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Hi I’m Dr David Warwick of Warwick Chiropractic in Lacey Olympia, Washington. Here we have Macy, I get it right this time? She came in with her husband, and they’ve been receiving care and I just wanted to share with you what I do in the process of adjusting people. When they come in, whether it’s for back pain, neck pain and predominantly headaches, a lot of those so let’s have you go face down. And then she’ll give you her opinion of her experience here. Let’s have you raise your right leg for me. And back down… other one. So what chiropractors do in this particular test, it’s called the sacrum leg test and they’re testing mainly to look at the lower pelvis, this is one approach to the sacrum. And the sacrum bone will typically tip to one side or another, so people won’t be able to raise their legs. There’s a plexus of nerves that branch out from here and they are able to do that movement or motion in there. We also look at the legs to see how much shortness is in the legs and we’re looking at one discrepancy if it’s measured like anatomically born like that, neurologically when the nerves are pinched, it shortens up on the muscles or a combination. She has about half an inch. So not a significant difference like I see. I’ll see people with inch, inch and a half usually, quite extreme and then we’re talking about different levels of care that I would pursue, but she responds fairly quickly towards treatment, comes in as she needs to, but we’ll see a lot in the upper neck and head area. We’re going adjust first the pelvic area, tables going to drop underneth, simple easy approach. There’s many ways that chiropractors can adjust the lower back. And the pelvis is part of the lower back. A lot of times patients will point to the area to where is the most discomfort, or pain either in the center, off to the side, or across. Ok she’s about a quarter of an inch off now, a bit of a difference there. We’re going to bring the sacrum over. Motion’s still good. Good both legs even. I like to use the drop piece, I also put people on their sides to adjust them but this isn’t her major area ofcomplaint right now. Or at least, I didn’t think it was. But a lot of people will experience pain right into the outside joints, some call it sciatica that is not sciatica the sacra illiac will feel a little tenderness right through here. Put your right hand, lower back Your other right hand. Now your left again. Switch hands for me. And look at the difference in the length. So she went from a shorter length with this isolation test to this one right here, we’re going to adjust her lower back right at L4 so lay on this side for me. She does a lot of tag teaming with Daniel, he’s out in the car with the kids. It’s like one of those graceful falls when you go down and then you come up and it’s really ok. Face down for me. I like to use a traction table it’s a distraction and actually opens the back up where the center of the joints are as well as where the disc is. Stretches the muscles and the tissue right here. There’s different angles and degrees of traction that you can do with someone, but this can be kept a little lighter on someone. Open up the nerve pathways right through the lower back. Lifting up the head helps relax the tissues so I can get in there. This is an area where a lot of people hold a lot of their stress in, so right around T1, 2 ,3 and 4, those areas can be little more challenging to adjust on some people. So I’m using this on the areas of the muscle on tissues. Go ahead and lay on your back please. Any headaches or migraines since seeing you last? Had one about 3 days. Has it been getting better overall? Yes, the only thing is I slept wrong. Are you using a cervical pillow? No. So then do just the light traction in through here. So when I adjusted her I definitely felt more heat come into that area. I mean you felt warmer in this area. My face, yes. What happens is when, especially the atlas bone is out of alignment in the neck, people will complain of headaches, migraines, dizzyness, loss of balance a whole different array of symptoms that come from that. Because it’s a number one area in the spine… some of the chiropractors only adjust that area alone, that can affect your entire body and ability to move. To function to breath for the heart to beat comes right from up this area here. So when that area is restricted, sometimes people will know of a particular cause like an injury, motor vehicle collision, fall, some type of brain trauma, that could have happened in the past. Other times it’s like what I’d say is repetitive habits or repetetive motions, people sitting on their phones forever, sitting at a computer, to sitting at a desk can cause that area in the spine to misalign. Do you feel the difference into how that’s moving? Yes. So with Masie, one of things we might want to start talking about is getting a cervical pillow when you sleep at night to support the neck so when you sleep at night you want a pillow to support underneath here. If you sleep on your back or on your side. Pillows are not intended to be there for necessarily your head, but actually offer the supports of this area of good posture. We’re going to adjust the mid back area. Cross right here. I’m going to have you sit up and face that way. You ok? Yes I was going to say goodbye but we’re still here. Sit up nice and straight for me. Shoulders back. Now we’re going to bring chin back like that. So her posture if you want to see the ear in alignment with the shoulder aligned with the hips. I do this when people can be more aware of what’s going on in their posture, so they can leave here and feel like feel better and hope the adjustment lasts longer. Bring your shoulders up toward your ears. So the one thing to do if those migraines start, any time you feel that stress starting to come on is to put your hands behind your back, shoulders back extend the head back and extend the hands back. It will help bring your posture, bring your neck curve back into it. So if you’re working with the kids, you’re on the computer, whatever you are texting you lose that curve, and that is where the stress is coming in. So that will help a little bit more. There’s a whole array of things to do but we can start with that simple thing. It’s like what you’re doing in the Dojo, it’s all in the basics.If you go back to the basics, even when you think you’re getting fancy with your moves, it’s all about basics. Well, guys, I’m Dr David Warwick, anyway do you want to share anything? Oh, yes I love coming here, I’ve always been a chiropractor patient, and I had not gone for a very long time. My migraines have gotten really bad, I’m a mother of two I also breast feed both my boys so this posture thing that he talked about is crazy, but it does affect me and as far as my neck and back, it has caused me a lot of migraines. Ever since I’ve been here, I have not taken any medication, and very little headaches and everytime I come here, my headaches go away, and if I have any discomfort I always leave here happy, so I love him, we love him. Have you ever felt like and this is one of the things people want to know, especially with chiropractors, have you ever felt in any point in time that you are being trying to be sold into some type of care? Oh no, not at all. We come here, we call him. I’m Dr David Warwick of Warwick Chiropractic in Lacey Olympia Washington, thank you for watching, your local Seattle, Tacoma chiropractor I’ll see you soon, watch for my next video.

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