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  1. The fact that the pool of victims is so huge (parents, children, other family members) means that if they sued him civilly they’d barely receive a thing. Unless he’s somehow a multimillionaire which I doubt. It’s so messed up.

  2. "My mother completely trusted him" says daughter of woman whose fertility doctor jacked off in her corn flakes.

  3. were they conscious during the insemination? its not possibke he could have raped them to impregnant them, is it?

  4. I don’t understand? They wanted sperm. They became pregnant. It’s a strangers anyway why does it matter whose it is

  5. If the contract/waiver said that donor sperm would be used and put any conditions on that (one girl mentioned he promised it was a med resident used less than 3 times), then the label "donor sperm" is negated contract-wise, and "hold harmless" forms could not be used to protect him. It may not be punishable by criminal charges, but you can sure as heck find some obscure law this loosely falls under and take him to civil court.

  6. Why hasn't he been stripped of his medical license? Every doctor in his state should be ashamed to have this man as one of their fellows.

  7. This is what can happen when you play around with fertility and trust people. Sexually assaulted their mothers??? Really? Give me a break!

  8. Her saying that she feels she was raped because she thinks what happened to her is a form of rape, I can assure her from 1st hand experience that the medical malpractice he is guilty of isn't even close to what it's like to be raped. I happen to find her statement highly offensive to rape survivors everywhere. Her false claim sounds like she is using it almost like shes waving the oh pity poor me pay attention to me flag. I know 1st hand how brutal it can be and the "medical malpractice" she went through does not come even a smidgen close to what its like.

  9. Disgusting man needs to be in jail for the rest of his life. It’s a huge violation to those poor parents trying to conceive

  10. Hes a rapist! If he wasnt a dr this wouldve been Much different! The judge was the one obstructing justice to be served here-Ridiculous! 😡

  11. Wow. What a freak. Clearly we need to be looking more at doctors, whether they're make or female, and what procedures they should be following.

  12. I can’t imagine finding out I had one long lost sibling, but these people are just searching for 60+ siblings.

  13. The judge presiding over that case should have found another route to punish him. Disbarring him, something…., some loop hole that would make him hurt. A $500 for what he did is a kick in the teeth to all the moms, kids and families. Outrageous. He's a psychotic monster.

  14. Well, without any attempt to be insensitive, he did what he promised to do. It costs money to store frozen sperm….and what did he really do besides giving people what they wanted, a healthy baby? How was this unethical? In fact he knew for certain he wasn't carrying genetic disorders like WP 2, progeria, md, etc. It is a little creepy, but honestly I think his greatest sin was being cheap, using what cost him nothing but a wank.

  15. I wonder why that doctor did that. Like what was his thought process. Its so crazy. Like didn't he even think he would get busted?

  16. This clip doesn't say so, but he did absolutely lose his medical license (though I think he was retired anyway). Also missing from the clip: his response to one of them (Jacoba I think) when confronted was to cite passages from the Bible. Freak. But I imagine the show doesn't want to anger all the so-called Christians who watch it. For more on this, look up the article in Vanity Fair.

  17. Since he's only being busted for obstruction of justice and a $500 fine all of these women should go after him for 18 years of child support since the police did absolutely nothing.

  18. Idk…I've got mixed feelings about this…on one hand…I feel like the couple's should be happy they got pregnant and had babies. I mean that was the objective of going to see him right?…On the other hand I can understand being pissed off at not knowing it wasn't a stranger's sperm or your partners sperm and just the deceitfulness of it all…

  19. If Justice fails vengeance never does vengeance is always permanent vengeance can promise you the job will get done that's why vengeance is always superior

  20. This is why it shouldn’t be allowed why are women having babies using random sperm wtf is wrong with Americans 🙄

    Imagine these siblings married and kids deformed fukin children 🤮

  21. Well at least they have smart genetics . He is a Dr. Could have been worse could have used a guy with horrible genetics. However what he did was completely horrible .

  22. This is socially dangerous. What if 'his' kids had never found out they were related and got together and had kids 🤢 Imagine the emotional, physical (if there are genetic disorders) and familial damage that would cause to all these families. He deserves jail time. A year for every family he duped.

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