Migraines 101 | How to (actually) Stop, Prevent and Deal with Migraine Headaches

hey what’s up guys it’s dr. bian I’m a
recent medical school graduate and I started this channel mental health
nation to help reach engage and help as many people with their health as
possible from the comfort of your own home. now if you’re watching this video
in particular it likely means you or someone you know has been experiencing
migraine headaches and migraines are actually one of the most common health
conditions okay an estimated 13% of people worldwide suffer from them and
it’s actually more prevalent or more common than things like diabetes and
asthma combined so you or someone you know is definitely not alone now
personally do get asked all the time what someone can do for their migraines
you know they’ve been experiencing they’ve been having some they’ve been
going through the normal treatment protocols but still get them you know
more often than they want to or the pain is more severe than they would like so
they just they just want some assistance in that so instead of explaining the
answer to every you know every every person or every time I decided to make
this video and be able to reach you know whoever wants to listen to it at any
time so much of this information I learned from more experienced physicians
in the past and and I’ve seen it work on folks you know and people and patients
time and time again so there’s actually growing evidence
that migraine headaches and other kinds of headaches like tension headaches may
actually be linked and have some overlapping features so some if not a
lot of the advice given in this video should be transferable to other forms of
headaches as well so before we start what is a migraine so a migraine is
obviously a headache and it usually occurs on one side of the head it can
come after visual aura visual aura is just a fancy name for flashing lights
you know it can often resemble AC on sine is what I’ve been told there can be
confusion associated with the headache
disorientation ozzie and vomiting diarrhea sensitivity to any kind of
light or sound rigging in the ears paleness in the face or skin dizziness
tenderness on the scalp and the pulsing pain okay so there’s a variety of
symptoms of course you don’t have to have them all to be considered or
diagnosed the migraine headache and there’s many
different kinds of migraine headaches including one that doesn’t even have a
headache but only has the visual aura component of it but for the sake of
simplicity of this video I’m gonna avoid you know diving into any of them or
anything really super scientific at all before we get into some of the
treatments or things that can help you with with the migraine headache
currently or in the future I do want to get into some of the red flags of
headaches okay so because headaches are not always benign right they can
actually signify pretty serious disorders of things so in the event that
a headache were to come after or before any kind of neurological symptoms like
weakness or numbness in one of your arms or legs that’s a red flag another red
flag would be a loss of speech or any kind of loss of consciousness in those
cases definitely seek emergency care immediately so now that we know what a
migraine is I’ll get into what’s traditionally recommended by your
primary care provider or your doctors so these are likely options that you’ve
seen or been informed about in the past they do remain effective and I’ll you
know dive much much more depth into additional supplemental alternative
natural and medicinal ways you can treat these migraines afterwards so you may
have heard and from your doctor you may have not efforts with some common
practical traditional ways you can help prevent your migraine headaches and deal
with them when they come on is of course to stay hydrated resting in a quiet room
that’s ideally low and light alternating hot and cold compresses on your forehead
or behind your neck massaging your ears and even the top of your head the crown
of your head and of course you may have been prescribed pain relievers and you
may have been given you know medications like it is important to avoid any kind
of triggers so hopefully your physician has has consulted you about this there’s
many triggers for migraines if it really varies on the person but some of the big
ones that sometimes go unnoticed is MSG or Emoto sodium glutamate and this has
many different names that I can’t really dive into this video about just because
it’s so complex I’ll make another video on em is she in the future but it’s
important to know that it can come in many different forms and names so it
hides on the ingredients list unfortunately
very well so besides that things to avoid will depend on the person but this
can include chocolate caffeine you know cheese and another big one is artificial
sweeteners particularly aspartame okay because these can these can affect
really the whole body but especially the brain and you know potentially the blood
vessels in ways that can help precipitate migraine headaches so avoid
those two all those are effective it’s sometimes just not enough for the
average person to help alleviate all of their stress or pain from these migraine
headaches so I’m gonna give you many supplemental options that can
dramatically decrease the onset the duration and the severity of your
migraine headaches okay I’m gonna make this list super comprehensive so
experiment with them they’re all safe they’re natural supplements well easily
purchasable and cheap in fact i’ll leave links in the description of this video
if you want to take a look at any of them so research has linked migraines to
deficiencies in a few things in the body you know things that are naturally
supposed to be in good concentrations in the body and these are magnesium
riboflavin which is a B vitamin Co Q 10 and vitamin D okay so we’ll jump into
all of these so first is magnesium and magnesium is probably the biggest tip or
