In bodybuilding the easiest thing for them to say is oh it’s a drug sighs I never said it’s a drugs um, which I laugh because you know I come from the Arab Barry Bonds and And Bacco laboratory not whole scandal and Victor Conti is a very very close friend of mine so I was able to witness it from the media aspect and talking to him knowing what’s really going on and I remember getting Kind of thrown in the whole shebang because I was associated with him. So I would get interviewed. What do you think about this? what do you think about that, you know drugs is cheating him like How is it cheating? Well, you guys use enjoy acting like okay, but all of us are so again, how’s it cheating was using drugs is illegal, Mike okay, so Does that make it dangerous? Yes dangerous or not? All right Because last time I checked Cigarettes are more dangerous. Is it? Okay cuz it’s legal And what is one of the biggest clichés that we have the United States take to rasmussen column in a morning So if I had decode that take some drugs leave me alone, and I hope they work call me tomorrow so we’re living in a drugged into this environment already, but so but what I do to take care of myself and to make a living and try to take care of my family and income is bad because I take these drugs but you’re not bad because you smoke that’s okay cuz it’s legal or Because you drink alcohol. I remember when alcohol was illegal. Why is it legal now? Because they figured out a way to make money off of it It still is bad I go and so then it get really upset when you get deep with them. I’m like, wow, I think People have probably killed more people joined driver than any bodybuilder house taking their drugs goes. Well, you’re hurting your body I’m like and smoking and drinking isn’t Let’s get to the bigger pictures let’s get to the bigger, you know playing field what about cocaine and all the bigger drugs so majority of you know, All of you guys do that But is it because it’s an upper class? If you talk about that my you might be walking into some president’s office or some mayors off or some government office So you keep that you know, so what’s really more important just to highlight what you think is bad or so We all say it’s all bad You’re in a dope you clean your backyard in my backyard. I’ll stay in my lane You stay in your lane, but it’s easier for you to do that because you don’t want to touch on those things And then the camera gets turned off, you know, so Do I I don’t condone it at all It’s it’s sad but it is here and it’s it’s gonna stay it’s not going anywhere You don’t condone what drug use drug use have in any in f1? Yeah, no No, it’s it’s it’s not you know, I think all kits whether it’s football I mean and my level I was honored to be able to sit in rooms with so many great athletes I’m talking people played in when Wilton Golf Course. The Olympics is All one coming ground. There’s a drug that will help you in every aspect, you know I was shocked in one match and I was talking to somebody and I was like how why and he goes flanks Majority of time we went based on strength and speed ability to serve and you can’t get to the ball in time I’m like so it clicks because I know it’s a drug for that I am certain try steroid or something else that will just help with that one and what I would I would I stop doing like 20 years ago was just using a word steroids I remember my son was on steroids cuz he had asthma so when you say stories really, what are you saying? So I stop belittling the word because it don’t mean anything You know, I I started using his word called, you know Sports technology drugs us It’s highly tech and if you go back in history, we didn’t do it Last I checked in my history. It was going on back in Hitler’s days George so performs were used for SS troops to be able to do things that humans ought not do so it was going on way back then and I remember back in the NFL days were you know, the the commentator were like Yeah, they’re good old country Fred boys, you know, they’re all average and you know 290 pounds, but you know 26 inch necks And I’m like, yeah, I wasn’t there but I knew it was present and ability to have it. So Yeah, I mean, it’s just that’s really the world we live in right now I mean even worse now where you got Botox and everything else again, I don’t care you’re grown up You’re responsible do whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting anyone but don’t that this is so horrible when if anything is hurting that person now the facts are I Can take a hundred or an overdose of any quote-unquote steroid. I’m not gonna die Months later. I might have complications years later. I might have convocations I mean, I may not pass away from that because they’re surgery you can have but I Can give you too many aspirins and kill you dead Right. I can give you so much alcohol in a matter of hours and kill you dead Really? What’s more dangerous? I can give you so many birth control and kill you dead all things. You can buy over-the-counter Yet this is really so bad

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  1. Using too much steroids will kill you dead, yes it was more rare in his times on stage but I'm sure more people in this day are using. The "tech" has been modified dramatically but doesn't change the fact that using destroys glands and liver cells. We only see these guys when they are in front of a camera, not struggling to get out of bed or use the restroom or have a typical day as they would if they had never done it. Much love to flex however I believe with proper PATIENCE AND STRATEGY one can and will achieve without using.

