my bipolar disorder & history with depression.

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  1. Thank you for making this video!💟 This is a really important message and I feel like I really needed to hear this💕 I'm proud of you💕

  2. It is so sad that such a caring sweet person like you had to go through something like this. I love you and stay strong Sierra ❤️❤️

  3. This is the funniest video ever!
    I can't stop laughing!!!

  4. I have anxiety and i’m doing ok rn but it comes and goes. Im happy for you that when you stopped to pretend like you were ok your parents were supportive, not all of us are that lucky. Am i the only one whose parents punished her and laughed and yelled at her because they believed i was faking it and being overdramatic? I still have people laughing at me when i have panic attacks that come out of seemingly nowhere… the stigma is real because i have purple hair and do listen to emo music people assume im faking it for attention.

  5. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I’ve had anxiety/depression most of my life and I’ve been off and on of a depressive funk the year or so (today being a “bad” day). So I needed this video and thanks for sharing and helping to break the stigma. I understand that this must have been very hard to film but you are incredible and it’s very helpful to hear another story

  6. Sierra, thank you so much for sharing this video ad your story with us, and for sharing this sponsor. I relate a lot to what you talk about in this video and I'm really glad you shared something so real and difficult with your community!

  7. finally, a youtuber i can connect with. thanks for opening up about your story, it means more than you can imagine to viewers like me<3

  8. This made me start to cry… I'm not sure where you are going to classes this fall but you should see if your school has a branch of Active Minds, I think you would really appreciate it 🙂

  9. Thank you for speaking up about this! I found out I was bipolar back in 2013 after being in the darkest place I've ever been. I thought something was wrong with me and that I was only half a person. Seeking help is important and doesn't make you weak, it makes you stronger and brave. ❤

  10. Thank you for sharing this. It is a sad fact of life how it's more socially acceptable to talk about like physical illness like cancer or just anything than mental illness. We need to keep bringing up mental illness so people are aware of it and feel comfortable talking about it so thank you. Also you've been through 4 therapists? Wow I'm on my 5th one for childhood trauma, anxiety/depression, etc. I really hope this new one can help me.

  11. Everything u said in this video I relate to more then I thought I would and I thank you since I feel like I'm not abnormal or weird and thought I was crazy and I havnt been the best lately but this really helped ❤️❤️ but I also feel like no one in my life really cares to listen and think I'm an attention seeker or being over dramatic but this vid did help me feel not so alone

  12. I started watching your videos last year when I was going through a relapse in my deperession, and you’ve really helped me with body positivity 💕thank you so much for making this

  13. Thank you so much for sharing! You are so brave! I wish I was more like this. I have social anxiety and suffer from panic attacks and I’m really anxious to write this comment. I’ve also had this problem with hiding my disorder, I’ve been hearing mean comments about my behavior for years. But now I’m better, taking meds and in therapy. It’s always good to hear that you are not alone, so thanks again for posting this video 😊

  14. This video made me smile:) I have bipolar depression as well as some other mental health issues. I am finally doing better because after 5 years of being misdiagnosed as someone with chronic depression I am on the right meds for the right disorder. I can 100% relate to not feeling like I had a reason to be depressed. And wondering why the stages of depression would weave in and out of my life followed by extreme motivation and optimism. It's like I didn't wanna feel better because I knew horrible depression followed. I feel such a bond with you now!! We have an extremly similar story. I have always believed talking about rough issues breaks stigmas. ❤❤❤

  15. THIS!!! I love this. I had my daughter 1 year ago and ever since it’s so hard to stay positive. It’s hard to feel worthy. I want to be everything and MORE for her but something inside of me keeps telling me I’m not. I know down the road it will get better. (🤞🏼) I’m just taking it day by day.

  16. Hang in there, your a great person I can tell. And I’m also bipolar. I’m Schizoaffective/ bipolar 1 too.

  17. Thank you!! This is not only helping your subscribers, but your subscribers’ loved ones!! 🙂 God bless!

  18. I seriously love you for doing this video! It's great to see people talk about the importance of mental health 😍

  19. were always here for you sierra you channel has helped through the same experiences and depressions you have gone through and you have have really helped me through some great places so for that i am eternally grateful thank you so much!!!!!!i wish you the best and hope you continue pushing through the hard times

  20. You are a queen ! Your channel embraces the most amazing and real things in life ! You are such a ray of sunshine to watch, thank you for sharing your story with us !:)

