Menstrual Migraine Symptoms

Welcome to Texas Migraine Clinic.
I’ve personally evaluated approximately 5,200 headache and migraine patients
over the past 17 years. With the continual refinement of this evaluation
and treatment system, it’s like an algorithm, we’ve been able to achieve true healing
and lasting relief for the overwhelming majority of our patients. That means that
in an average of, say, six sessions give or take a couple of sessions, it’s
routine for patients to no longer need medications, injections, ongoing therapies,
that includes our own. And I’m happy you’re here on this page because this
information could open your mind to new ways of thinking about your pain. Maybe
you think you have just impossible pain and symptom problems, but I’m referring
to actual symptom reversal and lasting healing, like lasting outcomes, of what
others consider a “disease process.” And our evaluation algorithms routinely
identified the exact source of where your symptoms pain and symptoms are
coming from, and you’ll find there’s nothing comparable out there if you
suffer from Menstrual Migraines. Your head pain likely spikes a day or two
before your cycle and lasts up to two to three days after. I mean that’s typical
and you’re likely not thrilled about continuing to use migraine medications
because of only partial relief or no relief, plus you potentially have side
effects from that. So if you’re ready for something other than just temporary
relief of your symptoms and you want more in-depth deeper knowledge of what’s
going on with your pain and symptom problems, this is the page for you to
look at to see if this resonates with you, if it makes sense to you. Because
ultimately I think you’re seeking reversal, like lasting relief, not just a
temporary band-aid because chances are that you’ve investigated that or
experienced it yourself and realize that there’s really nothing out there that’s
going to offer a lasting solution for your problems. So I think this info could
change your life. And thanks so much for stopping by and just continue down the
page and see if this makes sense to you. Thanks.

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