  2. The legality aspect is not why drugs are bad in bodybuilding it's the pursuit of bodybuilding itself that is bad the pursuit is self seeking addictive narcissistic and highly competitive if you add drugs to that mix it becomes a problem

  3. He's totally missing the point. Justifying Stds because various other drugs are being used in a legal way, isn't a valid argument, because one could argue ''ban the others too''. He ignores the reasom that std's are banned. It's not just bucause they are dangerous, but also because using them in a competitive sport forces others to use them too. Thats because it creates an obvious advantage. Thats not the case for cigarettes and alcohol. As for medicinal drugs, they do create an advantage, but are relatively (relatively! Those who arent should be outlawed too) safe. So the combnation of high risk and forcing others to take on an umwanted risk, makes STD morraly wrong, and also, illegal.

  4. It is amazing how steriods has this stigma to it, almost a shame. Everyone acts as though just take tren and test you'll look an feel great. Thats because they do not know thats a small part, healthy diet, training, coupled with a healthy lifestyle. Unless you live this type of life you'll never know, people judge while drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, all while eating fastfoods. Me i am not ashamed i love testosterone, every so often i add some tren, all low dose but hey i am 50

  5. He's still in denial. Much respect to Flex though. One of the greatest BB's ever. Awesome physique, but his medical condition was caused by drugs. Sorry.

  6. Fuckn exactly people drinks alcohol and do drugs that's fine but taking steroids that's illegal and bad fuck uncle Sam does what is good for them if they can make money of the steroids you will see it legal everywhere in the United state

  7. You know what’s bs? I was 13 years old looking up to these guys and literally chose to live my life drug free when I would go to parties in High School. I kept away from weed and liquor 24/7 because I thought these bodybuilders were drug free. I literally was a huge fan of all of them because they were living a healthy lifestyle, but when I found out the all take steroids I was shocked. I lost all respect for them because a sport is meant to be drug free and with no cheaters. Look at the nba, ufc, boxing, and soccer, they would get banned for life for taking steroids! I like bodybuilders but I refuse to admire these guys like back in the day. They have so many kids looking up to them and the kids don’t know that these guys are dirty.

  8. i dont blame people for using steroids for sports, but everyome knows, the minute you stop taking them performance drops DRAMATICALLY lower

  9. All this athletes going into retirement nowday just to avoid USADA and then come back.
    Anyway there should be a limit in weight per height in bodybuilding to avoid excessive Steroid abuse and monster looking physics that are hurting the sport.
    Arnold had BMI of 32 where some current Bodibuilders go past 40.
    If i was a judge i would take lot of points past 35 BMI.
    Flex was 240 at 5'10 for 34.4 bmi.

  10. I do believe the real problem is jealousy I know a lot of people who exercise vigorously and will never achieve the type of physique that a lot of these people have and it's easier to say that they had to use drugs to get that and in a lot of cases they may have but why do you care they are willing to pay the price and it's so expensive but it is their choice you cannot try to tell other people how to live their lives especially when that's putting food on their table when you're not willing to

  11. Anybody who waste their time gauging their success by what somebody else has will never be happy Live and Let Live as long as you are not attempting to hurt anyone else in the process

  12. I would stay away from all drugs including steroids alcohol nicotine cannabis etc etc etc unless your a professional athlete and you need steroids under a doctors supervision than you gotta do what you gotta do

  13. How about all the people that od on perfectly legal pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed by professional doctors? Just as Flex said "this is the world we live in right now". People use drugs for a variety of reasons but drug use is drug use.

  14. Roidtards have been killing people during a roid rush. And often came away with soft sentences b/c of "mitigating circumstances" related to their drug abuse. Complex-ridden fucktards.

  15. Intelligence and widom ya gotta love it. Now if only we could all practise that in all aspects of our life what a world it would be.

  16. Good arguments.
    Only thing left was addressing pseudo-natties endorsing supplements and leaving out the true main ingredient ('roids) responsible for their mass and conditioning.

  17. Steriod is BS..I would love to be bigger,but I love my body like it is 5'8 197lbs 8%body fat 32waist..Natural and healthy..I can get bigger without taking that shit..If you take steriod you will suffer later,trust me.(Heart,Mental,andJoints issues)..If thats their thing I dnt hate,I dnt need that much attention💪😁

  18. Isn't this the same dude that had to get a kidney transplant because the steroids fucced him up? FOH you drug addict!

  19. Simple , role model, you propaganda that it d be normal too be that big and motivate other weak losers to dope too, you fukker

  20. No such thing as cheating in BB. At least Flex still trains, not like some of the other old pros who look like frail old men.

  21. Since day 1, it is an American mentality. That's why the rest of the world are laughing at America. The rest of the world is way ahead. The question is why Americans going to this countries.

