Migraine Relief – 5 Pressure Points to Help Relieve Migraines

– Hey Melbourne, Dr. Ian here, and welcome to The Now. Today, I’m going to be
discussing the secret to getting rid of migraine headaches, or at least getting some relief from migraine headaches
using these pressure points. (upbeat music) To start off with, the first
pressure point we’re going to focus on is quite simple. It’s located right between your eyebrows, just above your nose. And what you’re going to do
is put a finger on this point, and hold it for approximately
60 to 90 seconds. Quite often, when you put
pressure on these pressure points, you’re gonna feel a little bit of discomfort or possibly achiness. Now we’re gonna hold this
for that 30 to 60 seconds, and as we get to the 60 second mark, what I would suggest, is
just giving it a little bit of a vibration to stimulate
the region a little bit more. The next pressure point that we’re going to do is located either side
of the bridge of your nose. Now, there are two ways you can actually contact this pressure point. The first, using your index
fingers, and pushing in. Or if you’re more comfortable,
using your thumbs. Now just so you know, when
you find the pressure point it’s kind of like a
little shallow either side of your nose just before you come up to where the eyebrows are. That’s where you wanna be. And again, you’re going to
hold it for 30 to 60 seconds. And as we get towards the end
of that 60 seconds, again, a little bit of vibration
just to stimulate that point. Can be very useful. The third pressure point,
which is actually made up of five different pressure points, are found around the top of your ear. Now the easiest way to get to these is if you take your four fingers, and just put your hand a
little bit above the top of your ear, and you’ll be able to feel where there’s a little bit
of tenderness under one of those fingers, or maybe more than one. And again, you’re going to hold it, you got it, for 30 to 60 seconds. Now don’t forget, you’ve also
got those same pressure points on the other side. You can do this one side at a time, you can do it both, but
hold that position again for that 30 to 60 seconds
where the tender point is. Towards the end of the
60 seconds, you got it, we’re going to do a little bit
of vibration over that point. Now, the next two pressure points are on the back of my neck. To find the first one, you’re
going to put your hands on the back of you skull, with your fingers pointing
towards the ceiling. You’re then going to take your thumbs, and you’re going to
basically put them together at the back of your head just like this. What you’re then going to do is find where your skull meets your neck. And you’re going to start
off applying pressure at that point. You’re going to hold that
for about 30 seconds again. You’re then going to move
out, just a finger width, and apply pressure again for 30 seconds. And you’re gonna keep doing
that until ultimately, you get to just behind your ear. This particular pressure point is also excellent for people who
suffer from tension headaches. Those are the headaches that put a lot of stress at the back of your head, maybe down the sides, or in the front. Now the last trigger
point, pressure point, that we’re going to be focusing on, is found by taking your fingers, putting them on your spine, just below the skull, the baby finger, with your thumbs resting
on your shoulders. What you’re then going to
do is open your hands out, about five centimeters, give or take, and where your middle finger is, is where you’re going to
find that pressure point. Right there. And what you’re gonna do is hold it, for that 30 to 60 seconds, as we get towards the end
of the 30 to 60 seconds, again, you’re going to vibrate. I hope you found these
five pressure point places that you can use to help
your migraines of benefit. I also have a pdf that you can
get access to and download. Just click on the diagram,
put in your email, and I’ll send that straightaway to you. Thanks. (upbeat music)

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