Nadia Khan Shows How To Get Rid Of Instant Headache Relief in Minutes with Eye Mask Gel Technique

Click on the bell icon so that you can get notification Whenever outstyle post a new video How are you? Why am I dress up like this? why is my condition like that? when you go to sleep.. you look cute like this you can see how cute my night suitey is? and I have this trouble a lot of time and I found one thing by chance and I found that on airport I saw a message section I was passing by I was searching for a neck pillow they are cominng in fun neck style According to me neck pillow in a flight is a must and with that I found a very interesting eyemask after so many years..I finally slept during a flight it was morning and I was awake all night I cannot sleep.. the important thing about mask was it has total black coverage and the weight of the mask was doing something to my eyes and I felt some weird sensation and I fell asleep and then I brought it with me at home in fact, when I went to work I had day and night shoot and my head sometime get hot.. I am sure you guys also experience this and it was written on the mask the mask is amazing, you can put it in the freezer for 1 hr or put it in the fridge.. as long as you like and when you come home feeling tired But I don’t think anyone want heat on their eyes something very strange happening with me I even gave this to Alyzay and she felt asleep she is like “Momma I slept so easily” and it’s a very cute mask some ball like jelly I don’t know what’s inside it they are very soft and fun to touch these beads retain heat or cold and because of this- mask remains cold
or hot for a longer period of time and it retain temperature for a very long time you can call it soft it’s so fun But I don’t get it as there was no picture on how to wear it.. like this or that? and I wear it in any way I feel like it if you are heating it.. then you have to keep it away from your eyes I slept with the bead side and It gave me so much relief very much relief somewhere I was looking it is $49 and I got this for 99 dirhams after I cool it and wear it like this it is adjustable and you put like this around your eyes and after this.. you will get the solid sleep Oh my!!! and one thing I have noticed is that even if you don’t put it in the fridge at room temperature it stay cold and the weight inside it I am finding its so relaxing the soft part is on your eyes Now you can enjoy its feeling I can’t see anything and I can feel a little weight on my eyes Because of the weight… if you have got headaches that weight give kind a like a message slightly pressing on I really like it so much if you want it and passing by from airport .. you must buy it or you can order it from in outstyle we have a section.. where you can ask for anything that you like to buy I have delivered so many things I have a lot of satisfied customers As we just talk about sleep sometime we feel sleepy but because of bad headache you couldn’t sleep During migraine it is very important that you have nap.. even for 5 mins than you are going to be ok and when you woke up you are like “did I really got a headache or not” People like me who have migraine.. left or right I am going to tell you its best remedy although earlier I told you about some balm although it is “peace” for the headache In Karachi there’s a store or you can order online there’s another head one balm for migraine.. it is also very good Third one is my own remedy .. for that I need to take this off this is called migraine not or headache not In migraine along with the nap or even if you can’t have a nap the blockage of blood around the head for some seconds and when you let it go and it goes at fast speed so when the blood go in high speed in the nerve first it stopped ..then goes really fast I did it myself you can also try it.. you need soft cloth slightly stretchable but it should be soft Don’t take hard rough cloth you have to fold it in a knot for 15-20 mins as long as you can comfortable lie down with it after this you much open it Probably you have seen your mother going this this is a very good thing but for 15-20 mins you take the scarf and put it right above the eyes and whichever side you have got the headache..right side make a knot there and if the migraine on left side you try the knot there Let assume I have migraine at left side I made a knot at left side I will try to make it as hard as I can then I came back and did the same thing on opposite side its a must that you should cover the area above eye Now these two knots make sure they are tight Now you sit like this for a while with this.. your blood circulation get slow when the blood flow is slow you will feel numbness around your head don’t worry it is fine as long as your doing it for 5 to 10 mins it shouldn’t be like this for so long it might have negative effect you have to wait it for 10 mins or 5 mins and when you will open this You will feel like something is moving on your head as if cars are moving like cars are moving or airplane flying for hair growth this kind of knot the things we do during message like this and that this is better than that you try the knot.. and when you will open it Blood when it goes with pressure.. your headache get relieve and for hair growth you can use this trick and if you have headache because by spreading knowledge it grows If you want one to one consultation with me on makeup product and if you want my help we can have one to one personal session and do tell in the comment section

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  1. Mujhy b migrane hota .aur unbearable hota hy .i use aTablet Epival effective to hy but 24 hours k liye ganoodgi rehti.kya mere ilawa koi aur b ye pill use krta hy tell me .

  2. Nadia plZ any video on high b.p.agr bp high ho jy or sar mai shadid pain ho to kia krna chahye mdcn ly k b thik na ho to

  3. khana khud garam karo mai app ki acting superb hai very very nice work πŸ’‹πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€β€β€β€β€β€

  4. Hi Nadia,ur videos r very informative and awsm.kindly make a video on cleaning of hands n feet, or home made masks to do manicure'll b very helpful…. 😊

  5. Nadia want to ask you about remedies for the turkey face.. I am only 37 and started looking like old aunties… Plz could you help with this please….

  6. Dear Nadia kindly give your reviews about affordable pakistani makeup Products regards SamraAdeel karachi

  7. Miss nadia i want to tak info how to cure seasonl polen allergy its a main isue in isb so plz talk abt it… m also suffr frm it n its really vry bad help me out nadia khan

  8. Please tell some thing about gluten cure .i asked before like two or three months ago.u should do some research about gluten problem.

  9. Hi Nadia. It really works. I agree with you. And thanks for sharing Your tips with us. Keep smiling.

  10. I also came across express spa at New York airport ..and I grabbed a massage creme I use during steam bath and face spray which immediately hydrates my skin after I come back from heat outside ..and best part I got it in discount

  11. nadia ur realy superb mera dil krta ha sara den mein apko sounti rahon mujhe apki btaen apki bolne ka style its realy good mujhe bht achi lagti hain aap. my name muneza

  12. Nadia you’re looking like a 25 years old girl, its such a beautiful change mashallah, seeing all your older videos and can’t help notice the change in your skin improvement, is it bcoz of make up or camera effects ya phir it’s actually a great change

  13. Lov ur natural style .πŸ˜˜β€πŸ‘ur 2 dramas r soo excellent, regarding housewives. πŸ‘carry on .

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