Migraine Success Secrets #10 “Gluten”

Hi, Dr. McCarthy here and I want to
welcome you to Migraines Success Secret number ten. Today we’re going to talk
about gluten. Gluten is the protein that’s found in wheat, rye, barley and
many oats are contaminated with gluten, now go over that more in a little bit.
Gluten is a protein that’s found in all of these things inherently, the problem
is it’s not really a healthful protein, it’s not anything that you need to have
in your body. The problem became apparent over the past 50 years or so, the wheat
has been genetically tampered and there’s lots of genetically modified
organisms that are out on the market nowadays and unfortunately, our labeling
laws don’t mandate that the companies that produce these foods have to have
that on there that it’s genetically modified, so you’re eating a lot of stuff
with genetically modified wheat, rye or barley. And what that tampering has done
is it’s increased the gluten content in these foods, some estimates say as high
as 500 percent. The issue with that is our bodies are not capable of dealing with
gluten in that high concentration. The oats are a separate topic because they
don’t inherently have gluten in them but oats are stored in the same silos,
shipped in the same trucks and manufactured and stored in the same type
of facilities where the other things, wheat, rye and barley are. So there’s what’s called
cross-contamination, so you’ve got to make sure if you’re going to eat oats, if
you’re on a strict gluten free diet , if you’re going to eat oats, you got to
make sure that they are specifically in a non gluten environment. What happens is
if your if your body thinks that gluten is a foreign invader,
it’ll flare up your immune system. Gluten, the protein, can be perceived as an
active antigen just like at an invading bacteria or a virus and your t-cells
will attack it. This can cause a trigger for an autoimmune response and this is
one of the more common things we see with our clients who are dealing
with chronic migraine headaches is that the foods that they’re eating are
creating immune system issues and that’s what flares up these autoimmune attacks,
that’s what flares up their migraine episodes. So how do you know if you have
a gluten sensitivity? Well I promise you this, if you’re getting your food
sensitivity testing done by your traditional health care provider, you’re
wasting your time, I promise you. You’re wasting your time.
If you’re lucky enough to come back with a positive test result, they say you are
allergic or sensitive to gluten, you’re very lucky.
Most of the time the test is wrong. Our office runs the state of the art testing
and we check for many different forms of gluten. If you are certain that the foods
that you’re eating are part of your migraine issues but you just don’t know
what it is or how to manage it, you need to call my office now. Don’t suffer with
another migraine, thanks.

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