  22. I liked the previous video; it showed this man is a fighter. But I don't feel the same about this one.
    Here's my perspective: The comparison between steroids vs alcohol/cigars are reasonable; but here's where the problem lays down to; moderation and abuse. These substances are prompted to become an addiction; and steroids abuse is a mayor one and just as easy to get hooked. To compete in bodybuilding you must abuse the steroids use.
    My conclusion is that Flex is trying to justify his use as an alcoholic in denial would do. I've seen other sports athletes saying nobody's natural because people take supplements or bag of chips; just a defense mechanism. People refer to steroids enhancement; and from experience it gives you a great advantage and feeling that you'd never want to get off the wagon. You always want more and more; and freaked out when losing results. I remember steroids got me lazy; my workouts were weak; diet was shit; basically very unhealthy lifestyle, and still getting better shape each day. Got off; gained fat weight; hormones got fcked; and gyno popped… fortunately I have recovered naturally doing things right and accepting my limitations.
    My advice; do not take steroids; you don't lnow what you could be taking from the black market; live healthy and keep things in moderation.
    💪good luck.

  23. He has a valid point however in the case of competitive sports either you level the playing field or make it illegal. There's no one out there smoking a pack of cigarettes just to see how much he can smoke than his buddy

  24. I don't like this argument. Flex you have to know this argument you are presenting is hella dumb. You're comparing all the things that are bad with one another. You know it's all bullshit. Steroids, their usage and abuse, HGH, Testosterone, and insulin in the world of bodybuilding are f*cked up and they f*ck people up. The best part of what you said is that you don't condone drug use. Does that mean now? The steroids for asthma and steroids to get bigger muscle gains are different and you know they are. "Sports technology drugs" are words that make you feel better about having taken them. It doesn't take the danger away from the drug. Steroids are absolutely and without a doubt horrible. How many muther fuckers have to die before you all stop selling this bullshit story that they aren't dangerous and don't kill people? It's nonsense. If you get complications from taking roids that lead to your death or poor health then it basically means steroids are killing you…just "SLOWER". Just like alcohol, cocaine, cigarettes, sugar, junk food, fried foods, and all the other shit you mentioned. You can't compare all these evils and make the one that you think is less evil all of a sudden good. Doesn't work that way. You know taking all that shit in excess f*cked your body up. You admitted in another interview that you were overseas and the Dr. told you you were going to die if you didn't get treatment for that Insulin you were taking…or something to that effect. This may even be the same interview. Bro, do something good and tell kids this shit is no good. You are a champion of bodybuilding. Don't sully your legacy by sugar coating dog shit bro. You're better than that. Since you are still alive, tell your story…but tell the real one. you are way to good for selling this bullshit story about roids. Flex…I'm actually a little pissed because you were a champion and a bodybuilding motivator for me and it sucks that I just can't agree with your logic or perspective regarding steroids. Hell, I can't even respect your logic regarding it because other youngsters that don;t know any better are identifying with it because it's coming from you.

  25. Guy is so full of shit. He should continue using the doses he used. Exactly he can’t. That’s why his genetics are showing. He looks like shit with synthol arms

  26. Indeed, he is right, but I have seen an spoken to many HC BB in my life. Believe me, many took all of these drugs (roids, uppers, downers, Alcohol, recreational drugs, painkillers, cigarettes, etc.) !!! Also many of them sold them and do other illegal stuff. At the end, they got sick, destroyed relationships, needed health care or have gone to prison, subsidized by others. And this last point is what makes me angry. They do harm to their bodies just to show off, and I have to pay for it indirectly (contributions and taxes). So stay natural and don´t feed this industry, representet by false ideals. They do this so I can do that argumentations are just not rational.

  27. Wheeler doesn't get it.

    You can deflect the conversation all you want and make it about cigarettes and alcohol… But the truth is the truth.

    It's not whether you admit it or not… the fact is that you are a public figure. You are setting an example. You are setting unrealistic standards and expectations.

    And you can't say "oh but you chose to do it yourself"… Because flex… I'm sure that you yourself were "influenced" by the outside as well. So don't preach all this bullshit.

    You saw an opportunity in a sick society to exploit it and make money and you did. Nuff said.


  29. Steroids ruined this guy ….

    Fuck all that fsgs bullshit .

    In his own words he was one of the biggest users on the pro circuit ….

    V reckless v foolish with his health.

