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Hello guys. My name is Chintan Shah and in this vid I am going to share with you all my experience of migraine and how I got relief from it. During migraine I had a throbbing pain in the right side of my head and the right eye along with sensitivity to light and sound Initially the frequency was four to five times a month which grew to four to five times a week This was very frustrating for me as I could not even do my daily tasks. When I had a migraine I just used to turn off the lights and lie on the bed Then I started identifying my triggers which were fermented food, too much of traveling or Physical activity I started avoiding these triggers and for a particular period I did not get migraines But after some time I got migraines in spite of avoiding these triggers. I also took a medicine flunarin 10 as soon as I felt that I’m going to have a migraine but that did not help me as much. I Finally got relief from migraine through homeopathy. I consulted Dr. Naitik Shah of homeopath cures We had an online session over skype where he asked me a few questions and the medicines were delivered at my home It’s been four months, and I have not got a migraine. Fingers crossed so if you have a migraine I will suggest you to give Homeopathy a try. It worked out for me, hope it works out for you as well Now I will just brief you about Homeopath cures. You can book an appointment through the site from the book appointment option over here or you can also opt for online treatment Homeopath cures provides treatment for various other diseases and not just migraine The next clip will be of Dr. Naitik Shah who will tell you more about homeopathy and migraine Good morning friends. I am Dr. Naitik Shah from homeopath cures. I am a homeopathic physician practicing in Ahmedabad and we provide walking consultation and Online consultation for that we have a website that is www.homeopathcures.com with this service we have clients in 15 countries and 18 locations as of 31st March 2016 We provide consultation for migraine as well and you have just heard a chintan shah whom we have treated with homeopathy and He is doing very well with our treatment And he wished to share his views with you all and he wanted me to let you know the Success, and how did we able to achieve that? we usually give a holistic approach to any case and We try understand individual psyche of any human and the responsible causes behind it his nature and his temperament and According to that We come to a similar medicines which can help in and this way we lead to cure We have to treated more than hundred cases of migraine with homeopathy so you can always think and opt for homeopathy Whenever you have such problem. Thank you so much. Have a good day,

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