Mengapa banyak orang stress & depressed?

If you even heard something like this” Quiet” “Quiet”, “Sit There” ‘Don’t cry’, ‘ Don’t Cry’ those are one of the factor why when we grow up we could be depressed hi friends! how are you? welcome back with me Flora at Rise Project Indonesia, thank You for taking your time click this video and if you like the content that i created that talk about mental health and emotional health please support me by subscribing into this channel or like and share to your friend who might need it ok, now lets jump to the topic (mari masuk ke topiknya!) in this video i want to share my experience healing myself from depression and suicidal thoughts so the negative thinking part,based on my experience i want to share first what cause depression , perhaps I also did mention about it a bit in other video but here i clarify again while we are in this topic about depression so I conclude depression is a condition where we feel overwhelmed or what is it in Indonesian? overwhelmed in Indonesian ‘kewalahan’ so, depression is a condition where we feel overwhemed with all the things happening around us so we end up having negative thoughts constantly, want to suicide we have no hope that our life will be better in the contrary we believe our life will become worst like that, hang a sec i want to open this curtain first ok now its brighter in my opinion this conditions could occur because for many years everytime we have problem we always run away from our problems or tend to supressed (bury) the problem but the reason why we supressed the problems are not entirely our faults but because the conditions in our enviroment are not enabling us to express our emotions our true authentic emotions for example if we are born into family environment that are lack of harmony lack of love and always a lot of anger,a lot of fights hatred and fear like that we tend to be quiet and keep all the emotions that supposed to be expressed to our environment or our parents we bury them all ourselver because all people within our environment everytime we want to express our emotions we are being pushed away, being supressed being asked to stay quiet or being asked to stop crying If you even heard something like this” Quiet” “Quiet”, “Sit There” ‘Don’t cry’, ‘ Don’t Cry’ those are one of the factor why when we grow up we could be depressed because everytime we experience pain the pain are unavoidable right? because everyone make mistake and everytime people make mistake doing something that are not loving or not good it will affect themselves and people around them so as parents if you do unloving things toward yourself (melakukan sesuatu yang tidak baik terhadap diri sendiri) your kids will also automatically, energetically will also being able to feel your emotions so if you stay in anger if you are afraid of something children around you will also able to feel the insecure feeling you have and and they will tend to respond with several way depend on their individual character so for example if parent constantly angry a child who are sensitive they will try to please their parent so they parent won’t get angry because this children are afraid if their parents angry they won’t be loved they wont be able to feel loved from their parents so everytime the parents are angry its like the love can’t be felt by the children include if the parents fight with their partner it means as well, kids that are since childhood never so they are never never given a chance by their parents to express their emotions and opinions are also tend to keep their problems within themselves and try to look okay because in their opinion hang a sec finally i open all the curtain because its not so bright anymore because in their opinion if they speak honestly if they are crying, if they are angry or protest its dangerous for them besides that these children are learning from their parents how their parents face their problem it will become example for this children on how they will handle their problem when they grow up so for example if their parents at home, everytime they have problem tend to have cold war (silent treatment) when they grow up later, everytime they have problem they’ll tend to have cold war ( silent treatment ) instead of expressing what they feel (daripada mengekspresikan apa yang mereka rasa) towards their partner, they tend to stay silence end it end up becoming passive aggresive anger this build up disappointment and this person incapability to express and feel their emotions by the end of the day it will building up and become depression it’s like we are being pressed ( down) depression is like being pressed down lets have this parable when we have emotion, imagine this one sheet of paper is one piece of emotion so instead of we deal with this one and release it out, because emotions is energy in motion ( emosi adalah energi yang bergerak) so the energy will but if it being pressed down it will end up stuck in our body and along with time our body will feel heavier so imagine these are layers of emotions from years I don’t have thicker book, but more or less these piling up so our body become heavy emotionally we are not capable anymore to feel happiness because our souls already become too burdened with problems that we piling up since then and we never deal with the problems so we always run away instead of dealing and finishing our problems finally after a couple of years usually in the age of it depends by the way, it depend on how heavy the burden are there is some kids since 7 years old can be in heavy depression there is some in the age of 14, and some in their 20’s are depressed and I was in around 20s reach the peak of my depression at the end, if we are mentally down and we keep ignore our inner problems finally all the negative emotions that piling up within our soul will manifest as physical illness and in me it become tumor in my womb because all the emotions and negative energy and memories of pain, trauma that i experienced all related to my sexuality which is because of the sexual abuse finally this emotional pain because I neglect and ignore it it manifest as tumor and peaked into cancer so finally, I dont have more reasons to run away from this this problem so I kinda like forced to or cornered to face with my own emotion, my emotional pain feelings of disappointed, anger feelings of fear that related to my sexuality and my relationship with male figure that I believe all this time as a figure who try to contol me sexually and disrespect my authority towards my own body ( dan tidak menghormati otoritasku) because of that based on the definition of depression itself which mean we piling up our emotions for years, so the most make sense healing method are not with drugs, in my opinion because drugs are like… the root of the problems are this pile of emotions but instead of dealing with the root cause this root are being pressed more with drugs for example here is the drugs so this is the drugs, for a while for a while this drugs sink all the emotions that disturbing us and gave us something like sensation of peace but this is all just temporary because this is just drugs but with time all the negative thinking and negative emotions will reappeared and then we give more drugs or perhaps if you don’t do drugs for example with alcohol, cigarette, foods with chocolate, with anything we do to avoid our real emotions which is our addictions someday it will reappear so the universe with law of attraction (hukum tarik menarik) perhaps someday I will also share the concept about law of attraction we will attract things that will triggered us because naturally our soul want us to take out all of our burden but we won’t be able to take out all of our burden if if we don’t know that the burden are there thats why bad things usually happened to triggered us and let us know that we have this problem we have this issues we have this anger we still have this revenge we haven’t forgive all these people like that friends and people who already want to kill themselves the trigger and the pain are already really to the max to top of their head until they feel like they don’t have any hope they feel in their life there is no more joy and they feel alone and isolated no one understand and listen to them so they are disconnected totally (jadi mereka terputus kontak sama sekali) (tanpa harapan bahwa mereka bisa jadi lebih baik) because of that I want to share techniques and my way that help me get out from negative thoughts and depression like that to be continue to part 2. How I fight negative thoughts and get out of depression ( check link on box below)

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