My Experience With Psychotic Depression

Hi everyone, this is Sally and today I’m going to speak about psychotic depression in my last video I spoke about psychotic mania and I’ve been psychotically manic a couple of times but I’ve also been psychotically depressed And as I said in my last video, not everybody who has bipolar disorder will experience psychosis However, some of us do I’ve been psychotically depressed once and it was the worst experience of my life I had had a psychotic manic episode prior and immediately after that episode I became depressed and the depression lasted for the better part of a year and in the depths of that depression I was psychotic I experienced visual hallucinations and they revolved around death and I was also paranoid and I thought people wanted to do experiments on me and I believed they could hear my thoughts and the hallucinations happened at this one isolated incident I had done a night shift, I worked in a … I had done a night shift which was not a good idea at all and that morning afterwards I was walking around the botanic gardens near my work and I saw … some figures, which were my visual hallucinations and I immediately drove home, I went into my room, I shut my blinds and hid under my covers and I think about a day or two after that I was admitted to a hospital and I was hospitalized for 10 weeks and during that episode I was treated with ECT or Electro Convulsive Therapy so I had a two week course which consisted of six treatments and that ECT helped pull me out of that depression like nothing had done before and I was pretty much back to normal after those two weeks I only really told one person about what was going on during that time because I was very paranoid, I didn’t trust many people and that was the nurse who was admitting me I don’t really have um … tips for people who are experiencing psychosis or who are psychotically depressed I don’t really remember much of that time everything was just too scrambled for me to really comprehend what was going on in the world at the time But I do have a tip for people who are caring for others who are experiencing psychosis and it’s really simple, it’s just empathy and validation the nurse who I did tell about what was going on, she was admitting me to the hospital and I knew her from previous hospitalizations When I told her, she said, “I feel so sorry for you, Sal. This is horrible this is going on … … but we’re going to work to fix this as soon as we can.” And in that moment, I felt safe, and I felt supported So what she did was quite simple but it was very powerful But most importantly, if you have experienced psychosis or you were experiencing psychosis Know that it can be treated, and can be treated quickly and also know you’re not alone. Thanks

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