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hey guys welcome back to quick chats
with Ashley today I want to talk a little bit about the one thing I do when
I am feeling myself enter a little bit into anxiety or a bit of depression
which happens I am so happy that society and the media have started to talk more
about the struggles with mental health and we’re kind of removing that
isolation factor and I think when you are someone who is in a moment of
struggling with panic attacks or depression anxiety isolation is the
worst thing that you can do you actually want to be able to reach out to trusted
individuals you want to be able to have people around you showing you support
you want to have some you want to talk about it I think when we internalize
everything we end up creating scenarios that just seemed so hopeless and so
unimaginable to face and talking about it kind of snaps us out of that and
brings us back to reality and it makes us realize like hey like I can get
through this just this isn’t so bad however I also feel that we are kind of
in a in a in a place right now in society where some individuals are over
glorifying the struggle with mental health I’m a believer that whenever we
are not feeling right within ourselves we need to acknowledge it so that we can
slowly and get the right help to work through it but I do not believe that we
should label ourselves or level our identities with a diagnosis whether
medical or a self diagnosis of anxiety or depression or any mental health and
concern or issue or diagnosis that there might be so if you struggle with anxiety
you are someone who faces anxiety at times in your life you are not an
anxious person this is something that you can work through and can work
towards becoming better at or removing from your life it is not
something that you will forever live with or that you have to forever live
with and I find that sometimes we over we have come to a place where we take we
take that we take panic attacks or anxiety or depression and it becomes our
label it becomes your identity and instead of trying to attain the right
resources and reach out to the right help to walk us out of it
we we choose to stay in it and we over glorify it you can agree or disagree
those are my thoughts so I wanted to share with you though one thing that I
actively do when I am feeling a little bit you know something starting to creep
up which happens that’s the other thing I honestly believe every single person
on this planet well at some point of our or another face anxiety and face
depression but you see that individuals who are walking through the pression or
anxiety has something wrong with them it is to say that everyone in society has
something wrong with them this is not an isolated event the only thing that
changes from person to person is a degree of which we experience the the
symptoms and I right now how I manage anxiety in my life is I I catch it right
at the beginning when I was in university it was my last two years of
university so four years ago three four years ago I was at the other extreme
where I was unable to function socially I dreaded things like girls night out
staying out overnight because it meant that I was honestly going to be apple
night with nausea vomiting and trying to be quiet tiptoeing around the place
because I wasn’t managing my emotions properly and even though in that moment
I have no idea what was causing the symptoms I couldn’t stop them from
happening so honestly like from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
were the only times of my day where I felt normal from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00
a.m. the next morning I dreaded nighttime it was full of nausea full of
vomiting full of insomnia it was it was unmanageable because I didn’t know how
to manage it so if you like I have experienced anxiety
along the lines of a fuller spectrum you might only be you know at the very
beginning of it and say well I’m really good at catching myself when I’m feeling
a little bit of that hesitation come in and if you’re at the other end and
saying you know what I actually need medical help because I don’t know how to
control this I don’t know how to manage it and it has overtaken my life that’s
okay it is okay to seek professional help
I myself have gone to to an naturopath who is also trained in mindfulness
therapy changed my life being able to understand myself and do a lot of
self-reflection absolutely changed how I managed my emotions I have also attended
a 12-step group for emotional recovery which is the same steps that you would
use in 12 steps for for addictions and alcoholism but you spin it so that
essentially the addiction per se or the issue is how we are managing our
emotions and how we’re choosing to view the world and the situations around us
so two things that absolutely changed my life there was nothing wrong with
seeking professional help being in the healthcare field as well I am someone
who really has a lot of respect for the medical field I don’t believe that you
should be using medications to drown symptoms and never deal with them I have
a friend of mine who uses the fear of diabetes if you’re a diabetic God can
absolutely heal you sometimes it happens in an instant sometimes it’s something
that happens over time and it is not to say that because you’re a Christian you
can’t use insulin sometimes you need to be on that insulin until you’re able to
better manage your your health and your wellness without it or until you
experience a healing from it some people do some people don’t and I applied the
same theory to mental health sometimes you need medications or therapists to
get you to a place where you are healthy enough yourself that you can walk away
from those things and continue a road of wellness back to the number one thing I
want to talk about the one thing that I do and I
I’m feeling a little bit of depression or anxiety start to creep up is I play
worship music there is so much power in playing worship music and the three
things I find it does are number one it takes to focus away from my thoughts
when we are thinking about worst-case scenarios our worst fears situations of
hopelessness when we are so negatively focused on the worst things that can go
on it is very hard to change our attention to something else
I find that playing worship music has me thinking of melodies has me thinking of
lyrics has me thinking of God has me being thankful for the things in my life
the second thing that it does is it puts the power of changing a situation and
controlling a situation out of my hands and into the hands of God so suddenly I
go from being like I need to fix this I have to fix it I don’t know how to fix
it I must find a way to my attention to totally turn spurge say to God and being
like I can’t fix that like I can’t do it there’s no point in stressing about it I
need you and suddenly we’re asking God to enter the situations and give us the
knowledge needed to address the issues as opposed to trying to do it out of our
own strength and the third thing that I find playing worship music dies is it
changes the spiritual atmosphere so I am a true believer of heaven health angels
and demons and I honestly believe that when you’re playing worship music and
there is a constant praise going on in your surroundings you are changing that
atmosphere darkness cannot stay where his light is shining so if you are
surrounding yourself with praising God being thankful towards God putting your
attention on God darkness can’t overtake you so by playing worship music you are
creating an atmosphere where it is about him it is about his power his presence
his supernatural authority and it’s not about the enemy it is not about that’s
out he puts in us it is not about the anxiety he tries to stir in as it is not
about feeling hopeless there is hope in God suddenly I am reminded through
worship music that he is bigger than my problems he’s greater than
situation that we’ll ever face he can move mountains for me he can give me the
knowledge for it he has me he I am protected by him I am covered in his
mercy I am covered in His grace and suddenly that hopelessness has no power
because there is something so much greater that is over me that its
surrounding me that is looking out for me so I want to encourage you the next
time or if in the present time you are feeling a bit of a bout of anxiety or
hopelessness or depression or you’re feeling panic start to rise up I want
you to stop and I want you to put on worship music if you look through my
playlist I do have a playlist of just worship songs just keep it playing I
also don’t believe you have to be a Christian in order to be able to do this
and see the effect of it and the power it has anybody can do it and if you’re
someone that’s like I don’t believe in a higher power I don’t believe in a God I
still want a challenge you should give it a try
because really all you have to lose is the anxiety and the fear that you are
feeling so why not give it a go well guys thanks for sticking it out for a
little bit with me and feel free to leave your comments below and don’t
forget to subscribe see you at the next shot with Ashley

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  1. Love the video and the share! Wanted to show you my support because videos like this bring so much awareness! Found inspiration here for my channel and vids! Keep doing you!

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