Migraine: 5 Astuces Naturelles (Sub EN)

Melika: Han waaaaaaa ! it’s so cool ! Laetitia: Hello ! Welcome to Paradise ! Hello today I would like to give you a little tip So if you’re wondering where I am, yes, I’m in a heavenly setting of life I’m in Thailand and I’ll tell you the name of the city, where are we Melika? Melika: Hua… Hua Hin ! Laetitia: As you know me for example I have all the time headache just before my period and Melika too, I think sometimes you have headaches Melika: Not too much! Laetitia: When I have headaches rather than taking medication of the kind Doliprane and company, as I am not very drugs What I do is I take peppermint essential oil and that I put on the temples and in fact I rub, I rub like that I do it several times in the day and after a while it starts often it goes quickly when I have a headache and it’s more hormonal because I’m having my period, it takes time but in any case it’s really effective. Do you have another tip for headaches? Do you have another tip for headaches? Melika: Drink water because it can be dehydration
Laetitia: Oh yes we have to drink water Melika: Stop talking at the same time as me! so in this video that I make you here present Meika: Sometimes it can be dehydration
Laetitia: which causes the words
Melika: here is Laetitia: Another thing, it seems that eating almonds when you have a headache can also help you ah yes and there is another trick but this video is anything Melika how can I be serious when I talk about headaches while I have my feet in my mouth! before I bought something it was like a little roll-up that I drove here, that I spent there, with a cocktail of essential oils if I can I’ll put the picture and it’s a brand I think is called “Pure Essential” and that was super efficient it was even more effective than peppermint, in my case but I do not have any anymore and in Thailand I do not have any There are other Melika techniques? Natural techniques against headaches? Melika : Doliprane !
Laetitia : No ! Laetitia: There is not a place where you can massage to get better? Melika: trying to massage, asking someone to massage Laetitia: or make love. But it works ! No, but it’s true, I’ve always been told that it worked well if because in fact of making love it frees you from endorphin and so it looks like it’s taking away your headache good well you will tell me in the comments. Gotta go because in fact, I have to swim!

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