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  1. 0:35 when you applauding the man who got you banned off the Dream Team. 1:31 A meme is born. 2:50 When you insult the guy inducting you. 6:45 When you insult the guy from you high school basketball team. 7:10 When you insult the Player of the Year. 8:06 When you burn your college coach who happens to be a legend. 11:05 When you wonder if he going to bring up that time you got into a fistfight. 11:55 When you almost let the word "nigga" slip out. 12:30 When Jordan maps out his ownership style – which he then refuses to obey. 12:55 When you imply you're bigger than the HoF. 14:40 Thanks the man who he kept off the Dream Team because that guy beat the crap out of him in the 80s which he used as motivation. 16:30 Mentions my fav player Jon Starks sarcastically. Probably still glad Starks had that 3 waived off at the buzzer when the Knicks beat the Bulls. Then takes shots at a HoF coach & his assistant. 19:25 That look you get when you're like "What dis nigga say?" 22:43 He threatens to do the one thing I believe he could have done, but for whatever reason became too soft to do. 22:52 Awww when you have such a bright future.

  2. Scotty Pippen is GREATNESS! MJ helped bring out the BEST in his teammates AND Opponents! I'm sooooo glad I was around to see it!!

  3. Scottie looks like a stone cold killer who just killed somebody and rushed it to hall of fame for Michael’s speech lol

  4. This is why it's hard for any other basketball player to come close to Jordan. In Jordans time they didn't coddle you, he played through true adversity his whole basketball career.

  5. Jordan is a true champion and role model. Nobody takes over a game like him, he has a real warrior heart. Also lived his personal life with honor.

  6. how can anybody not like this man!!! one of my heroes and all he did was dunk, dribble and shoot the hell out of people on court

  7. I heard mj hof speach was petty as hell… man iam disappointed, this speach was great fun. Damn haters gonna hate for real

  8. to see the great mj in tears brings to light the incredible dynamic of the human spirit and the byproduct of a soul that strives for greatness then reaching that pinnacle of greatness, which is the type of hall of fame recognition of Michael Jordan received. i have been watching the NBA since 1986. mj was the one that no matter how many times you rooted against him, he would disappoint you everytime. mj won and won and then..won.much props to mj for showing the world the beauty of the nba and the fierce competitive spirit of the human spirit.

  9. Jordan is one of the cheapest billionaires of all time lmfao he really mentioned the ticket prices in the middle of his speech lol

  10. Of course my kids wear Jordans!

    My daughter is a Softball Pitcher and has 3 pair of Retro Air Jordan Cleats (2 Steel & 1 Rubber Cleat)

    Glad I lived in his era, to see his Game!

  11. if anyone is looking for Leroy Smith, he is at 6:18. Leroy Smith is the guy Charlie Murphy played in the Nike campaign called Get Your Basketball on.

  12. JORDAN knew that many players were slow, they didnt know how to maneuver, zig-zag and they were undeveloped and kept doing that same stupid things on the court, and Jordan knew that it was that easy to just run down the middle, no was there. So, if youre going run down the middle and no is there…. is what like playing alone. when you have no cover, it easy to look like youre better.

  13. « I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all the plumbers, chimney sweepers, accountants, off duty mall cops and firefighters, Subway sandwich makers, ice cream truck drivers and orthodontists I played against and MVPippen and David Stern »

  14. This is not just a (phenomenal) basketball player, he is a tremendously smart, competitive, hard-working and charismatic guy. I used this clip to explain how a leader talks to lots of people. His job was not in banking or engineering or teaching, he just played basketball but excelled because of his mindset as it happens with other professionals. Really an example for the masses, fantastic MJ.

