Mentally Ill Man Dies From Police Stupidity


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  1. I'm trying to be objective here and I don't think they actually believed he had died but it looked bad enough that they realized something might be wrong. There was no reason to further restrain the man and he should have been taken to a hospital immediately

    The bigger issue here is that some random shitkicker has no idea how to deal with someone who is mentally ill and there should be at least one person per shift that's specifically trained for it that can be sent out on calls

    I've seen a lot of malicious and deliberate things over the years by dirty cops. This though I believe is more of an illustration of how the system is not set up right. They didn't know what they were doing and because of that a cavalier attitude towards someone who probably couldn't articulate how much distress he was in led to an avoidable death. It's sad

  2. A grown man putting all his weight on anyone's back will kill the person if they are kneading over his heart area . It is murder

  3. Cops kill another innocent man… Don't even check to see if the guy is breathing after he goes quiet, and tried to hide this video for over 3 fucking years. How the fuck are you helping him by kneeing on his back and pushing his shoulders and face into the ground. Sick.

  4. The 3 officers should be charged with manslaughter; and the attending officers charged with negligence in not getting the victim up on his feet and into a squad car for a trip to the hospital.

  5. There's a reason why Texas considers the Dallas Police Department as the worst department in the state. They can't do shit right. They're all incompetent, they're so desperate for officers that they'll literally hire anyone.

  6. Public service fail! Tax dollars waisted! " to serve and to protect" used as a joke? Corruption hired this officers leaders, who are worthless cowards that can't do the job.

  7. Every cop there should be in prison for murder. But cops are never charged are they? There is change coming real soon cops will not be free to do as they please and get away with it. People are suck if this crap.

  8. A knee of a fully kitted out cop (kevlar vest, duty belt etc) on your back for as long as the full video shows will prevent your diaphragm from working hence you stop breathing and DIE!

    It wouldn't be that hard to see the bruises on his back and figure out the acid level of his blood to see clear evidence of suffocation! And they laughed and dicked about as he was dying, boy didn't he call it, "Ya'll going to kill me!" And they did!

  9. Who laughs and jokes about a guy potentially dying or dead? These people are the police? Fucking psychopaths

  10. THREE PSYCHO SADIST KILLER COPS. At one point, the psycho sadist cop applies all his ~200lbs weight on Tony’s chest with one arm crushing his neck. This is STRANGULATION or as the Coroner put it in the autopsy report “mechanical or position asphyxiation”. Three MURDEROUS sadist killer cops and 2 useless EMTs that do not follow their protocols. As of April, the three sadists are back on the force.

  11. Just cancelled my holiday to the US, going to China instead. Your cops are now killing whites as well as coloured people. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  12. If a police officer claims "I was in fear of my life" when they murder someone, why can't I if I killed a police officer?

  13. Put those pigs in a prison. Thats exactly what they deserve. Nobody should get away with this shit, especially a fucking shit cop.

  14. So many things so fucked. The biggest thing that sticks out is the laughter. I tried to put myself in the cops shoes. If another officer came up to me and said he ain't dead is he? Did you check his pulse? I think in that moment my heart would sink and I'd feel sick to my stomach at the thought that I might have accidentally taken somebodies life away. Laughter would not be how I respond. I don't understand that all. I feel sick just thinking about it, how can you not when you are the one perpetuating it?

  15. If he was mentally ill and was on cocaine it was probably a good thing that he passed away. Because he could've killed a kid or someone else on a wild cocaine trip.

  16. So, be mentally ill and call the police because you're scared, and get murdered. I want to say it's unbelievable but, unfortunately, it's not.

  17. I hope the officers find peace. The coke head should have stayed home that night rather than go on a crazy. The jokes are a coping mechanism for having to deal with the psychotic nut bags, I'm glad they have that. They did a fine job for what they are meant to deal with.

  18. IMO, one of those officers is a NAZI. NAZIs believe that the mentally ill should be killed, so as not to burden the state. That man decided to kill him before he arrived on the scene, based on the info from the dispatcher which had the phrase "Metally ill" in it

  19. As Malcolm X said about KKKracker KKKunts…they traded hoods for badges…it was true then…and been painfully true for a long time now…even body cams make no difference to the behaviour or AmeriKKKlan Just-ass results..

  20. To all the people claiming they were joking and laughing as a coping mechanism, I'm sorry but I don't buy it. I understand doctors and surgeons using such coping mechanisms because they are typically for things that are out of their control. These cops were 100% in control of the situation and still they chose to end this mans life by not taking him seriously, he called them for help because he was having a psychotic break, he was already restrained when they arrived and did not have to have their knee on his back causing undue stress and escalation. This all happened because either these cops were not trained properly or just didn't give a single shit about this guys life, honestly I think it was both of these things.

  21. You cannot put someones hands behind their backs and put them on their stomachs. ffs it puts too much pressure on your heart

  22. Again…no training. Get ppl like this OUT of law enforcement. So 911 can't communicate with dispatched officers? Really?

  23. Karma is a bitch. God doesn’t like ugly they will get exactly what they deserve one way or another! Fucking 🐖 🐽 🐗 🐷

  24. Cops stated they held him, so he doesn't roll into tracific, So if they did nothing he would have rolled into Tracific and cops still get blamed.

  25. They murdered him amd was still joking and laughing at him…so sad…he made a supposed life saving call to 911 but ended up dead by his first responders…so irony…and get they say police is your FRIEND! Killer friend they mean???

  26. How many people have to die before we change the fundamental training of police officers. It ridiculous that they seldom if ever are held to account. All you have to do is spend a weekend watching "Live P.D." to see the disparities and the collective attitude about trampling our rights as citizens of this country. Its rotten at the core! When will it be enough? LOCKEM UP!