the biggest thing I can tell you about decreasing your your migraine headaches
okay so magnesium does many things in the body it naturally reduces
inflammation inside the blood vessels in particular and obviously blood vessels
can reach your brain it can feed the scalp so it’s important to optimize your
levels in your blood vessels you can also help relax some muscles okay relax
muscles anywhere in the body in this case with headaches because they’re
gonna be associated neck pain you can also help calm the neck pain as well so
an important thing about magnesium okay it comes in many forms and I wish there
was no nuances to any of this but unfortunately there is so most people
typically when they hear about you know magnesium oh they go to the health food
store or they want to get you know some some magnesium they’ll go for the
cheapest form and that’s usually magnesium oxide and of course when
magnesium oxide doesn’t have very good absorption from the gut to the body and
it also doesn’t have very good if any ability to cross the blood-brain barrier
so the types of magnesium that you want to actually get is magnesium citrate or
magnesium malate ok ideally in a slow release form so you can keep getting
these these baths of magnesium throughout the day and I’ll leave a link
again in the description for a perfect supplement that I found it’s also
important to note high sugar diets deplete magnesium in the blood
okay so magnesium is kind of like a protective mineral against anything
especially things with the brain and the heart so you want to optimize your
magnesium levels as much as possible and high sugar levels can deplete your
magnesium so avoid high glycemic carbohydrates and sugars
number two is riboflavin ok riboflavin is is is vitamin b2 and particularly a
form of riboflavin has been shown to be very effective is called r5 PU or
riboflavin 5 phosphate and this is the form of riboflavin al is one of the
natural forms riboflavin that occurs naturally in the body so that’s another
supplement you can easily purchase and use on a daily basis
number three is Co Q 10 okay if you’ve heard of Co Q 10 it’s getting pretty
popular now what Q 10 is something that’s used to make energy in your cells
and you can easily find supplements for coq10 at any store fourth is vitamin D
make sure to optimize your vitamin D levels I recommend your levels to be
between 40 to 50 you can easily get those checked by a blood level so stock
up on those supplements if you’re having migraines it’s gonna make your life
better but there’s also many other additional supplements that I’m going to
get into that can help you even more alright so there’s different layers to
this I’ve given you the traditional layer I’ve given you the main deficiency
layer and I’m gonna give you some more extra supplements to put the cherry on
the top okay and the first one of those is going to be lipoic acid okay or all
lipoic acid and many studies have shown a reduction in the frequency a reduction
and frequency of migraine headaches with its use okay
one note of our lipoic acid is a lowers sugar levels so if you have any kind of
problems with drops and blood sugar do not use it
another one is head spirited and this is a natural antioxidant that is high in
oranges and you can of course eat lots of oranges the Brahmas oranges is high
in sugar and that can deplete your magnesium levels so I would recommend
just getting an easy-to-use supplement for head spirit and what this does is it
reduces pain by calming your nerves and magnesium works the same way so you may
be asking okay those are great but what can I do right now because I’m in pain
right now and these supplements are gonna take some time to kind of get
going or at least take time for me to purchase them and use them so here’s
some bonuses that you can use if you’re in pain right now you can use
immediately but before I jump into those make sure to subscribe to my youtube
channel okay it’s called mental health nation so you can be up to date with any
kinds of updates as soon as I put them out so for your migraines the first one
is going to be try to smell green apples okay so the scent of green apple is
actually been shown in a study to relieve migraine pain another one is to
mix some cayenne pepper one two three teaspoons of cayenne pepper in a glass
of water drink it and it’s been thought to that once it hits your stomach it
triggers a release of endorphins in your brain which decrease your pain levels
and that can potentially work really anything spicy can work so you know
things like wasabi or paprika or buffalo wild sauce it doesn’t matter and another
quick tip is to use powdered ginger so mix about a quarter teaspoon of powdered
ginger in some water and drink it up and within minutes you know if not a half
hour the migraine should decrease in severity if not diminish completely and
last but not least if you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked for
you there is one last option that I’ll recommend
it’s called hyperbaric oxygen therapy okay so this is an expensive modality
but as a last resort I figured I’d throw it in and of course before I let you go
don’t forget that most obvious signs such as getting good sleep and lowering
your stress levels in however way you find most effective look it’s all from
me folks thank you very much for staying tuned all the way till the end if you
did stay tuned if you’re still watching I can tell you’re very serious about
your health very serious about learning anything about health so I want to
commend you for that and I think that’s a great sign for your future all right
so again thank you for watching make sure to subscribe and I’ll catch
you guys next time peace

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  1. These are so important thanks for sharing they could probably save a persons life. I havent come across much of your videos lately glad to see your still around on youtube. First like and comment. Keep on 🙂

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