Migraines can come in all different varieties (Silent Migraine)

headaches and migraines can present in
all sorts of weird and wonderful ways and today we’re talking about silent
migraines so Merren has been suffering with these so Merren can you tell us a
bit about your symptoms well I have some at the moment actually
and they’re not so much a headache but more visual issues particularly on the
right-hand side of my vision and they’re there 24/7 and they tend to
flare up when I go to particular places with really bright lighting mm-hmm and
can you tell us how did your stomach migraines actually begin and when did
they begin? well I used to get more regular type migraines when I was a
teenager but then they stopped for quite a while and then my work moved into a
really new building with lots of LED lighting and the massive aura started when we moved in there okay and so that was about a year and a half two years ago yes yeah
yes so we start with migraines it’s actually quite uncommon that they last
so continuously for so long you tend to go in and out of them like you would a
regular migraine so you’ve been to a lot of different people and you’ve had a lot
of different investigations can you tell us what they are I’ve had the regular
stands like CT and MRI and they were all fine and I’ve had reviews with a
neurologist and tried different medication and didn’t really get much
benefit out of the medication I’ve tried to my Therapy, Osteopathy, Massage so a
range of different things and before those general like osteopathic
techniques and mind therapy and the medications are you talking about what
preventative medications work that’s right they didn’t really drop your
symptoms down very much did though? not that I know of I think more sign makes them
positive effect yeah and so obviously suffering this style of migraine you
would like it continuously it was having quite an effect on you can you tell us
how they were affecting very tired unable to do much at all even around the
house quite lowered mood as well quite irritable just generally exhausting yeah
and I know you’re having a bit of a flare-up today between general you’ve
been feeling better can you tell us what the difference is between how you were
and how you are feeling now? I put a lot more energy now a lot more positive
outlook on the world more interested in doing things and the aura that self has
become a lot finer so it has a lot less impact on my vision so generally
quite different beautiful, beautiful so as we can see with something like a
migraine like this it’s having such an impact on a daily basis and it’s a bit
more of an unusual migraine but it doesn’t mean that I can’t be treated so
thank you very much Merren for joining me today
thank you Beth for having me. See you Guys. guys

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