  15. mike is one big mf i always thought he was tall and lanky because of pic but then i saw the real perspective and he is one of those guys that are taller in real life

  16. You know. He was THE GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER to ever do it. For what he's done for the game, he paid tribute to the past with David Thompson. And with his business acumen, he set everything up for LEBRON JAMES to become individual corporate brands. As far as the argument between LEBRON and MJ as basketball players, It's not about statistics. It's more psychological. HIS WILL would destroy LeBron's, and NEVER once would he call himself KING, as you see in some of LEBRON'S TWEETS. Now, to agree with many, JORDAN WOULD NOT HAVE WON WITHOUT PIPPEN. But what many don't realize is that JORDAN MADE PIPPEN INTO THE PLAYER HE WAS. HE made PIPPEN INTO AN ALL-STAR after hours after Practices, teaching a kid from Arkansas the Carolina way. PIPPEN was his championship project. I wish LEBRON would have taken time out to do that, just once. BIG HUGE DIFFERENCE. It takes more work, but the appreciation is better when you build it from the ground up and endure, not go and join up with other superstars.

  17. Gm edagdwg thanks for sharing this history God is soooooooo God at work in your life don't pull back he's your life line so nice to see respect from young people a mom

  18. GM edagdwg thanks for your children have to learn for there self have just like you be yourself your path is your own life is life a mom

  19. Yooo i saw LeBron in the crowd he was a fan of Michael Jordan so maybe that was him…..Chill y'all in LeBron biggest fan no hate chill

  20. Michael Jordan sounds like he grew up in my family. COMPETITIVE SIBLINGS! When I see a grown man shed tears… I know I am looking into a heart> Thanks Michael.

  21. I am 66, wealthy, and retired, and my mom is STILL "parenting me", Michael, and you will be parenting, when you are 70. Get Used To It! Parents never DIE! They live for ever!

  22. Only person who can honestly be kind of a dick in his acceptance speech and if anyone questioned him would be murdered.

  23. Ole Uncle Tomas got his White woman…he is a disgrace to the Black manhood of this Slave state…! The US of A

  24. Damn Tim Duncan!!! I had his poster in my room. He looks like a Saint, humble man….AND JORDAN THANK FOR YOUR LIFE 🙏🏽💯

  25. There ain’t a lick of difference between Jordan’s speech and a Trump speech, and I gotta tell you, I love it!

  26. G.O.A.T!!! So much respect for this basketball icon. I remember when I was young I don't even know what basketball is but whenever I hear it I also hear MICHAEL JORDAN.

  27. Such a class act. Many players in the NBA should watch and learn how to recognize others and not just focus on themselves. I feel very fortunate to have got to watch him during my lifetime, and that I did every chance I got.

  28. Greastest ever!

    Inspiration for me to attempt to start my technology start-up for the third time after hearing his story.

    After failure it's had to maintain a competitive sprit. You can learn a lot from a winner! Most important is your team.

    There will never be a greater basketball player.

    I'm gonna try again, and I'm 55 years old. Would love to Michael Jordan back on the court at 50.

  29. There will never be another MJ in the future, he's only the one and only MJ in the history of this planet

  30. Michael Jordan did more for the sport of Basketball then any athlete before or since. Just his shoes alone can be found everywhere on the court and off it!

  31. Desculpem os garotos de agora, mas o basquete nos anos 80 e 90 era de mais, os caras tinham que jogar muito e treinar muito, porque quando o Deus das quadras jogava , os adversários se matavam, pra marcar esse mestre do esporte, nem precisa falar nada, ás imagens falam por si, ele merece !!!

  32. Michael Jordan's history in the NBA
    will live 4ever.He and
    many others,made the Chicago Bulls at
    that time ,a force to
    deal with.Congrats…

  33. What’s even more crazy? The fact that he was done after Ring #1. He thought he had accomplished everything at that point and wanted to pursue something else. Yes Michael loved basketball but he was sitting at a point where he accomplished everything in basketball. Crazy to thing he might’ve just retired right there.

  34. So why these basketball superstars the black guys don’t help African. They should go and invest in Africa Ghana, build Africa.

  35. MJ would only have 3 rings without Dennis Rodman. And he didn't mention his name. What a shame.

    Sorry… Pippen may have been the right handman but after 95's crap show….then acquiring Rodman in the team the year after…

    91' .

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