante de vivir, nunca se apagará ésa luz ✨

  35. Such a beautiful soul🙏 the way she just came up with that amazing speech with no practice was just beautiful ❤️rip

  36. 29:17 hearing her say that and seeing her so peaceful on that rooftop was so inspiring. such a terrible shame she left us so soon

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