  27. This is horrible, but I do have a question…. Police responded, they saw a person that I assume they thought was a person who was a danger to himself and possibly others and they restrained him. If you take away the laughter (which can be a trauma respons, although in this case….I doubt it) I have a hard time seeing what was wrong. They couldn't know that he had chemicals in him to make his heart explode. So apart from the laughter (which might be wrong, but not illegal), what did they do wrong?

  28. This is why I laugh each time I hear about a 🐷 (police officer) killed in the line of duty. F*** COPS! 🌈🤡🦄🐼

  29. These people should be re-exam as in taking the police officer entrance exam again, to see if they still qualify as such, we'll see how funny that is for these clowny officers. Also training and certification on first aid, basic medical evaluation of a suspect to not fuck up like this again; instead of making jokes call an ambulance and this patient should have been taken to a mental institution, as even the patient saw that he needed to be

  30. So where were the EMT's? Police aren't trained for this type of situation.

    Another Eric Garner killing! They're smiling and laughing, "this is America"! Wow! Not my America and I'd sue the fuck out of the city! This is murder! By children with badges and guns!

  31. I hate her weaves! I'm super critical of her sometimes, I know but it's only because I feel like she's not giving her best! The hair though, just go natural… Why don't black women wear their natural hair? Why do they wear wigs and weaves like that?

    Anyway, I just wish her thoughts were more coherent when she presents them and more concise. She should hire a coach to help her perfect her craft as an anchor. She's good though, I do like her despite the hair issues I've noticed and they delivery issues as well.

  32. Welcome to America. Where we only trust authority and money, we are turning into a fascist nation very quickly.

  33. America doesn't have a police force that works for The People. America has Gestapo terrorist scum.

  34. All of this is so bad and inhumane, but for me, when I heard these bastards question wether this young man was dead…or sleeping…when being put on the guerney WOW!! Not one of them displayed any sign of Normal Human Instinct in a situation where someone could be dead. No Concern, No natural instinct to do anyrhing to aid this person, Not the slightest care in the world and actually joking about killing him!! Those kinds of people in any walk of life, but esp in the police institute are dangerous and these pigs need to de dealt with severely. As the commentater highlited, this man who had already informed them he was suffering from mental illness was calling for assistance obviously already in a high state of feeling unsafe. Those evil basyards need taken out of society.

  35. This is why I celebrate every cop death as karmic justice. The police are sociopathic killers, habitual liars, sadistic goons, shameless thieves and the filth of humanity.

  36. I don't get it, he called the police for help and their response is to pin him to the ground? None of them tried to calm him down by talking or anything, they went straight to restraining him. Why are our police so ill equipped to handle helping mentally ill people out. I'd hate to see them try to talk down someone about to jump from a building, they'd probably push them over the edge.

  37. Pay cops more. Require a bachelors degree. Require three years of public or community service, or something along those lines. Require intensive and exhaustive psychological batteries throughout their training and career. And restructure their training such that they spend more time learning to use their minds and words than they do playing G.I. Joe on the range shooting their guns and kicking in doors. Bonus, give them basic lifesaving skills, teaching them lethal signs and symptoms.

  38. Is anyone shocked really? But again, I HATE being right. I said a LONG ass time ago, they first treat minorities poorly as a gauge. If the public is ok with it, they roll out the actions to everyone. So now, here it is… before they would quietly kill other white folks… now they are doing it on video and mocking you. But really, my response should be "I told you so. Fucks given, zero.", but I won't. Y'all have been warned by blacks about this since the 1960s.

  39. Is their behavior less disgusting than the dismissal of this by a federal judge? I don't think so. And it WILL happen again — probably already has. Too bad one of our Dem candidates out of the 20 allowed on the stage doesn't have as his/her first order of business to demilitarize the local cops. I know, state's rights. Bah humbug.

  40. Aaaaaawwww, that is soo sad!!!!!! This is what happens when white folk turn their heads to police brutallity. White folk becomes victims also. That was sickening and turned my stomach!!!!!!!!! 😭

  41. The DA should be removed,they are killing people all over America. And being allowed to get away with it. It's just sick and evil.

  42. #1 this shows how poorly cops are trained in the US
    #2 it doesn't take much for an encounter with these idiots to go south
    #3 having fairly severe bipolar disorder, the fear is real that I will get shot – I've been in such a situation. I'll never trust cops again

  43. You cut out most of the video. There was more mockery and meanness that isn’t shown here. It was toxic and hateful, very unprofessional and ignorant police force, who should be protecting and serving the people. We pay your salaries and your pension funds. How about using police pension funds to pay for all your lawsuits. This is low life stuff. Can’t say blacks are only targeted either, it’s everyone. Many of them are plainly bullies on a power trip. The Lawsuits incurred need to impact police pensions to encourage compliance.

  44. They didn't get a damn whether he was alive or dead, what kind of people are the police departments hiring. They killed this man then had a casual debate over whether or not he was still alive.

  45. "One bad apple spoils the bunch" is just a way of saying, "Yes, we understand that we're bad, that we hurt and kill innocent people we've sworn an oath to protect and defend, but that's just the way it is, bye Felicia"

  46. Hey wannabe REAL news people, you need to keep trying hard. Some day you will as good as the biggest idiot wannabe news show the young turks. LOL….smack my head, Jokes all of you……………Keep cutting up stories to make all police look bad, that is what you are best at……

  47. Those effing aholes are still smiling and laughing "did we kill him?" I'm left staring at the screen open-mouthed.
    I remember a time when I was respectful of policemen (I'm 70). Now I recognize that they are an organization of fascists, that are no better than the thugs they think they are putting away.
    I say, we need to put the officers in jail, and start community policing again, until we can trust that they work for the people again.

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