  30. Flex made excellent's not steroids's ignorance that's the problem..they can be taken correctly

  31. Exactly, well said by Flex. The "problem" with steroids is that if used in moderation they build the body up, how many other drugs do that?? I think the hospitals/pharmaceutical industry relies on drugs breaking down the body, this goes for over the counter stuff too like tylenol(very toxic), alcohol, cigarettes etc. So steroids can if used right enhance the body, not good for business, that is one of the reasons they got a bad rap is as a threat to big business. Also though bodybuilders threaten the average man or men with shitty genetics and work ethic and they will bad mouth bodybuilders saying steroids are whats mostly responsible for their success,again because they arent willing to put in the work or they have bad genetics, basically insecure as fuck

  32. I can appreciate a well spoken man who takes full responsibility of his actions. Exactly what every Baseball player didnt do in front of congress.
    Yes I understand theres a whole heck of a lot more to it then that..But Thank you FLEX for breaking it down like an organic compound much respect for this man full of wisdom and humbleness…

  33. Ye but he’s forgetting, millions of people around the world follow these bb’s including children and what your doing is teaching them to take steroids.

    Someone needs to put a stop to this.

  34. I agree that a lot of people who criticize anabolic steroid users are hypocritical, but it still doesn’t justify his use. Anabolic steroids and PEDs pose real health risks, just like tobacco, alcohol or any other drugs. Just look behind the recent deaths of famous pro bodybuilders and youtube personalities …

  35. I think it's when bodybuilding athletes swears that they aren't on steroids or other drugs. Then its founded out that they are.Instead of being up front about it. There should be classes that one the natural class. Then another for steroid use. So when people watch these athletes proform there is no qustion or debate about which bodybuilders are and aren't on steroids. And continue the myth that ordinary people can get that body by natural means or steroids. Not to say that it can't be done. But, truth either way would be appreciated by fans of the sport.

  36. I love your honesty Flex! My heart went out to you in the interview where you talked about the kidney disease that almost took everything from you. You are definitely an overcomer n a true warrior!

  37. I can never like steroids, steroids are just an excuse for big money…as well as many other things of our civilization.

  38. The General Public has onus regarding the use of PED’s. GP wants & demands SUPRA• athletes. We do indeed want & desire our athletes to be BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER ….. PED’s are the only way to get there

  39. THose who take them under strict doctor supervision and monitor all their vital signs including blood tests seem to be doing juuuuuust fine. It's forbidden because of the uncontrollable ppl who abuse it that can lead to some serious side-effects that affect individual and/or society.

  40. Whithin this small clip, is the most relevant message on American social traits of the past three decades, on western society's behavioral trends over the past two decades and on developing nation's cultural mannerisms of the last ten years.

    Wheeler's words will prove to be prophetic for future generations, who will look upon the corruption, double standards, callousness, lies, greed and emptiness of our current way of life.

  41. I CALLED THIS STAND UP FOR THE DRUG YOU LOVE, Steroids, Marijuana, alcohol, crack cocaine, heroin, flakka, Cocaine with Heroin, LSD, DMT, GHB, Black Tar Heroin, Cocaine, MDMA. All of these will fu%k you up all in a different way but they all got one thing in common there all drug and you will get a habit don't forget there are levels to this sh%t

  42. Hey why can't people just say I do steroids and leave it like that more respect for a man or woman to admit they did it then to lie . Bottom line it's wrong be real tell the truth p.s. not hating on any one

  43. Come on Flex. How come you aren't talking about how you injected Synthol into your muscles (biceps and shoulders) in the 90's to get a fuller look. You have openly admitted that in the past.

  44. Being honest is fine. But pointing at others doing bad things to justify YOU doing bad is intellectually and morally bankrupt. That said, if the RULES are that you can juice, and you juice, it isn't "cheating" in the competition. But the truth is that it "is" cheating when it comes to natural gains and pure athleticism. And his "kill you dead" argument is pure hogwash. Delayed death is still death. How FAST it kills you is not the indicator of danger. And almost anything can kill you if you take too much of it. The comparisons are obtuse to say the least. Hell, if you drink too much WATER you can die as well (not drowning, but DRINKING). But like I said, just be honest about it, and make sure if you are competing (in whatever you do) you follow the RULES.

  45. Love how he said steroids aren't perfect either, saying yes maybe down the line there can be complications but you won't die immediately or in the short term. I think that statement is spot on. He wasn't naive about them

  46. False equivalency.
    If steroids didn't make a massive difference no-one would risk imprisonment and ruining their careers and health by taking them.
    No-one smokes or drinks alcohol to win a cheque and a trophy.
    That's the difference.

  47. Huge point ciga and alcohol harm you and others around you even second hand smoke steroids harm the user if abused

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