  21. This was your past! Who knowsyour future will be much much much brighter than it is now!! You are an amazing strong person! Love u💕

  22. I teared up a few times watching this. Thank you for being such a strong, supportive role model for everyone that watches your channels! You are loved and you will never be alone. <3

  23. I’ve seen more you tubers post videos about their depression and mental illness in a week then I have in the whole time I’ve been watching YouTube. Even people so well off seem to have issues with mental health. Tf is this world rn

  24. Awwwwwwww. I love you so much. You need to be more confident. I know it's not that is not as easy as it seems. But you are beautiful. I have asd. It is autism spectrum disorder and I have anxiety. It is so horrible. Your lovely. You don't need to feel alone. We all love you as you are. 😘😘😘😘

    My mum suffers with BPD and severe depression so I know how hard it is. 😘

  25. Thank you Very much! As someone who has struggled and continue to struggle with mental health issues I wanted to give a tip My doctor told me that I should consider taking high dose D3 8000-10 000 iu a day and Magnesium citrate 400-500mg a day plus Nac 1 600 mg capsule /3 Times Daily (1800-2400 mg Daily) together with My regular medication and that has improved the efficiency of my meds and as time has gone by has helped stabilise me! The point of this combo is not a specific psychiatric illness but that he had found that people with psychiatric problems ,autism,adhd/add ,mental ilnesses didnt have enough of those for our needs and that played havoc with results as bad sleep,anxiety, depression etc and that it could and did seriously aggreviate problems or even create new ones and prevent meds from working properly …. so check the internet and with your doctor so that if you do this its appropriate for you and your situation/ health . For me it had been a GOD send because basically as My doctor explained to me When you suffer stress, burnout,depression ,pmdd ,other psychiatric and bodily healthproblems you end up needing in general a lot more vitamines and minerals and those specific ones mentioned are extra important , also if you have bipolar its extra important to read up on Nac and research rapports because it really can help especially bipolar deppression ( do not go off your meds unless your doctor say you can) most people I know who take it takes it along with medication and with their psychiatric careers knowledge … bring them the research and ask them what they Think ! All the best to you and Thank you Sierra for bringing this up! Ps Very important if you have violent deppression ie a specific depression where you fantasize about maiming or killing others as opposed to yourself ( or both) seek immediate help and in either way don’t be afraid to tell psychiatric care because it way more common than you might think and there is really good help – also do not take magnesium if you have this form of depression and these really violent thoughts unless you are under medical supervision and treatment , you might need it but you need to be on medication and under control when you do it as lack of magnesium can hold some violent behaviors under control but also in the long run prevent sleep which will worsen things so seek help!ds

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this. I know it was hard for you to share, but this helped me so much. This proves that an amazing woman can come out of periods of struggle. You are so inspiring ♥️

  27. I really am glad you made this video..I'm feeling the same way and am struggling to find energy to even get up and go to work.. Thank you.. It always helps to know we aren't ever alone.

  28. This video came out at perfect timing because I have been feeling VERY depressed lately, but my husband struggles with severe clinical depression and anxiety and I'm supposed to be his support system so I often feel like I'm not allowed to feel this way because I don't want to burden him with my emotions when he is already going through so much. Maybe we can help each other through it. I need to stop stuffing my feelings deeper and just talk about it. Thank you for being so open. You have no idea how much it empowered me.

  29. Family members of people who have mental health illnesses should also seek help, speaking to a mental health professional helped me help my husband get better and more in control. We’ve had rocky moments, but, I would never change a minute of it

  30. Watching this after the news of Demi's relapse is just chilling but also so important and even more relevant. Thank you for being transparent Sierra, you are so awesome and loved

  31. I'm sorry ik my comment has got nothing to do with what you spoke about in the video… But I just wanna ask… Is wearing a corset ok?? Or is it just a sign to say that I'm too far to be curvy

  32. How did you reach out to your parents and learn how to talk to them with your struggles? I’m at a point where I really need help and support. I try talking to my parents about it, but it’s like they don’t know what to do so they do nothing/I want them to help and then nothing happens and I become moody toward them and we end up fighting.

  33. Thank you for opening up about this. I was actually just diagnosed with BPD on the day you posted this. And I’ve struggled with depression in the past. I’m so glad to see people starting to open up and talk about this.

