Migraine Success Secrets #15 “Intestinal Fortitude”

Hi, Dr. McCarthy here and I want to
welcome you to Migraine Success Secret number 15. Today we’re going to talk
about intestinal fortitude, literally. First thing I want to talk to you about
is food sensitivities. There are many different types of food sensitivities,
not a true allergy but a sensitivity, where if you eat the food it creates
inflammation inside your body and that can be a major trigger for headaches and
we’ll see this with a lot of patients. Some people have been told you know, you
should avoid chocolate, you should avoid red wine because these can create
headaches, well you need to get tested otherwise you’re just guessing and we
test for dozens of different foods and we can tell you definitively look these
are the foods here that your body is having an immune reaction to and if you
continue to eat them you’re going to continue to have migraine headaches.
You’ve got to get tested so you have an answer. Next thing is if you are eating
foods that you have a sensitivity to and you’ve been eating them for decades, all
your life ,you’ve developed a condition that’s called leaky gut syndrome. It
means a little tiny microscopic holes inside your intestines, where the food is
allowed to pass through and get into your circulation and now become large
gaping holes so they have large, undigested, protein molecules can get
into your circulation and further flare up your immune system reaction, if that’s
what’s causing your inflammation and your migraine headaches, you’re
destroying yourself every time you put these foods into your body. You’ve got to
get rid of the foods you’ve got a sensitivity to and follow our protocols
to heal the leaky gut. When you develop a leaky gut you also get a condition
that’s called dysbiosis, that means too many bad bacteria living inside your gut,
your digestive tract, and not enough good bacteria. If that’s the case not only do
we have to heal the leaky gut and get rid of the foods that you’ve got a sensitivity too, now you’ve got to fix the bacterial population. That means you’ve
got to get rid of any bad guys that live inside of you and you’ve got a
repopulate your gut with good guys. Two of the ways that we do that is we have you
eat fermented foods and we’ll go over that with all of our patients and the
second thing is we have our patients take probiotics sometimes and we tell
you exactly which probiotics you should take,
which ones you should avoid. The last thing I want to talk to you about is
parasites and this is one of the, one of the unseen causes of chronic
inflammation thus migraine headaches. Over 50% of the patients that come in to
our office with chronic inflammation, chronic health problems, actually have a
parasite infection and that’s part of the reason that you’re dealing with that.
If you don’t get the proper testing done then you’ll never know if you have a
parasite infection. We got to get the test done, see if you’ve got it, if you’ve
got it eradicate it, and that’s clearing another piece of the puzzle and helping
you to get your life back and get away from these migraine headaches that are
killing you. You need to call my office now, thanks.

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