  34. This made me very emotional sierra. I'm so happy you know how to cope now. This was a very thoughtful thing to make for anyone out here who also suffers. All of us are proud of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. My aunt is severely bipolar and I didn’t understand it until this video. It was great to hear this from someone who has experienced it. Love this video!!💓💓💓💓

  36. I myself also struggle with bipolar depression and I just wanted to say how proud I am of you for posting this ❤️

  37. thank u so much for making this, i am 14 and struggle with self esteem and anxiety especially being in public and with people because i feel judged especially with body image, i have days where i feel good and days where i feel terrible. i avoid going to town and all the basic stuff but stay strong gurl xxx

  38. I needed this video today. Saw the upload a few days ago but didn't click. I started struggling with anxiety and depression 2 years ago following my brother's plane crash, then was diagnosed with PTSD 6 months ago after finding my best friend who had committed suicide. It so helps to hear that other people know and understand your feelings when you have those dark moments because it helps remind you that you're not that only one

    I also cannot speak highly enough of counseling. I would not be as strong as I am right now without my therapist

  39. Thank you Sierra for being brace and posting this. I have wondered if I need help but I am maybe to proud to admit it? Or too foolish to recognise it, I don't know. But thank you for the message and hopefully you've helped loads of people who needed to hear it. Lots of lovd

  40. Sierra you're not bipolar
    You HAVE bipolar

    I do too and I learned I am not my disorder
    It's helped me to accept my challenges

    Stay strong and remember you are loved z🤓😜😀😍😃

  41. Sweetie you are so brave to talk about your mental health issue and I thank and I are in.tne same boat but there is a difference..I day I HAVE bipolar disorder Not IAM bipolar..words are are not your illness hun so please get used and try it the other way I have bipolar disorder..ty you'll feel much better…but othrt that great job in helping others and stopping the stigma sweetie..p.s. where do u live I just found your channel and am enjoying it but do not know much about you hoping to soon hugs

  42. You're so strong! Thanks for sharing this…love how you were honest all the video. I thought you would actually cry but you didn't.

  43. Thank you for sharing and making this video. Mental health is so important and not talked about enough. Proud of you!

  44. I really, really, REALLY appreciate this post!! My daughter's road was similar. Outcome has not been. When she was dealing with some of the first issues intensively, she created an art piece that will forever be in my heart, mind, and soul. It was of 3 masks. The first one was gorgeous beauty queen made up. The 2nd showed that that facade was breaking down. The 3rd was tear covered, no makeup, heartwrenching. It spoke volumes. Keep moving forward and remember you are NOT alone!! Thank you for this video! It touched my heart! 💖😻😍🤗

  45. Hey! Im a man and i Also was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, what kind of medication did you take ? And how did you managed to stop taking it? Sorry for my bad english. Cheers !

  46. I’m also bipolar and I’m glad you are in a good place. 💖 Mental health is a constant battle you just have to be prepared to fight.

  47. I myself was diagnosed with chronic mental illness at high school . it's good to know that their are support in place.

  48. Thank you for making this video! I am also bipolar depressive and seeing you doing well gives me hope I'll get to that point one day. Thank you so much.

  49. Seeing other people talk about their diagnosis with bipolar disorder always makes me feel less alone. I was officially diagnosed with bipolar and generalized anxiety disorder when i was 15, but had been dealing with the symptoms since i was 9 (which is very young for bd). Im so glad my dad and my grandma were always so adamant about therapy because being in therapy for more than half my life (from age 9 and im currently 19) has made such a difference. I am in no way cured, im actually having a hard time lately. I was able to get off my meds for over a year, but had to start taking antidepressants a couple of months ago. I think seeing this rn really helps, makes me acknowledge how i feel and that i should try to speak to my doc about maybe upping my dose cause its okay not to be okay. Anyways sorry for the hella long comment lol i just think its helping hearing/reading other people's stories

  50. Person with 4 psych degrees here. LOVE this video. Do more of these! Depression and weight have some interesting correlations, and you have the perfect platform to discuss it. But please – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – don't say you ARE bipolar, bipolar-depressive, depressive, etc. Just like with body type language, the words you use matter. You HAVE a mental health disorder, it's not who or what you are. It's a lot like the difference between saying, "I'm fat" and saying, "I have curves." Language is so important! ☺❤

  51. I happened to come across this right on time when I self diagnosed myself with bipolar disorder. Thank you so much for your tips. Maybe God really needs someone or some people to hear this. And I'm definitely one of them.😊

  52. I continue to feel so inspired by your channel! I wish I had discovered you much sooner, but I’m glad I found you now. I have complex PTSD so I know how it feels battle depression and anxiety.

  53. I am a freshman going into my second semester and I relate to everything you said about having off and on depression. I've struggled with it my whole life and lately, it has been really bad but seeing this video (even though I know its old) and reading all the supportive comments made me feel so much better, the weight and the empty space I felt in my stomach has disappeared. I'm really glad you are in a better state of mind now and I hope someday I can get there too. thank you so much for sharing your story!

  54. As a licensed therapist, I cannot be more proud of you. Thank you for posting this and blessing others with your story; God will use this! I love your videos and am constantly rooting you on!

  55. Showing vulnerability is one of the hardest things to do. Thank you for sharing! I also had to go to a mental hospital 2 times but once they found the right meds I’m pretty much back to myself 5yrs later. I didn’t think I’d ever get better but I did. It is a slow journey and that’s ok. I still turn to my skills binder when I need it. No one needs to feel ashamed. Realizing you need help and getting help is ok! End the stigma!

  56. Sierra, I got to you channel because of the fashion tips and stuff. Finally got around to watching this video. I had subbed already but this makes me even more glad that I did. I'm a nurse and so I know about mental health and it's so great that you opened up about this. Must have taken a lot of guts to make and post this video. You never have to hide any part of yourself. You're wonderfull.

  57. It's good you are talking about being bipolar people need to know about it always bipolar on my life and I did not get diagnosed until I was 42 years old after I tried to commit suicide are lined up in a mental hospital it's so people need to know it's okay to get help you're doing a good thing by talking about being bipolar depressive you should also let anybody know if you were ever a suicidal or if they are to get help call emergency people for help and don't commit suicide I have counselors and a psychiatrist now to to help me get through it but I have to stay on my medication so I just wanted you to know that you're not alone.

  58. Great video. Thank you. I’m a stay at home mom with 3 small kids and I’m constantly yelling at my kids and don’t enjoy a single moment with them bc I feel like I’m struggling with this mental issue. My husband doesn’t think I have a mental issue but I do so it’s hard to get help bc I don’t have that support from him. I just feel stuck and I know I need help

  59. I commend your strength but if you have mental illness it is more extentive then just having an online or even talk therapy. Most of us face discrimination or deemed unworthy because of our behaviors. Honestly i have a hard time believing your bipolar. Mental health experts and psychiatrist would never recommend non medication therapy. It isnt regular depression that you can rewire the chemisry in your brain. Thats why many of us that are truly afflicted by adversity and the stigmas attached to having bipolar find influencer videos surrounding mental health alarming. As does nami and mental health scientific organizations. Ppl get a label and attribute everything on to that label instead of getting real scientific based treatment. It is used for profit of capitalism and it harms ppl that really need help. Many cant afford it. Its a misrepresentation. And then ppl just use self affirmation memes to make them feel better our self rightous and its pseudorecovery. I think you should be reevaluated. Nothing you said resembles bipolar disorder. Getting one diagnosis during a dark time doesnt necessarilly mean its correct. Someone with bipolar would never be stable without medication. You wouldnt want someone with schitzophrenia to say the have recovered and no longer need medicine. And again talk therapy online or in an office is not sufficient treatment for bipolar. You take mood stabilizers for life while being monitored by a psychiatrist or a pcp monthly that consults with psychiatry and you need cbt and dbt. I didnt hear you explain anything about mania??? Which if you never get manic and self destructrive in a euphoric super power capability than you are not on the bipolar spectrum or you are not as knowledgable as you want to be and you are misrepresenting. I suggest you work with Nami or establishments on mental health before educating the public. Most the public is already wildly misinformed. Including individuals on the mental illness spectrum. That is because America is terrible at healthcare especially mental health. I am sorry for coming down so hard but I have bipolar syndrome and have faced adversity and discrimination over it. Especially from well intention ppl that try to be relatable but lack education on it. Its out right dangerous to give someone with bipolar syndrome hopes that they dont have to listen to the professionals. Because they heard one of their favorite youtubers with bipolar say they learned coping strategies and have loving support through therapy and therefore no longer need medicine. Its not how the neuron transmitters in a bipolor brain work. Because if you are off your meds you will become manic. You wont apply reason or goid coping skills when you feel invinsible. You become out of touch. And no amount of will power can overpower the neurotransmitters to think rationally enough to apply healthy coping skills. It doesnt make any logical sense. I think you need a second opinion.

  60. <3 this just popped up in my recommended! Not bipo myself, but something else. Finding it very difficult to being open about this, I loved how open, informative, clear and honest you where!

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